Tips for 6G TIG Roots on 2 inch Pipe

14 thoughts on “Tips for 6G TIG Roots on 2 inch Pipe

  1. Weldtube and now great day for welding knowledge. These videos have helped tremendously. Always learning

  2. Hi do u think that u could do a 1g v groove from start to finish with 3/32 gap and 3/32 landing

  3. man this is giving me flashbacks to when I had to do a 4" sch 120 stainless 6G restricted and the shop procedure called for a closed double u groove with .040" land. That was painful and it felt like it took me forever to pass.

  4. Have you used the tig wire with the flux for a root yet? I've been running a plasma arc with powder feed. It looks real shitty but works for the application at work. Do you have any techniques on that as well?

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