Trane vs American Standard Air Conditioners

Trane vs American Standard Air Conditioners

What is your opinion of Trane vs American
Standard air conditioners? Trane is one of the top air conditioning brands.
American Standard is a distant competitor. Yeah, I heard Trane was better. The irony is that Trane owns American Standard.
American Standard is their cheap AC brand. Why not just make cheaper Trane air conditioners? Probably the same reason Nestle sells their
composted food waste under a different name — so that there is not an association with
that crap and the fancy name brand. Compost is not always crap, just rotten. American Standard is rotten. Well, poor quality,
anyway. What is wrong with them? Their condensers and compressors regularly
break. Those are standard problems with air conditioners. Their thermostats and freeze switches often
break, whereas few other brands have issues with those particular components. They accumulate
water and have difficulty draining, so the cabinet if not the coils will rust. I thought their coils were aluminum. I do
not think aluminum rusts. Aluminum coils are not more efficient than
copper ones, but they are cheaper to manufacture. Unfortunately, they corrode as bad if not
worse than copper and can not be welded like copper. I do not plan on welding the AC coils any
time soon. If the copper coil is cracked, it could be
welded or have a sleeve put on it. With an aluminum coil, the only option is removing
and replacing the entire assembly. Is that expensive? It costs more than a spot weld, and it adds
days to the repair time. As if having a broken AC while waiting for
the repair guy was frustrating enough. And American Standard takes it time getting
replacement parts to you. I have trouble believing that this is the
same company. PepsiCo owns Pepsi, Doritos, Tropicana and
Lays. Just because one company owns another does not mean its quality standards flow down,
especially if it exists to be the cheap brand. If I’m going to buy one of their ACs, I’ll
save myself the headache and get a Trane.

2 thoughts on “Trane vs American Standard Air Conditioners

  1. At one time A.S. bought Trane, not the other way around. Then Ingersol Rand (in Ireland) bought both brands. Both brands are made in the same factory in Tyler,  Texas for USA use. The cost difference is due to advertising costs. I started working in HVAC/R in 1980. Do more research if you doubt me.

  2. This is inaccurate information as American Standard and Trane are manufactured by Ingersoll Rand and is made on the same manufacturing line and you need to review consumer reports as American Standard has higher ratings

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