Tulsa Welding School Jacksonville Open House Welding Demo Pipefitting demo 2016

Tulsa Welding School Jacksonville Open House Welding Demo Pipefitting demo 2016

How’s it going out there I’m Zach Burst I’m a senior welding instructor here at Tulsa i’m Shane Murphy a senior welding instructor here at Tulsa and I’m Brian Acres senior instructor at Tulsa Welding School here in Jacksonville Florida we got a we got about 220 welding booths out here at the Jacksonville Campus, we’re open 15 hours a day we run three shifts got morning-afternoon night you can actually come in off your shift to get a little bit more practice we have class days three days a week starting phase one we start working on stick welding just kind teaching you how to strike up how to be able to run a consistent bead on a plate several different positions and we actually work our way up it’s more difficult every phase that we do next phase is going to be vertical t-plates its a little bit more difficult and then we go to overhead in our next phase is a periodic transition from structural all the way up to pipes starting in phase five and then you learn how to TIG weld in phase six and then when you get my class phase seven I teach you how to walk the cup on a 2-inch pipe like we ran in some of the demos This is Shane Murphy I’m Brian Acres we’re gonna do some a lot of people do i’m gonna feed the wire while he walks the cup so I’m going to strike the arc and everything like we’re doing a combo weld anytime people come here we are glad to help them out no matter what the weld is you can take this trade as far as you want to go with it the main thing is you just got to kind of find what you’re really good at put in all your time it’s all about hood time being here everyday attendance is key giving your all while you’re here you know until you get out of here and you get a good job and decide which way we want to head that’s exactly it you don’t put the dedication in it’s just like anything more practice you get better you’re going to get yup I mean we tell our students all day long you stay in that booth and you weld all five hours like me personally when I went to school here seven years ago I actually stayed in the booth stayed in the booth for ten hours every day I’d come in off my shift, get a little bit extra practice in and makes you more successful for sure yeah as we go through the school there is also available phase 11 which is done through me myself & Career Service we teach you an extra curricular activity for specific jobs I had a job last week come in here looking for students they’re looking to hire two welders the beauty of it is they make twenty seven dollars an hour hundred ten dollars a day for Deam that was a good thing for them and is that just for us to do that to people that’s where our job is more valuable to me other than anything else even being in the field this is way better because I enjoy what I do and I’m sure these guys do Shane he went to school here he was one of my students he was one of the first graduating classes so I mean it just speaks for itself full circle full circle gotta come in here put in your time learn the trade hands down and you will be successful and we are here to teach you you know that’s what we love to do like Brian was saying we don’t want to be out in the field doing our own thing we’d rather be in here to get you to where you need to be so you can go out in the field and make that money yeah we have guys that come to school here that started off never welding to guys do that you have experience and all age groups from high school students all the way up to people that could be our fathers whoever that wants to learn the trade it doesn’t matter we’re here for them and that’s what we service for these guys to learn how to weld we’ll be waiting on you that’s right good luck we look forward to working with you ya hope to see you soon this is what we call plant Jack’s this was designed one hundred percent by the instructors here at Tulsa from the ground up it was built and the thought went into how can we create a pipefitting program that will benefit the students so when you graduate you’ll be able to be able to not only weld the pipe but fit the pipe so the course contains is four phases three weeks each phase so you have to graduate the welding side before you could take this add-on program this program is relatively new we started it in i believe it was March timeframe and we’re up and running full speed we have already graduated a three classes out of here okay what this does for you is makes you more marketable and more you know to an employer when you sit down to talk welding or fitting it opens up two different doors or a lot of times if you’re looking on the internet it will say welder fitter combination that’s what they’re looking for and that’s what you’ll be okay so what that means to you is it could mean a little bit more in your pocket in the paycheck because you can do both and maybe sometimes if work gets light you get to stay on because you can do both you know it’s just like going to go into a store and you want to buy one get one employers are the same way i want to buy one and get one right its a better deal all the way around so what you see set up out here is set up just like you would see at similar job sites this is our phrase four final phase before you graduate and everything that you learn inside in the lab you’ll come out here and apply different situations of five inch pipe these three back here you’ll learn but-welded fittings threaded pipe and bent pipe ok now teach all that in Phase two and three and then you’ll come out here what you’ll do is you’ll get your assignment your test it’s all one hundred percent test out here from start to finish there’s no practice out here practice inside so let’s say you’ve got to do this five inch one right this won’t be here will be this plan and that plan is down there and nothing in between you’ll have a piece of paper that has it all laid out for you minus the measurements that’s on that that’s on the students to pull the measurements figure out what he needs as far as material get it all bring it out here set up your stands set up what you’re going to cut with and then start your assembly so you’ll take your first overall measurements and then you’ll come up with your cut lengths which you learn in the welding side how to do your takeoffs same thing applies here you learn how to do your takeoffs so you cut the right length of pipe make all your cuts make your bebbles and then you start assembly when you’re done with the assembly then I’ll come out and grade it out of course if you need help along the way i’m always here but by time you get out here i’ll have the confidence in you that I don’t have to be out here that’s the goal the goal is that you get just like an employer and you’re my employee here’s your assignment for the day get your stuff knock the job out that’s how it works out there you know your employer is not going to be walking around you know holding your hand so we want to set you up for success by making you independent in this craft just like in the welding side when you’re done phase 10 you know you’re pretty much on your own you know what’s expected you know what to do and you do it and that’s that that’s what employers want they want you to be able to come out here do what they want done in a timely manner efficient minimal mistakes I mean everybody makes mistakes so you know that happens but we want is to get you as close to perfect as we can I mean 20-30 years down the road I mean may not be perfect you know i’m not perfect make mistake but it’s how you recover from those mistakes that will cause your employer minimal amount of time lost minimal amount of material loss okay because we all know mistake is going to get made that’s how we get recover from that and i teach that here because as students you will make a mistake but you learn more from your mistakes then what I show you on a chalkboard okay so we make a mistake we we sit down we figure out why we made that mistake how we made it how we recover from it ok so that’s what this is totally set up to do is to get you ready to call that employer and say I’m ready for an interview I’m ready to come work for you that is my goal out here we have to put grades on stuff but grades are not that important out here as the do you get it ok because your resume will get you an interview your interview will get you the job but what you learn here will keep that job that’s my goal get you in the door get you working and teach you how to keep that job in this industry

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  1. I had Zack and Brian as instructors back in 2010, and those two are some bad-ass Welders! They along with Paulo, Shaun, Terry, Mike, and Jack made me who I am today! Thanks guys, you really give it your all.

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