This Trained Singer Teaches Metal Bands How To Scream (HBO)

This Trained Singer Teaches Metal Bands How To Scream (HBO)

— I got into working with metal bands
because a friend of mine was recording… not punk, it was called “hardcore,” and it was metal. He couldn’t get them through a recording session without them coughing blood. — Let’s fucking do this shit! — When the band first started and when I first started singing, I just didn’t know what I was doing and I was screaming and blowing out
my voice every single show. And I mean every single show. And I did a tour in Australia, fucked myself up, couldn’t talk for, like, two weeks after the tour, it was really bad. So I went and got a lesson— that has changed everything. — There is a risk to using your voice
on a daily basis in an unhealthy way. The vocal folds— they used to be called chords,
now they’re called folds— they get scarred. And that’s why you get this kind,
because the fold isn’t closing. It isn’t phonating. So start with the big one. — Okay. So, just…? — Then you start. Go. All the way down. So I use air support to get there, okay? — You’re blowing my fucking mind right now. It’s a whole new world. Melissa Cross is just legend in this music scene, I mean, she’s the only vocal coach
that actually cared about metal and did something about it, and wanted to make sure people
aren’t fucking themselves up for life. — What metal singers do wrong
is use an emotional response that feels like anger, or anxiety, in order to make the sound. And that involves too much tension. I use my acting training to imitate it, and my know-how vocally to do it
in a way that could be healthy. — When we were recording our last record, it was our first full-length record and I got about halfway through
and my voice was just giving out, and I couldn’t record. We tried waiting for a couple days, you know, just giving my voice time
to rest and coming back to it. And it was the same thing, you know? Like, I was just straining really, really hard. I didn’t sound like myself. So we did a Skype session, and it was love at first session. It was awesome. — Good. Okay, do that with the monkeys. — Okay. — Good, now do it without the jaw. — She’s so good at explaining things, and all of her whacky little exercises and stuff that… they seem so strange, but at the same time, once you do them enough, you’re like, “Woah,” like, “That actually really is helping,” and like, “I get it,” you know? “It makes sense.” — Okay. You see that big burst of bubbles? — Yeah. — You don’t want that. Instead of, like, that “brrr,” you want… keep it really smooth. I love the sincerity of the music. It’s so unadulterated it’s so non-tainted by media, and crap, and money, and it’s just so real. It’s just straight from the heart. I mean, I was a hippie, and we lost the way. And these kids, they know the way. They got it for real. — Alright, San Antonio! How are you feeling?

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  1. As America’s heavy bands hit the road this summer, Cross is in demand–and takes VICE News backstage at the Vans Warped Tour stop in San Antonio.
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  2. You want to hear blood curdling screaming? Wait until Donald Trump wins re-election. You'll hear demons shrieking from the pit of hell.

  3. Learning to scream/growl. I am slowly learning to use my opera vocal training to do it and it is fun to mess with your voice. It's easier if you turn up the mic volume so that you don't have to go insane trying to get sound. While I don't use a mic for operatics, screaming is a different story lol

  4. лютая дичь эм,она хоть сама умеет кричать а-то издает кривые звуки и учит им же видимо и учеников

  5. Good for the voice. I can appreciate that this woman cares about keeping the voices as healthy as possible.

    Sadly this kind of stuff makes every vocalist sound the same doing the same fucking technique. That’s why modern metal sounds so damn contrived and not unique at all.

    There are no more vocalists like Corey Taylor, Chad Grey, Wayne Static, Burton Bell, Max Cavalera, Randy Blythe, Phil Anselmo etc. That have their own edge and sound.

    Sure all those guys messed up their voices (some to a higher degree, others less). But anyone ignorant enough to tell you that doing metal vocals will NOT mess up your voice is deluded, even you do them “right”, the human voice was never meant to do stuff like that.

    So why not just develop your own damn scream and tighten your stomach instead of learning all these stupid false chord and fry screams.

  6. 3:26 If anyone asks why I love heavy music like this, I should probably just direct them to this part of the video because it describes it perfectly.

  7. This lady gets it!! I love how raw metal is, you rarely get that kind of realness in any other genre (to me anyway lol). So glad she’s there to help out my fave musicians!!

  8. I can't Scream but when I try to scream it sounds like I'm squeaking and when I try to sing it my voice just stops and sounds like I'm whispering

  9. i clicked on this video just being really curious about her and then i hear caleb going "ONE LIFE" and immediately im like "ONE DECISION" aaaaa im so excited to see beartooth in this awesome video

  10. ONLY 4 minutes?? I need an at least 30 minutes for this documentary.

    I am only a jazz singer but hell, I would love to understand the techniques metal singers used on a daily basis, they fascinate me so much. Its very very difficult to master it, AND to not damage the throat at the same time??? what the hell.

  11. Que hagan un disco de grandes bandas a Melissa. Ella en dueto con todas las canciones. Como tributo se lo merece

  12. You know we are in a different planet when metal bands take classes. Imagine Tim Ripper, Corey Taylor, John Tardy and Chris Barnes going to the class, holding hands and screaming with a lady in the middle, in front of a piano.
    Everything doesn't have to turn synthetic…

  13. You could be more specific on the genre in the description. Hardcore punk and hardcore metal both use the same beginning.

  14. She covers so many genres too. Along with metalcore bands like Beartooth and Memphis May Fire, she taught emo bands like Movements and heavy metal bands like Slipknot and Lamb of God. Her variety of genres is crazy.

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