TIG Welder & Welding from Eastwood

TIG Welder & Welding from Eastwood

TIG welding is the most controllable
efficient and versatile method of welding metals including steel stainless steel and aluminum the eastwood TIG two hundred welder
with high frequency inverter technology is capable of welding thin or heavy
gauge steel and aluminum with precision and ease it operates on either one hundred ten or
two hundred and twenty volts and delivers from ten to two hundred amps
AC or DC the foot pedal provides you with the
precise amperage control required when welding the high frequency start feature
guarantees an instant arc strike with no tungsten contamination the WP-17 Type Torch
accepts common cups and collets and up to 1/8 inch electrodes the Eastwood TIG 200 has a
duty cycle of forty five percent at one hundred and fifty amps and comes
with a three year warranty Check out Eastwood’s full line of welding
equipment including the MIG 135, MIG 175 TIG 200 and versa cut plasma
cutter as well as all the accessories and innovative products you need like welding carts and spot weld kits to
copper backers, clamps, sprays and helmets Eastwood has all of the welding supplies and
accessories you need to do the job right visit Eastwood.com today

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