Tony Beets and Crew Share Secrets to Gold Mining Success

Tony Beets and Crew Share Secrets to Gold Mining Success

To be successful in mining you gotta
have a little bit of luck. You get good years, you get bad years; just be stubborn, I think.
Never give up, you know, and don’t overspend. The beets operation by itself, we have a good family operation. We’re very lucky to be involved with people
and have lots of ground. We are pretty well set for the next 30 years, so
when we we buy something or spend money on something, we know we’re gonna have
years of use out of that. Okay, how many vehicles do we have there? Take one of
them and put it on the vehicle. You break it and you fix it, then you mine, and then
you break it and you fix it then you mine.
That’s mining. Every time you’re down it costs money.
When equipment breaks down in the Yukon it’s sometimes really hard to get the
parts, it’s, by the time it gets up here you can look anywhere from a day to a
month. You cannot wait six weeks for a part, so they’ll make something up, to make
it work. You want it down a bit? Kevin? You want it down a bit or what? The heat? Yeah. Try about 23. Okay try that. It’s two mill wire. Oh yeah? That’ll go in
there, won’t it? It’s pretty cool isn’t it? You can fill a hole with that, Kevin. There is always something wore out, there’s always something need to be fixed,
there’s always something else you need to build. We pretty near have two
welder’s inside at all times, and they weld every day. All I know is we’ve been using
Millers since I started here, like, if there hasn’t been another choice.
It’s just Miller. Well normally when we choose our welding
equipment, something that is proven and reliable. I’ve been in the mining
business now for last 35 years and we’ve always had Miller welders. It is rugged, it
is good. I have them on the dredges, I got them at all the sluice plants, I got
them on the welding trucks. Everything is on it, I mean, the service is great. It’s
just a good product.

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  1. Tony does not know the basics about using his dredge. When dredging for gold started the "old timers" meticously prepared the ground that the dredge was feeding on. This meant all overburden,silt, organic material was removed (and Gene thought this was his idea alone) and the ground was thawed with water before those buckets scraped it up. I found this info on a University of Washington website dealing with gold mining in the Klondike. Lots of very nice pictures on the site. If you want the site url you will have to ask.

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