Tig welding. Various Fillet Welding Methods. (stainless steel sheet welding)

Tig welding. Various Fillet Welding Methods. (stainless steel sheet welding)

Various Fillet Welding Methods Hello. Today, I made a video about the different fillet welds. I’d appreciate it if you could press “subscribe” and “Like.” This is stainless steel. Today we’re going to do a lot of fillet welding on this. First of all, the size of this steel plate is 30mm And it is about 3mm thick. Can you see it? It’s “Tack” in this shape. Fillet welds generally use this way to weld the torch up and down. It is called “Waving the Cup” or “Walking The Cup.” I’ve shown you a lot in other videos. There’s a way. There are many other ways to weld fillets. So there’s a way to supply the same weld rod and move the torch straight. Another way is, the movement of the torch moves in straight lines, but the weld rod is a weld method that repeats supply, disconnection, supply, disconnection. And there’s also a little bit of a weld through the pulsed welding method. There are a number of welding methods And the welding method is similar, but you can manually weld it by pressing and releasing the start button. So I’m going to show you how these different welding methods are made. First, I’m going to show you how to continue to supply the weld rods and push the torch through the strates. So it’s been welded like this. It is called “hugging” or “drawing.” And it’s also called “FREEHAND.” This welding method has many different advantages and disadvantages. Among them, there is a great advantage of being able to make a big connection at once. Large welds can be made at once when welding fillet or butt-weld This will also speed up your work. Here’s how to feed and disconnect the weld rods and repeat them. This is how it’s welded. This weld is also called the same name as the previous weld. This is the preferred method of welding in America, Europe, etc. This is a popular welding method for welding aluminum in Korea and Asia. I think there’s a preferred method of welding in every region and country. It’s just my idea. This welding method is a welding method that “supplys”, “sweeps”, “supplies”, “sweeps” and repeats this process. First of all, the penetration is visible and welds are relatively deep and strong On the other hand, the apparent weld thickness is relatively thin. So it can be very useful for welding thin steel plates or grinding after welding. Next is the weld through which the nozzle moves up and down. This is how it’s welded. This method of welding is called “blazing,” “weaving,” and “walking the Cup.” It’s the welding method that I’ve shown you a lot before. There are many advantages and disadvantages to this method The welding machine is crazy. The welding machine is insane. Welding is not working properly. This welding method is to weld a little bit by little. This method of welding is very easy to control the depth of penetration, the amount of heat input, or the gas shield, the size of the weld, etc. So it can be very useful for welding difficult positions, small flanges, small pipes, small sockets, etc. It’s a very good weld. But there’s a very serious disadvantage. If the welding machine goes crazy, it could cause a wound like this. The downside is that the work speed is very slow. But it’s one of the best ways to do it, if you apply it to a normal welding machine. And the appearance of this weld and the welds is similar. So you can use two welds in different situations, depending on the situation. Next is the pulse welding method. This method can also be repeated without the use of the start button. This is how it’s welded. Pulse setting used 3 Hz, 30% For more information on pulse setting, see “Tigweld Foundation 1”. This welding method can also be used for aluminium welding. It can also be useful for welding thin steel plates. And if “weld beginners” learn how to set up pulsed welds… Makes it easier to create a beautiful weld bead And with a little variation of this welding method, you can also weld pipes and flanges. And because the previous welds and the results are similar to each other, you can mix them to weld in a different position. I could make the welding prettier than this. But most of the cameras are in front of my face when I’m shooting. So the welding is a little ugly today. Please excuse me. I’ve made a good excuse. So today, with my crazy welding machine, I’m going to introduce you to a lot of fillet welding methods. The weld rods were all welded with 2.0mm welder. I wanted to add a more detailed explanation. But the video was too long, so I gave you a brief introduction. And I’m going to show you how to apply these welding methods to thin and thick steel plates. And I’ll also make a video about the detailed welding methods and tips in the next. I have pictures on my Instagram that have applied these welding methods. This is how I’ll end it today. My welding method is not the answer. But it’s one of the different welding methods that can be applied in a variety of situations, so I hope it helps. I hope this video will be a growth motivation for all the welders and a little bit of help Press “Like.” If you “subscribe” and come to my channel, there’s a lot more welding videos. Thanks for watching.

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  10. Very beautiful video.
    Very well explained and shown!

    True, I also know the "European" welding method. 🙂

    Smirked at the sentence> That they have the camera in front of the face while photographing and that the welding was not so good <.

    Correctly in one of your videos, you have already shown it, because they have welded small tubes with bottle inside. Since they have also used the "pulse" method by the torch (handpiece), the button always on and off made. 🙂

    Nice rest week desired.

  11. Nice video! How does it work in Asia? In Europe you are not allowed to ”Walk the cup” on some applications. For example in medication technology and in the oil and gas industry, because the cup creates scratches near the HAZ that Will not go away after cleaning. Do you know of anyway to walk the cup without scratching the material? Kind Regards

  12. Truly informative, i tend to put the ground directly to the work piece, since it helps starting a high freq arc better, but i understand you couldnt do it since the piece was small and. It probably messes with recording. Thx again

  13. Como vai Sr. Tudo bem?
    Muito obrigado por enviar seus vídeos. Hoje meu filho me ensinou como colocar a tradução em português Brasil.
    Outro eu perguntei sobre a tradução para o Sr.
    Então não precisa se preocupar mais.
    Muito obrigado mestre pelos vídeos e as maravilhosas aulas.
    Wagner – São Paulo – Brasil

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