TIG 200 Digital – Pulse Feature Explained – Eastwood

TIG 200 Digital – Pulse Feature Explained – Eastwood

if you’re serious about TIG welding you may be looking for a machine that has a pulse setting which is a feature that really makes this unit stand out this digital Pig has both AC and DC pulse settings remember DC’s for welding steel and AC is for welding aluminum this feature allows you to control the arc by fluctuating amperage up and down if you watch someone TIG weld and they’re repeatedly moving the pedal up and down at a steady pace they’re basically doing their own pulse you can program this digital TIG to do this for you automatically with exact precision you’re able to control the minimum and maximum amperage along with how frequently and how long the pulse takes place this is useful when you’re welding thin material where you want to minimize distortion prevent blow through or focus an arc on the edge of a piece of metal it’s also great for precision work like roll cages it allows you to precisely dial in the Machine and use the torch trigger rather than continually working the foot pedal to control the amperage we can still use the foot pedal which is nice when you need less heat like you for getting near the end of a piece of metal and it’s getting hot you can let off the pedal to lower the amperage this takes it easy to program because it’s easy to understand since you can see the settings as a chart rather than a bunch of individual knobs let’s show you how easy it is to program pulse to set poles for welding steel select DC TIG then select your other standard parameters like pre flow high frequency start and torch control now at the starting amperage and upslope time we’ll set the peak average and pulse percentage which is what the pulse feature will perfectly control with DC pulse you’ll now set the pulse frequency and pulse ratio the pulse frequency is how often per second this pattern happens so if you set it to 1 this pattern will happen one time each second pulse ratio is the ratio of the peak amperage to the minimum amperage so if you set it at 80% it will be at the peak 80% of the time and then the lower amperage 20% or 8/10 of a second on peak then 2/10 of a second on the lower amperage and then it will repeat the cycle finally program your standard ending settings like post flow which only occur when you release the trigger or let off the foot pedal with everything set you’re ready to well through the lens you can actually see the pulse feature in action as the metal is welded giving you that look of stack times everyone once in AC mode you also have the ability to set AC frequency and AC balance basically this is going to allow you to control the arc shape penetration and cleaning when welding aluminum the digital TIG also has mixed pulse in many cases while welding aluminum with low amperages that are to be difficult to stabilize so this machine as a DC pulse while welding to do just that stabilize your arcs as you can see the eastwood TIG 200 digital has all the features you not only want but need in a quality machine plus a rocker style foot pedal and WP 17 flex head torch as well as the ability to weld steel and aluminum up to 1/4 of an inch and don’t forget the Eastwood 3-year warranty and money back guarantee and Eastwood has a bunch of videos on YouTube that teach beginners as well as videos that show advanced techniques making learning to TIG weld easier than ever for more information or to get your welder today click the button to visit eastwood.com

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  2. I bet this machine would give my Miller Syncrowave 210 a run for its money! The Eastwood has more features than big name entry level welders, send one right over! lol

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