TIG WELDING METHOD OUTSIDE FLANGE #1 walking the cup (weaving) 플랜지 바깥쪽 티그용접 방법 #1 위빙

TIG WELDING METHOD OUTSIDE FLANGE #1 walking the cup (weaving) 플랜지 바깥쪽 티그용접 방법 #1 위빙

So, hello.
Nice to meet you. This time. on flange outside welding
I made a video about it. This is how it looks.
pipe size 100A SCH10
304 stainless steel pipe. It’s a TACK look like this. It’s punching. I can’t see well.
KS KOREA 10K 100A flanges. It looks like this. It’s on the turntable. How do I weld it with WEAVING today? Up and down. Total weld is 2PASS I’m going to work on it.
1PASS will feel like filling in empty space. We’re going to do a finale weld on 2PASS. Turn the turntable. I’ll check it out check. It’s a scene where you put 1PASS in it. in that way
The movement of your right arm is coming out. gently on the wrist and shoulders
I use it. The left hand will continue to push in the welding rod. This is how it works. The tungsten is about 10 millimeters long. Current 170 amps 2.4 pies. 308 weld rod used. Please move up and down. I have 1PASS and a small weld span. Welding is performed by increasing weld thickness That’s how I’m going to be able to weld it to the foil. 1If you’re good at basic work on PASS, It’s a good way to wrap things up. Now, a little bit like this.
It’s better to feel fast. That’s the only way we’re going to be able to get I have a low fever. And even if there are some mistakes, it’s okay because I’m working on 2PASS. When the TACK comes to the end of the welding rod, Stop the supply and re-feed When the TACK part comes in,
We’re stopping the supply again. And if we do this again,
1PASS shows a smooth weld. We’re here. holding the crater
This is how 1PASS is done. The shape is not important because I will do 2PASS. Just feel like you’re filling in an empty space. Now the tungsten length is a little shorter. Slow down. Speed as well
It’s a little less than 1PASS. The arm movements are a little slow and big. by the use of one’s shoulders and wrists. It’s a gentle gesture.
Up and down That’s how it works. It’s a little different from the one in PASS.
I’ll work on 2PASS like that. Put the lid on. I want you to get ready and loosen your wrist. Okay, I’m gonna start and I’m gonna check the speed. And if it’s right, Here we go. That’s the way I do it.
Use the movements of the right hand to be as smooth as possible using the shoulders and wrists. It’s working. But that’s not necessarily the answer. I’ll do it in one way or that
the way one fits oneself Best thing to do is weld your own style. The tungsten length is 6mm to 7mm.
current is 150 AMPS, and the welding rod, 3.2 Pie 308 is used. The welding rod was a bit thicker than 1 PASS. It doesn’t matter if you use four pies. Up and down, up and down, diagon It’s simple. That’s how you get as big as you can.
It’s moving to the size of the weld. The welding rod is 3.2 pie thick.
It’s easy to supply them. Why is it easy? It’s like putting a little bit of a stick in there.
It’s easier to supply a certain amount. with a slightly thicker stick than a continuous push with a small stick.
by reducing the supply It’s easier to supply a certain amount. So we’re going to have to keep our supplies low and constant.
I will. And the way I do welding is not necessarily the right answer. There’s a lot of welding methods.
It’s one of the methods of welding. There are more efficient ways than that.
There’s a quick way to do it. We’ll try to create other welding methods in the future. That is one of many ways.
For your information. Okay, I’m gonna need you to put it in a little bit.
We’re going to have to check the amount of input and the bottom of the weld pool. It’s important. It’s not much. It’s diagonally up and down, and it’s all going forward.
You can go ahead. Please supply the welding rod with a constant supply. It’s simple. Now.
We have arrived. Oh, we’re here now. Please hold the Creator. That’s it.
This is what it looks like. welding size Because the pipe is schedule 10.
You don’t have to be that big. You can take it easy. It’s like this. It’s not bad. Now, let’s take a look.
The tungsten length is 6mm to 7mm. I got it right. Yes, it is.
And Torch is like this.
up and down Move it diagonally like this. It’s a note. It’s not necessarily the answer.
That’s a little convenient. That’s how good it is.
The results aren’t bad. It’s good to subscribe before you go. I’d be very grateful if you could tap once. The welding is good, right? It’s the finish. It’s done. Thanks for watching.

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  8. Hello, what settings of the welding machine do you use? (current, starting current, decay current ,,, argon consumption l / min)

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  11. Always a pleasure to watch your videos. Very nice weld lines and good explanation! Keep up the good work?

  12. Esto en español. Me encantan tus videos amigo, perfeccionado mi trabajo gracias tus videos muy agradecido y felicitaciones por buen trabajo, gracias!!!!!

  13. Amazing skill and knowledge my friend. I too do alot of tig work, and your videos are always expanding my skill level. Thank you sir.

  14. 잘보고갑니다.
    영상촬영을 어떻게하면 이렇게 깔끔하게 하시는지궁금합니다
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