TIG Spot Weld Kit – How To – From Eastwood

TIG Spot Weld Kit – How To – From Eastwood

today i want to show you our new
Eastwood spot-weld kit this kit will allow you to produce the Queen asst most
professional spot-welds possible using your TIG welder these leg extensions
create the exact standoff needed for spot welding sheetmetal simply screw the
nozzle on to any w17 type torch pliers will hold the metal in place while
allowing the nozzle to fit between the jewels now let’s see it in action yeah yeah yeah

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  1. A Link to BUY The TIG Spot Weld Kit, TIG Welder, or to just get more info, is below the video. Don't forget to Subscribe.

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  3. Are there any guides available about amperage ratings / settings for each application – I have an R-tech 185 amp welder with the correct torch, that I gather this can be used with – but the one review on your site said instructions were non-existent?

    I am ordering this anyway – but some hints and tips would be very helpful please.

  4. It shows how to spot weld but doesnt tell you how far the electrode is away from the job!

  5. I ordered one of these to weld some .035 sheet to 1/2 inch .035 chromemoly tube. Wow, works like magic. No warping of the sheet metal or tube. Makes a very good spot weld. The included clamp keep the area very cool, but I did have to use 110 amps single phase to get the welds deep enough.

  6. i wonder, will it work that well with my old eastwood 115v body panel welder?( combo stick welder / carbon torch attachment ) i think it is 30A at the cables max / fixed value

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