TIG 200 Digital Welder – Weld Steel & Aluminum – New Added Features – Eastwood

TIG 200 Digital Welder – Weld Steel & Aluminum – New Added Features – Eastwood

all the features of a professional machine but at a fraction of the price is the best way to describe this digital 200-amp AC DC TIG welder from eastwood let’s see it in action and show you what it can do this machine operates on 240 volts and has attended 200-amp welding range making it great for welding steel and aluminum from thin sheet metal all the way up to quarter of an inch as always you get the east with three year warranty and lifetime satisfaction guarantee the high-frequency start will give you precise our control and the square wave inverter will provide accurate aluminum welding it has a WP 17 flexible head torch that allows you to get the torch at the precise angle you need for the best wells plus because it’s a WP 17 type torch it accepts common cups and college so you’ll be able to get your consumables at Eastwood or at most stores that sell welding supplies you can use a trigger on the torch or for more precise average control switch the rocker style foot pedal giving you the heat control you need to make quality welds the duty cycle is twenty-five percent at the full 200 amps on both AC and DC plenty to keep you welding whether it’s steel stainless or aluminum this machine has a pulse welding feature on both AC and DC allowing you to further control your heat which will help prevent burn through while giving you nicer cleaner welds it’s really helpful for aluminum and thin sheet metal or if you’re walking the cup with both 2t + 14 modes you’ll get repeatable professional results every time the data loading switch let you save up to 20 different settings and the recall switch lets you easily find those settings so you don’t have to dial in the machine every time that means once you’ve dialed in for a certain metal and thickness you can match those settings every time you well that material for perfect repeatable welds this machine even has a spot weld timer when you need to make similar repeatable wells like spot-welds or even short beads the unit has a pre flow of 0 to 10 seconds and post flow of 0 to 30 seconds the digital take 200 comes with a regulator and hose as well as a long 10-foot ground cable and even longer 14-foot torch cable with a flip of the switch you can stick well giving you the versatility you need when you’re fabricating restoring a car or doing repairs around the home and garage TIG welding isn’t difficult and this machine gives you all the professional controls you want in easy-to-use welder whether you’re a beginner or someone who has experience you need to check out the east with youtube channel for a bunch of videos that go from basics to advanced in welding techniques the eastwood digital take 200 a CDC welder is the machine you need in your garage click the button visit eastwood.com and get yours today

5 thoughts on “TIG 200 Digital Welder – Weld Steel & Aluminum – New Added Features – Eastwood

  1. 25% duty cycle kinda sucks but that's at full amperage what's the duty cycle for a more common amperage like say around 75-125A

  2. Can you de a video showing the stick welding capabilities of this machine? Can it pulse in stick welding mode?

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