Top 10 Insane Bear Grylls Moments

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Insane Bear Grylls Moments

  1. You all laughing, but this world is going to end, apocalipse is coming, this man sacrifice his life to teach all of you with the most important lessons in case you are in danger and you have to survive, so stop laugh cowards, there's not enough people that are brave to do this.

  2. やべぇよベアニキ…、世界中の誰よりも尊敬しているけど、さすがにここまでくると心配になってくるわ。。

  3. alright i know that bear grylls is a expert survivor but wut about the camera man? is he also a trained professional?

  4. This man and the guy that lets himself be stung by mortal insects all the time are probably the creatures with the biggest balls of this universe. The question is, between then… Who's the bravest?

  5. This is just a show depicting some insane activities in forest which are beyond imagination of a human . When a human really stucks in such a dense forest then he can figure out, how possibly can one can survive but not necessarily these methods have to be adopted.

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