Tig welding Walking The Cup 5G pipe welding Hot Pass Fill Pass Cap Pass carbon steel pipe

Tig welding Walking The Cup 5G pipe welding Hot Pass Fill Pass Cap Pass carbon steel pipe

Hello. Today, I will do pipe welding with 5G position. Fill in the gaps in the grooves and cover the final welds. I’d appreciate it if you could press “subscribe” and “like.” Now this is a back-bead welded pipe from the previous time. If you’re curious about the back-bead video, please refer to the previous video. Today, we’re going to fill the grooves of this and we’re going to do the final weld. The inside of the nozzle is 12mm. This is Big Nozzle No. 8. Tungsten length is about 7mm. So I’m going to do a second weld. The posture is 5G position. We’ll weld from 6 o’clock to 12 o’clock. The current used 120 amps. Welding rod is 2.4mm. The second weld, the second weld, the second pass. Also called Hot Pass I think the important thing in the secondary welding is… It melts the part where the penetration was not evident during the first weld, and it makes a solid penetration. And to make the 3rd welding easier, the width of the groove is widened. It is important to note that the primary weld should not collapse. If you widen the groove in the second weld, you can fill the groove with a thicker weld bar for the third weld. And when welding between the grooves, you can prevent “invasive defects” from occurring. But if you use a high current to heat the pipes to make these welding processes easier, then the back-bead can collapse. And if you make a mistake during the first welding, you can check it immediately and repair it immediately. But if you make a mistake on the secondary weld, you won’t know until the welding is done and the test is done. So I weld the secondary weld more carefully than the primary weld. It looks like this. There are still many vacancies left in Grooves. Today I’ll tell you how to fill in more grooves. You can use the same size for the nozzle. I changed the nozzle into a big one. The nozzle has an internal diameter of 16mm. Tungsten length is about 10mm. It’s a 3rd weld. Look at the movement of the position. The current used 130 amps. The welding rod is 3.2mm. 3rd welding, also known as 3Pass, and Fill Pass 3rd welding seems to be divided into 2 main welding methods. First of all… There’s a way to adjust the amount of heat and weld it little by little. Second, there is a large amount of heat input, but there is a method of welding that fills a lot of grooves Of course, it’s best to meet both conditions. But it’s hard to do that. I think it’s better to make a compromise at the right level. So today I’m going to show you a way to fill in more vacancies in Grooves. First of all, tungsten length should be a little longer than normal You can only make it about 1 to 2mm longer. Longer tungsten and lower the torch angle to make a longer melting pool. And if you supply the weld rods to the end of the melt, you can penetrate a little bit more of them. And if you reduce the forward width of the weld, you can do a little more welding. Now, if you look at the nozzle movement, it’s moving in a tight range. Then we can fill in a little more free space. However, there is also a disadvantage of higher heat input due to the slower welding speed. And this method can be applied to secondary and final welds. It’s been welded so tightly. This way, we can fill in a little more free space. Now we’re going to do the final weld. The nozzle is the same as before. Tungsten length is about 8mm. So I’m going to do the final, final welding. Check the position. Finally, when you do the final welding, you should find the most comfortable position you can take in the situation. If your posture becomes uncomfortable, you tend to exert pressure on your body and your movements are not smooth. The shoulders and arms, likewise, move with force. This increases the probability of the nozzle sliding during welding. So, find yourself as comfortable as you can, relax your arms, and practice moving smoothly. This allows the arm to move comfortably and smoothly, even when welded in more difficult positions, such as boiler plumbing welding or complex plumbing sites. And if you’re welding these carbon steel pipes and the nozzle’s slipping, there’s more. The surface of the area to be welded is oxidized or there is a foreign object on the surface And when the rods are dirty or the ends of the rods are oxidized. In such a case, foreign matter will rise in the melting pool. And the foreign object is very slippery. And if the nozzle steps on that foreign object, it’s going to slide. Therefore, if you clean the surface with a grinder before welding and use the welding rod thoroughly, you can prevent the nozzle from sliding. I think the camera hates me. I’m not focusing. The last crater I caught… You can make a cleaner surface by changing the finish slightly with a grinder. The welds aren’t the best, but I don’t think it’re bad. The current used 140 amps. And the welding rod used 3.2 mm. Last weld, Final weld, also known as Cap Pass Because the final weld is visible weld, it is recommended that the weld results are clean. If you want to weld a little more level, it’s important that you make the conditions for the final weld in the previous weld. Make good height from previous welds and melt the ends of the grooves like undercuts, Welding with the feel of covering both ends of the groove during the final weld is helpful when you want a smooth, constant weld. And try to keep the tip of the tungsten as close to the melt as possible. If you keep the welding rod from falling off the melting pool, it’s going to be better. The movement of the nozzle is like this way. Roll diagonally and diagonally opposite. And keep tungsten as close to the melt as possible. Keep the welding rod from falling off the melting pool. And if you’ll just pay attention to these things, I think it’ll help you to produce better weld results. And one of my videos is a video of a 1G butt-weld There are more details about the “weaving method” in there, so please refer to it. So today, we’ve welded the carbon steel pipes. Please press “like.” I’m going to tell you again today, but… My welding method is not necessarily the answer. But it’s one of the welding methods that we can apply in a variety of situations, so I hope it will help. I hope this video will help all welders grow motivated and help a little bit. If you “subscribe” and come to my channel, there’s a lot more weld videos. Thanks for watching.

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