Tove Lo’s Raw Sexuality | Fuse

Tove Lo’s Raw Sexuality | Fuse

I think it’s both my best and my
worst that I’m very impulsive. So yeah
(laughs). I went to a music high school where it only grades
on your talent. You have to audition to get in,
but there’s no… you can’t pay
to go there. That for me
made me realize that this is what I really
want to do with my life and to be able to do that
when you’re 16 to 18, you know,
important years. I feel very proud
to be part of all the girls that are coming
out and doing their own thing and writing themselves
and producing themselves and just being
um… you know, besides being an artist actually
also it’s coming from them. I think everyone, yeah, supports
and inspires each other. You know, it’s a very
small world over there so you kind of know anyone,
or everyone a little bit. Yeah, it’s inspiring. When it comes to feature
stuff, it can really help you. I mean for me
it was important. I wrote both
the melody and the lyrics, which for me still feels
like my songs as well. So I’m always open to it if
it’s something that comes along. I never do it if I haven’t written it myself. That’s the only rule
I have (laughs).

4 thoughts on “Tove Lo’s Raw Sexuality | Fuse

  1. ….she said that she was inspired to do this?? 80% of the people at her concerts just go to see her flash her average tits lol, maybe that's what that inspiration told her to do

  2. ahh she is just amazing! thanks for posting this 🙂 also if anyone is reading this, I just made a cover song of Cool Girl by Tove Lo – feel free to pop by and say hi x

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