Tools for the Studio, Part 1 – Kevin Caron

Tools for the Studio, Part 1 – Kevin Caron

(Text on screen): Tools for the Studio, Part 1, Kevin Caron, The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What is this? Old home week? Kevin Caron: You know, I had a question the other day on YouTube and he said, I love your shop. You’ve got lots of tools, and you know how to use almost all of them (true), But what did you start out with? For a guy starting out, what’s the minimum? Or, what did you have when you started? Well, this is it, right here. An AC Lincoln little buzzbox and a small oxygen acetylene set. And, truth of the matter, both of these belonged to the boys when I moved in. They were both there, and that’s what I got started with when I started working on metal. Hey, do you want to see my workbench? The Voice: Yeah! Kevin Caron: OK, come on. Let’s go outside. You see, this was my workbench. This was parked at the house alongside the garage. So I had a concrete wall and the wall of the garage. I had a little fence in front of me and just the open yard behind me. I had this huge bougainvillea bush that arched all the way up, almost over the top of me for a little bit of shade. But, boy, as soon as the sun came around, it was just like this. I had some 1-inch-square tubing running across the top of it with a piece of 16-gauge steel plate up there, so I had a layout table I could work on. Come over here. I’ll show you my welding bench. So, you see, here was my welding bench. Piece of half-inch, I think it’s 14 inches and about 3 and a half, maybe 4 feet long. And I had it leaning up and I had it set up against the side of the top of the trailer. And then I had a piece of metal underneath the other end, just to make it flat. Because that 16-gauge that I was using as a layout table was so thin, if I tried to weld on top it, it would warp. So I had this for a welding table. And that’s how I started: working outside, playing, having fun. I did that for about four years or so. And I got lucky enough that I could move in here and at least get out of the sun. The Voice: You’re going to show us the other tools as you move along, aren’t you? Kevin Caron: Yeah, yeah. Next time. Next time we’ll talk about the next tool I got and the next one and the next one and the next one. It’s a never-ending story. Hope that answers your question. I’ll see you next time. (Text on screen): Subscribe to See More Videos! See and hear more at

9 thoughts on “Tools for the Studio, Part 1 – Kevin Caron

  1. This is a very interesting series you are starting here! I like that you referred to Mary as "The Voice". Makes me feel sorta involved. And those welders were hers, huh? Welders as a dowry…That's interesting. Mary, I think you and Kev should change places for a vid and you tell us how you got those welders… Just an idea…

  2. Hey Kevin, that's awesome…Your original start-up set of tools looks vaguely familiar…remind you of anyone..? =)

    Now, if it all's goes as planned, we'll both get a big kick out of my 'start-up' set someday too…Thanks again, for all you do!

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