TIG Welding a Stainless Steel Sculpture and Design Fun – Kevin Caron

TIG Welding a Stainless Steel Sculpture and Design Fun – Kevin Caron

(welding) The Voice: Hey Kevin. What are you doing? Kevin Caron: We’re still TIG-ing around here. We’re; I’m working on the last bit of Calyx, trying to get all the little boo-boos fixed on the edges, where I weld in I had a little pop mark or little divot. Now I have to go back and fill all those in and regrind it again so we can put our finish on it. And then we’ll be able to cut the bases off and get our angles correct they way we want it to stand, and we’ll be able to weld it to the base next week. And see how it looks. The Voice: What else ya workin’ on? Kevin Caron: Well, you know how your mom always told you you can’t draw on the walls with crayons? Well, down here we can. I put some butcher paper up on the wall, and this is an ivy design that I’m doing for a customer to go out on her front sidewalk. It’s going to cover up a piece of bare concrete wall. It’s going to be made out of the same textured steelwork that I did for Tenacity on the front porch. You can see that on the website. I hope to get that started next week sometime, too. We’ve been playing with the English wheel a little bit, trying to work on our technique for the cheese, when we start it. Still trying to get that steel to bend just the right way I want it to. So, we’re still playing around. We’re having fun. We’re making things. So, I’ve got to get back to doing what I’m doing here. It’s getting hot out. We’ll see you next week. Bye.

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  1. Well hidey he ho to you too!!

    Thanks for posting. I get that a lot. Please check back often. I update about once a week.

    Don't forget to give me a rating.

  2. @jacobblain9 Come on out to my site and look for "Calyx".

    Just a yard sculpture. It wound up at the house of our retired football star.

  3. hi kevin, i´m from argentina, mi english is very bad.
    what can i do for weld inox and does not fold the plate. I work in a sculptur like your. I will weld Large surface. I use 1,2 plate but it fold.

    Hola kevin, soy de argentina, mi ingles es muy malo.
    Que puedo hacer para soldar inox y que no se doblen las chapas. Estoy trabajando en una escultura similar a la tuya. Tengo que soldar grandes superficies. Use chapa de 1,2, pero se doblan.

  4. Not sure what you are asking here. You are welding with Oxy/ Acet.??

    The plate is not folding?? Do you mean you are not getting penetration??

    Is the weld not holding? Or are you welding 1/2 inch plate and it is warping,,

    I will pm you my private email address, please write me there so we can continue this discussion there….

  5. Not sure what you are asking for here… Are you welding with an O/A torch??

    and you are working with a 1.2 mm sheet steel right?

    By the plate is folding do you mean it is warping??

    If this is right then you need to either use less heat or get a TIG welder for working with this thin of a sheet. You may be able to use a double layer at the joints to give it a little more thickness. Think a butt joint with a strip of metal behind it Maybe instead of welding you could use rivets.

  6. You can email me directly at kevin at kevin caron dot com. That is a better way to get to me then here. Please let me know if this works for you. If you have more questions please feel free to email me.

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