Top Ten Welding Supplies: The Essentials To Weld Like A Pro With Eastwood Products

Top Ten Welding Supplies: The Essentials To Weld Like A Pro With Eastwood Products

yeah whether you’re a seasoned pro or just a
beginner in the field of welding and fabricating there’s a few essential
items everybody needs when melting metal today
we’re going to show you a few of our favorites let’s face it welding on the ground is
never fun neither is kicking your tools around on
the floor that’s why it suggests first getting a good welding cart a good
welding car is going to hold your welder for gas bottle and are frequently used
wedding accessories a great project for a beginner is to weld up your own car
from scratch but you can buy a car like this from eastwood that cost the amount
of the role supplies another essential item that everybody needs around the
garage is a good sturdy workbench metal work benches help you safely weld and
also again get you up off the ground when you’re working work benches go from
mild to wild with plans be available on the web it’s another great project for
beginners to help you get some more torch time by building something
tangible space is at a premium where you only do white occasional welding and
this table right here is just what you need it features adjustable welding slots
clamps and magnets to help you accurately fit your work pieces together
while welding is oftentimes glamorized on the web and social media sites these
days we can’t forget that it is a dangerous process and the necessary
safety precautions need to be taken in front of me are some of the essential
safety items that you’re going to need every time you fire your welderup matter
your skill level any welder can benefit from having an auto-dimming welding
helmet unlike a traditional fixed lens helmet
these mass work by quickly dimming the winds when they sense a bright light
just not only helped save your eyes but also helps you find your weld joint
easier when the mask is down most quality auto dim helmets like these have
a few different adjustment knobs that what you dial in how the lens reacts
minus well do yourself a favor and get a quality auto dimming welding helmet you
can spend more time improving your welding skills and not your head banging
skills walden is the act of melting metal
together and that creates a lot of heat be sure you pick up a pair of quality
welding gloves so that you can protect yourself from the harmful UV rays and
the high heat that’s produced when welding there are many different styles
of welding gloves that are designed for different types of welding for instance
big wedding gloves maybe thinner and made of a different type of material to
help with dexterity and field while make an arc welding gloves are going to be
progressively thicker and larger to help protect from the sparks and spatter
that’s produced by those types of welding well there are many different
types of welding gloves out there a good set of MIG welding gloves like these
will give you the protection you need while mig and arc welding but still have
moderate flexibility for TIG weld as we mentioned earlier welding creates a lot
of heat and harmful UV rays that’s why we suggest getting a quality
welding jacket like this eastwood jacket that is both flame
resistant and anti-static plus it’s going to keep your favorite t-shirts
from getting tiny pin holes in them the worst damage can be done when you least
expect it wearing a pair of safety glasses
underneath of your welding helmet can be the difference between a trip to the eye
doctor and a day of trouble-free welding I’d suggest picking up a set of safety
glasses like these that are both flexible and low profile so they can
easily fit underneath your welding helmet another great tip is to keep a
few sets of these around in key spots in your shop so they’re always an
arm’s-length your eyes will thank you there’s an endless list of tools and
accessories that will help your welding projects go smoothly one of the most
important tools that you can have around your shop is a good angle grinder by
changing the disks on the angle grinder you can perform a lot of different tasks
or welding it’s good to use the angle grinder to smooth proud welds Queen the
weld seam or cut metal I like to keep two of these angle
grinders on hand one with a flap discs and one with a cutting wheel to save
time when working on a project unless you have a helper on hand at all times
you’re going to need welding clamps and magnets Warren Quentin magnets will allow you to
set up your workpiece and keep your hands-free while you well they’re also
great to hold your work piece together as you weld up a long scene there are a
number of different types of welding clamps and magnets available you can
never have too many of these on hand my favorites include the large locking c
clamp pliers for holding together large workpieces the smaller many pinch weld
clamps for holding together intricate parts and the corner magnets for holding
together 60 and 90 degree angles when it comes to metal fabrication and welding
corrosion is the enemy this is why skilled fabricators will
clean and protect their work area before and after they well to accomplish this eastwood offers are pre and stainless
steel brushes to clean the weld area before you weld Eastwood after well then
seals up the area to prevent future corrosion ideally all of your well join
should be as tight of a fit as possible but we all know that that isn’t always
the case using copper welder backing plates will allow you to backup
less-than-ideal gaps in your well joint and they also act as a safety net for
any beginners that may have problems with burning through thinner gauge metal
Eastwood offers a number of different shapes and sizes of the copper backing
plates as well as a magnetic version for hands-free use you work on filling your
shop with these essential items you can be sure that you can tackle almost any
DIY project that you decide to take on even the most experienced welders and
fabricators are always expanding the tool collection to make sure that you’re
checking regularly for the newest welders and welding accessories
to help you do the job right

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