Tig welding Walking The Cup Pipe Fillet welding 3Pass Carbon steel

Tig welding Walking The Cup Pipe Fillet welding 3Pass Carbon steel

Hello. Today… I made a video of “Pipe Fillet Welding 3Pass” I’d appreciate it if you could press “subscribe” and “Like.” Let’s get started. It’s 1pass. The nozzle has an internal diameter of 16mm. And tungsten is about 12mm long. Welding rods used 2.4-pi welds. And the current used 200 amps. Pipe size is 100A SCH40 carbon steel pipe. Okay, my camera finally did it. We’re able to film the melting pool. A subscriber sent us an opinion that he really wants to see the melting pool. You know, my camera’s not working. But after trying various filming methods, I was able to film the melting pool. But this method of filming is a little tricky… I don’t think I can make many videos with this method. But sometimes I will make a video and upload it using this method. There’s a little bit of overlap with the old video, but the melting pool was so good that I made the video. I’d appreciate it if you could watch the new method of filming. Please refer to “Flange Outside Welding Method #1” for instructions on how to weld. It’s 2Pass. The nozzle has an internal diameter of 16mm. And tungsten is about 10mm long. Welding rods used a 3.2 pie welder. The current is 180 amps. Can you see the new method of filming well? Thanks to your support, I think my stupid camera has come to my senses. If you look at the weld video over and over again and learn with your eyes, I think it will help you train your image when you are welding. Finally, 3Pass. I’ve switched the nozzle to an internal diameter of 19mm. Tungsten is about ten millimeters long. Welding rods used a 3.2 pie welder. The current is 210 amperes. I’m trying various filming methods to make a better video. My camera doesn’t work if the autopocus is out of order. But I’m trying various filming methods, so if you send me your opinion on how to shoot, I’ll refer you to them. And I would appreciate it if you could send me your thoughts on how to shoot before and today. So here’s the result. Today, I made a video with this new set of filming methods. There’s a little bit of overlap with the old video, So, The welding description has been minimized. I’m working with my stupid camera to find a better way to shoot. Please press “Like.” So today we’ve made a video of how to weld the pipe fillet to 3Pass. If you watch the welding video over and over again and learn it with your eyes, I think it might help you train your image. As I always say, my welding method is not necessarily the answer But it’s one of the welding methods that we can apply in a variety of situations, so I hope it will help. I hope this video will help all welders grow and help a little bit. If you “subscribe” and come to my channel, there are more different weld videos. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Tig welding Walking The Cup Pipe Fillet welding 3Pass Carbon steel

  1. Muito bom esse vídeo além de trazer especificações técnicas muito bem detalhadas. Precisamos de mais profissionais assim um forte abraço.

  2. Хорошо видно сам процесс, спасибо завораживающее видео! Успехов тебе!

  3. I love watching you lay down those beads. They are all beautiful masterpieces. Works of art. I have seen many beads in my life and yours are among the best. I can watch them for hours.

  4. Everything mounted to a turntable, mig machine pedal set to exact tempurature for a perfect weld for metal type and thickness. Turn on the turntable, push welder pedal all the way down, perfect weld. You do need experience but this isn't as hard as it looks. Welding stainless steel with a tig, now that takes skill.

  5. 융융풀 찍는법좀 알려주세요ㅎ
    저도 찍고싶은데 흑유리를 대고 이것 저것 해봐도 나오질 않네요..

  6. Швы только на красоту. Как металл на машинах 10 лет горантии на кузов так и ваши швы только на время горантии на шов

  7. Хорошее видео, сам сварщик но пока только mma, хотел бы освоить tig

  8. Thank you so much . that's great and perfect you are a good welder and professional. The view is very good t it's nice picture.

  9. Спосибо за ролик очень хороший но перед тем как начат варить шов надо ознокомит кокого типа аппарат и на кокм ампераже роботат и какая давление должна быть аргона продувать на сопло

  10. 대단하십니다. 선생님 건강하시고 앞으로 훌룡한 영상 계속부탁 드리겠습니다. 감사합니다.
    서울 경복궁.. 직장인

  11. 파이프 용접할때 처음에 빽낼때 허공이니깐 와이어를 손으로 밀어주는것같고 살 채우고 파이널까지는 와이러를 손으로 밀어넣는것보다 와이어는 가만히 잇고 손만 뒤로 빠지는거같아서 마치 와이어를 밀어넣는것 같이 보이나요?

  12. I always have trouble getting my rhythm when walking the cup with my everlast tig welder. After warming up a bit I get a lot better.

  13. Thank you very much in Russia there is not so detailed information about this process. Everyone sculpts what he wants 🙂 I start to study under your beginning Thank you.

  14. Очень качественное видео!Ручной дуговой,покрытыми электродами,не планируете видео сделать?Было бы очень полезно к просмотру.Успехов Вам!

  15. Hola mi nombre es efrain te escribo desde colombia la técnica de enseñaza de como saldar en tig es de gran aprendisage el enfoque de la camara en bueno y las explicaciones son excelente felicidades
    Gran tuturial

  16. คิดถึงเกาหลี คนเกาหลีทำงานเก่ง อยากกลับไปอีกครั้ง

  17. 기술에 감탄하고 갑니다~
    질문이 있는데요. 파이프 몇 파이부터 1pass를 한번에 전용접 가능한건가요? 작은 구경은 열변형 때문에 1pass를 테그 쳐야 하더라구요.

  18. Gracias por darle el tiempo en compartir tus conocimientos, hacer el vídeo. Maravilloso con traductor a español lo que estube buscando, saludos desde PERÚ ??

  19. Tôi cũng là một người thợ hàn cũng chả kém tay nghề bạn, nhưng tôi rất thích video của bạn thật thực tế và tỉ mỉ cho tất cả mọi người biết về kỹ thuật hàn thay mặt mọi người cám ơn bạn

  20. Tengo una pregunta para todos los que saben y tienen experiencia.. pues a mi me enseñaron que para saber con cuánto amperajes se debe soldar en el proceso TIG era 40AMP X MILIMETRO DE CHAPA.. Esto me resulta algo ilógico ya que si tengo que soldar una platina de 1cm serían 400amp…
    La pregunta es ¿como se regula el amperaje en el proceso tig?

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