Tig Welding Root Pass Carbon Steel 1G Butt Welding #tigwelding 티그용접 백비드 아래보기 카본스틸

Tig Welding Root Pass Carbon Steel 1G Butt Welding #tigwelding 티그용접 백비드 아래보기 카본스틸

Hello, everyone. Today
I made a back-bead video once. I’d appreciate it if you press SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, before you watch. Oh, one of our subscribers wants to know about Weaving at Carbon Steel.
We’re making a video. I’ve created a back-bead video.
These butt-welds are going to be able to create a joint of these large diameter pipes, or they’re going to be able to build a tank. Mainly used for joint welding Now, look, it’s the season.
Well, they call it carbon steel a lot. It’s about nine millimeters thick.
I gave them ANGLE to make them. Oh, it’s tACKING like this.
The root interval is 3.2 pies. Can you see this? I’ve made a 3.2-pi welder go by. When you’re looking down,
Even if it’s a little smaller than that, the back-bead comes out well. And then there’s
Size is 12mm inside. He used an internal diameter of 12mm.
The tungsten is about 10 to 11 millimeters long. The length of the tungsten is not necessarily set.
You can try it in many ways and find a way to suit yourself. And the welding rod is just a steel welding rod.
Uh, I can’t see the letters. You try this, you try that, you don’t see it. The characters on the screen are ER70s.
It’s a welding rod used for mild steel or 50kg high strength steel. It’s written. It’s usually used in steel welding.
It’s a welding rod. Model name is t-50 tgc-50 or something. It’s the same thing.
You can just use it. And you can see the posture one gram below the other. It’s an easy position, so if you’re good at this, you can do PASS.
I’ll do it. There’s a slight extension of the joint at each end of the parent metal.
If you’re practicing, you don’t have to do that. In such a confrontation, the first and the last parts are prone to defects.
So, to make sure it’s safe, there’s a lot of places where you can extend the joint and weld it. I have it.
Of course, there are places where they don’t, to reduce the probability of a fault at both ends. That’s how the land works. You’re gonna give them heat evenly at both ends.
It’s moving a little bit from side to side. Yeah, and the welding rod,
We’ll supply them in that direction. Uh, height is important.
at the end of the root face It’s a supply and a process.
If you go a little lower than that, There are a lot of back-beads.
If it’s a little higher than that, the backbeard will be shallow. Now, if you look up there,
That’s how Torch works. with a little movement from side to side.
the end of the root face I’ll do it while it melts. Oh, well, this is how we’re going to proceed. Here we go.
Let’s get started. He’s got the lid on.
And let’s see if there’s any foreign substance in the welding rod. Wipe it off, and check the way Torch’s going. I’ve done this kind of carbon steel backbeading in 12 years. I haven’t had anything to do with this in a while, but thanks to you, I
Thank you for doing something fun. It’s been a while since I’ve been working on it, so I’m a little nervous.
Even if it’s a little awkward, with a broad understanding. Please excuse me. First of all, the angle of the torch is
I think it’s about 45 degrees. Well, it’s been a while, so I wanted to be safe.
I’ve set up a little bit of progress. And to make a small wading width, it’s better than the shoulder.
I’m using my wrist a lot. They’re moving small. And if you want a faster weld speed than I’m welding right now,
Put the torch down a little longer. Tungsten needs to be a little longer.
And then we can create a longer melting pool. And if you increase the amount of use on your shoulder,
The width of the ice increases so you can weld a little faster It’s been so long since I’ve been doing this kind of welding right now, I’ve been practicing a little bit.
We’ll upload the fast backbead video later. Current is 130 amps
Used it. The inner diameter of the nozzle is 12mm. And the tungsten road is about 10 to 11 millimeters long.
So the angle of progress is about 45 degrees. The welding rod used 2.4 pies.
Now, the welding is not going to drill through the keyhole, but the root face You melt the weld pool together.
It’s a push-and-go weld. It’s used a lot for carbon steel welding.
The most important thing about these backbeads is that the key points are: The weld pool and the weld rod need to be adhered to and continued.
But don’t panic if the welding rod falls off the melting pool and turns into a Burn Through. Stop welding and re-weld about 5mm back to ensure a smooth weld. Compare your arm movements with the movements of the torch. And if you look at the movements of your left hand,
In my case, when I’m supplying the welding rod, I’m going to have to use my thumb and index finger to keep my fingers together. I use it.
This is the only way we’re going to continue to supply the welding rods fast and fast. It has its merits.
But I don’t have any support. The tip of the weld rod is more likely to swing from side to side than just the thumb.
I have a downside. You can try it in a variety of ways. You’d better find a way to suit yourself. We need to show you a video of the connection.
in the lower part The camera’s stopped. When we meet with the connections, we’re gonna have to go right before I meet them.
Push in more of the welding rod. Then, please stay on the connection for a while or proceed slowly.
If you do, you can continue to meet with us naturally. I want you to hold the Creator in the end.
All right, we’re done welding. Let’s take a look at the results. This is how it looks.
The left is the beginning. Oh, I’m short now, but it’s safer to do it longer.
Same thing with the finish. It’ll be safe later if you take it a little longer. You’d better take it out long.
Here’s how it looks. Let’s see how the back-bead came out.
Turn it upside down. Now, it’s a tense moment. There’s a back-bead that looks like this.
It’s not bad for a long time. This is the end.
This is the beginning. Oh, I think we should take it a little longer. And when the welding is done,
If you cut the joint like this, The product will come out clean. These
It’s shaped. And I’m going to dig a groove right now.
I put it on, but the shape doesn’t matter. I’m gonna get fired anyway.
You know, this way, this way, this way. Even if you put it on like this,
That’s it. You can just stick it to yourself. And I used this nozzle, which is 12mm in diameter.
If you look over there, if you look at the root, I see the nozzle moving into the upper corner.
That’s what happens. It’s easier to control. From the narrow controls… But we found a smaller nozzle.
I went to the hardware store and I bought one. That goes deeper. that way
You can control it more easily. If you look over there, it’ll go inside the root, and it’ll move well.
And there’s a smaller one. It’s smaller.
That fits right into the root face. This is similar to fillet welding.
It’s very easy to control. instead The gas protection area is too small because the hole is too small.
Well, that’s the downside, so you can use it separately. And there’s this big nozzle. As you can see, there’s a big nozzle. The area of gas protection is very large.
It’s a hell of a gas shield, but if you look over there, It’s above the top edge of the root face. It’s a little disadvantage to small controls.
There are many advantages and disadvantages to each nozzle, so try this and that. You can use something nice. And the movement of the nozzle… This is what Torch’s movement is doing.
You start at the end, like that. It’s wide. Move it so small.
Welding rods supply that way. And if you supply it like that, there’s no support, so the end of the weld bar shakes a lot. In the upper corner of the root face
If you support it like this and you supply it, I’m a little less nervous.
You know, you know a lot of these things. Well, it’s not that hard.
The torch is small enough to move from side to side. Keep the welding rod in place so that it doesn’t fall off the weld pool.
to a certain extent It’s all coming out.
The way I do it is not necessarily the answer. But under a lot of circumstances,
It’s one of the most versatile welding methods. I hope you can help me.
This is a video that will help all welders grow up. And I hope you’ll help me a little bit. And SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, SHARE,
It’s a big help for me to make better videos in the future. Thanks for watching.

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