#TIG Welding method inside flange #1 (FREE HAND)플랜지 안쪽 용접방법 #1 #tigwelding

#TIG Welding method inside flange #1 (FREE HAND)플랜지 안쪽 용접방법 #1 #tigwelding

Oh, hi.
Today we’ve created a video of the inner weld of the flange. The pipe size is 100a and the schedule is 10. It’s about 3mm to 4mm thick. And it’s punching. It’s upside down. Like this…KS KOREA 10k 100A
Flange. Slip-on type. There are many types of flanges. Slip-on type
butt type There are some types of flanges.
Now the pipe is in the stove. 10 milliliters. Tack it. There are many different ways to weld. Among them, the weld specifications are: There’s a way that says we need to weld it, and you can do it.
Or it’s a lot of push-ups. There’s a welding procedure. Or weaving like this.
We have welding. It’s not a particular way of doing it.
You can do it the way you like Today, we’re going to put it on the turn table and do it the way we do it You’re pushing the torch like this.
We’re going to weld it. I put a flange on the turntable. This will turn back when you press the switch.
And this is a directional switch. when you get off You go to the right, and then you reverse.
Turn left. This is a speed control switch. If you turn left like this,
It’s slowing down. The numbers don’t mean much. Well, we’ll do it a couple times, and we’ll do it at this speed.
This much current, amount of wire transmission I can feel it when I do
then Today, we’re going to do this way
waving a torch We’re going to do the welding.
And the welding that’s going to shake like this is going to have to do it. There are many advantages.
He’s got a constant bead, and he’s fast. Easy penetration and easy welding size control. It’s comfortable in a variety of ways. Here we go.
I’ll try welding. Put on the lid. I’ll give the table back first.
We’re gonna start. Oh, tungsten is a little short. Except a little.
Tungsten is a little bit longer. what
There are many advantages. It’s easy to see. Ah, if you look at that light, you’ll see the water light shake.
waving a torch This is how it looks.
Attitude is this much. You look comfortable, don’t you? I’m comfortable. It’s easier to weld when you’re in a comfortable. The welding rod is 308 2-pi. I often use two pies to weld this pipe. It’s a little bit thin.
That’s why it’s a little easier to control the weld pool. If you do it fast, the water will get bigger, and if you slow it down, the water will get smaller.
It’s easy to adjust, so I usually use two pies. And electricity is 170 amps. If you look over there, the tungsten is a bit long.
If you take out a little tungsten, It’s a little tip.
Pull the tungsten a little bit and raise the angle of progress. It’s a long welder. It’s easier to wire, easier to see.
We’ve got bigger gas reserves. That’s why the welding is Well, it works. There’s a lot of merit.
And it’s easier. If you shake your tungsten like that, Beads become constant, and there are many advantages.
All right, we’re done. It’s done. It’s done.
This is how it feels. Even if you shake the ground roughly,
He’s a regular, good-looking guy. I got a little fever, but this is the advantage. The results are better than the process, even results are better than the process. That’s it. Thank you for watching.

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  1. 와 비주얼은 진짜 이쁘네요 정말 많은노력과 시간을 투자하셨을거라 생각이듭니다! 저도 아직은 배움단계지만 열심히 해서 하고님처럼 대는날이 오겟조ㅎㅎ
    근대308봉은아는대308L은 어떤용도인가요?

  2. 티그용접사가 될려면 워크넷에서 어떤 검색어를 치고 어떤회사에 들어가면 티그용접사가 되는 가장 빠른길일까요? 저는 취부회사에서 일을 하는데 가끔식 그리기나 니플티그용접을 합니다. 배관은 해본적이 없구요. 티그가 제 적성에 맞는거 같아요. 양손잡이라 오른손왼손감각도 비슷하고해서 취부보다는 용접이 전망이 더 있을거 같아요.

  3. 후렌지는 인사이드 먼저 안하면 대각이 틀어져버립니다 옜날생각나네..하루에 100개식 때웠는데..15A 인사이드 까지 때우면 마스터..

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