Trying Colour Changing Artkal Fuse Beads!

Trying Colour Changing Artkal Fuse Beads!

Hey guys, you’re watching QDCrafts today is a pretty sunny day. Why is that important? Well today I’m going to be trying out some UV Color-changing Artkal beads that I’ve been dying to try out ever since I saw a video of them on Instagram. If you’ve ever been to one of those stores that have those t-shirts that turn out white in the beginning but then once you go outside into the Sun they change into all sorts of different colors, this is basically the same concept but used in fuse beads. Here are the four bags of beads that are all UV color-changing beads. Basically, they look kind of clear, they’re like the transparent beads but once you put them under some UV light or just regular sunlight, they will all change into different colors I asked for you guys to suggest different projects to make with these beads and you guys came through with so many different suggestions I love reading your different ideas, and I will definitely be trying some of them out today So let’s get started with the video and see what colors we’ll be working with Here are the four colors called SU1, SU2 SU3 and SU4. Let us release the beads! You can kind of see some color in these beads as well as this one these two look like they’re gonna be pinkish in color But then these two in the middle, you can’t really tell what colors they’ll be I’m heading outside my house, which I never do and let’s bring this to a sunny area. Oh look It’s changing color already. I’m walking I’m walking out Let’s get some sunlight Yes, look, they changed color so the pink ones here that kind of looks similar This one is probably lighter than that one. And then there’s this is the darkest one It’s like bluish purple (I seem to have forgotten violet exists) then yellow. Yay So we have four colors to work with and they’re all towards the pinkish purple side So we’ll have to find some designs that can accommodate for that Now that they bring them back into the shade they’re all faded colorless and just sad One thing I wanted to test with the UV beads is how well they fuse with perler beads I used black perler beads to make an outline of a simple chameleon that I designed And I filled in the spaces with different UV beads to give it a colorful striped pattern that you just can’t see yet And you know what when it’s dark outside this chameleon looks pretty cool as a ghost chameleon, so I’m really liking this design One of you wanted me to make a heart and I love making pixel hearts since they’re so quick to make and can be turned into keychains or magnets Another person suggested to make Cooky and I really like your taste and characters. I also made one of my QDmini koalas that you may have seen before in one of my other videos To iron I am using parchment paper which will give a matte finish and I have my iron set at number three as I usually do I wanted to try giving some of these a shiny finish as well using my ironing film and on the other side I just used regular parchment paper again The black perler beads fused very well with the Artkal beads, and you can barely tell that they’re from different brands Here are all the sprites ironed and ready to take outside You can see that there’s a kind of a little bit of color showing up But you still can’t really see what color it is. Exactly, especially on the chameleon here A lot of you wanted me to make a chameleon So this is what it looks like before the color shows up You can kind of see Cooky is a bit pink, but it’s still not as strong as when we bring it underneath the Sun Let’s take these guys outside We are outside once again, and let’s reveal the colors by going under the Sun Whoa, there we go. Oh my god. I totally messed up the koala but here is Wow, here’s the chameleon, here’s cookie and the different little hearts, okay So it looks like I made a lot of mistakes with these here is the chameleon which did I mess this one up I don’t think so. I think that is exactly how I planned the chameleon to turn out So this one looks gorgeous and turn it over to the other side. You can still see the color as well. Wow That’s so cool. The heart here is a shiny finish but it still has the beautiful color showing. So Cooky, I meant to give him a yellow ear over here, but at least it didn’t turn into a purple Cooky It’s still a pink Cooky And then the Koala I was going for a purple koala with yellow Years and a yellow tummy but it turned out the opposite way. So I probably mixed those two up at one point It was pretty confusing and then I misplaced one beat here that’s the trouble of working with the UV beads when you’re not working directly under the Sun because everything is Clear looking and you can’t tell what you’re working with this one, too They messed up this part here on the heart. It was supposed to be a yellow outline But oh, well, that’s a good learning experience. I should definitely do these more when it’s pretty sunny outside it still turned out really cool and you see the Instant color change how different it looks now Compared to before and everything was all transparent and sad-looking With these ones I can probably turn them into Keychains cuz keychains you can bring them outside and then you can put this on your backpack And while you’re in school, it will look all white and like monochrome But once you bring them outside their true colors will be revealed. Let’s see what happens Once you bring them back into the shade, it should disappear right away the colors should go back to normal, unless it Okay, it stays a little bit but it’s fades pretty fast Yeah, it’s now getting really faded Let’s see how long it’ll take for it to go back to its original color Okay, so it takes about a minute for it to go back to its original clear color Which is no color at all and one more thing about Cooky, oh and Cooky is a BT21 character in case you’re wondering why I call this a Cooky and not a bunny Cooky is this Bunny’s name! But anyway, one thing I noticed about Cooky is that some of the beads look like they aren’t colored They’re not getting as colorful as the other ones so they look a bit more faded I’m not sure if that’s because I mixed two of the pink beads up or because this batch isn’t very consistent, but some of them they don’t look as pink as the rest, you know, see like the ear here So maybe I mixed up the two different kinds of pink and I used one of the lighter ones with the darker pinks. It’s just not as even if you can tell maybe I just got an older batch and the UV beads lost a bit of its UV absorbing capabilities, but nonetheless it still looks great and I think you can still tell that it it’s color *hammer noises* somebody’s doing construction and I still think you can *interrupted by hammering* *sigh* I think you can still tell that it changed its color from white to pink so it definitely works Here are the two colors that at some point I mixed up I think this one should be the purple and this one is yellow. But if you just do this They look exactly the same. So I probably did a little switcheroo at some point and it’s okay The yellow koala is actually very cute and the little hearts just one of them had a mistake So the rest still turned out very nice. Thank you guys so much for checking out today’s video I had a lot of fun playing with these Artkal color-changing beads. My favorite one is this one right here, Cooky I want to turn this into a keychain so that I can put it on my backpack and watch it change color every time I come in and out of class if you ever have any suggestions for future bead videos or any Regular video in general that you want to see on this channel, then let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to hit the like button subscribe Hit the notification Bella as well so you’ll be notified of my latest posts, and I will see you guys next time with another kiddicraft. Bye *awesome end screen music playing*

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  1. Hey guys I'm back in university and don't have time again TwT but I brought my editing computer this time so hopefully I can post more than I did in my first and second years of uni…hope you like the video! I'll show you my dorm room some time too! 😉

  2. Awesome vid! Can you use a UV flashlight indoors to check the colors for mistakes? I definitely want to try these beads 🙂

  3. Can you make more Perler bead room decor? Maybe with the color changing beads? I think that would be pretty cool! Love you videos!

  4. I found this channel again after 2 years and I've been an army 3 years. I saw this and screamed and I was wearing my koya sweater too. XD

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