The Ugly Truckling Dragster – Roadkill Preview Ep. 76

The Ugly Truckling Dragster – Roadkill Preview Ep. 76

(car sputtering) (tires screeching) – I’m buttoning up all the
plumbing on the cooling system. Our inch and a half inch aluminized muffler pipe is what it is. The cool thing is it’s treated on the inside and the
outside, it won’t rust, but I’m pretty sure the
car’s life expectancy is not quite as long as these pipes, so I like these. Crash ready magnetic lights. This your idea, Mike? – Oh yeah, we used ’em
on the next car too. – Good idea. – And it’s for those
people that are really indecisive about where
they want the lights to go. – Right. – So, we’ve got one ton coil springs in the front of this vehicle. We’ve removed all the weight from the front of the vehicle, so
that is way too much spring. I’m just going to plasma
cut the spring out of there. That is called doing the
wrong thing the right way. Oh these springs, that’s, – Those are beautiful. that’s a lot lighter than what was on there before. – Okay, so we went in the catalog and we looked everywhere for a one ton truck coilover conversion. We couldn’t find one. Plus the engine’s not here anymore, the cab’s not here anymore, we needed a special spring rate, so we gave a call to RideTech, John over at RideTech, and
told him what we were doing and when he got done laughing
he then sent us these shocks. 250 spring rate on each
side, was that right? – Yes. – 250 on each with a
single adjustable shock. It’s going to do
everything it needs to do, and send this rocket down the track. – So 15 hours from now
we’re supposed to be about 40 miles from here meeting
I don’t know how many Roadkill fans so that we can
all cruise together to Tucson. That’s a tight window. It really is. (rock music) – We’re at the point now where
the list looks really short, but every time you get a job started more stuff gets added to it, because we’re wiring and we’re plumbing, and I don’t have the right
fuel pressure regulator, and we don’t have the
throttle position sensor that we need for the
transmission controller, and all this little stuff is
just stacking up right now. We’re making a zillion
runs to the parts store. (rock music) – Oh, that’s too low. – Yep, that’s got zero spring. I’d say it needs to crank up more – We’ve got a coilover shock absorber that RideTech sent us, and it has an adjustable
ring that goes up and down so that you can adjust where the bottom of the coil spring is, which
raises and lowers the vehicle. How’s the spring rate? – [Steve] Perfect. Look at that. This thing is just sitting beautifully. – [David] So can we
check fuel system leaks? – Do it. – Ready? (machine humming) Whoa, that just filled up, that’s crazy. Life is good. – Okay, fuel system, officially handled. – We’re pretty close. Let’s put wheels and tires on. I like those off-road tires, Dalcheck. (ratchet) – We’re about to go on
a test drive, finally. – I like having things legal. – The moment has come. We’re actually going to fire this thing up and drive it away. Fuel on. Lights. Whoa! We got brakes. It goes. – Give me an oil pressure check in the rear view mirror.=It’s good.=All right. – Those things are really long.=It’s like driving a motorhome. – Man, that smoke is deadly. (upbeat music) (engine revs) Oh! We need goggles or
a windshield or helmets. This is bad. So the trans is doing
everything it’s supposed to? – Yep. – Good enough for me. Let’s get on the road. – All right. – Ready? – Hit it. (engine revs) – Ah! This is undriveable! (laughs) How do people ride
motorcycles with no helmets? – I think they’re bitter. The bitterness gives
them a protective layer. (clunk) – Uh oh! Look at there inside the air cleaner. Ha ha ha (laughs) – Crank it. – Uh oh. (music)

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  1. Thanks for all your amazing shows like Roadkill, Ignition, Head 2 Head etc, will forever miss the team.

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  9. last full episodes view count at the time of this comment;
    Ep 73 1,958,382 views..
    Ep 74 preview 360,080 views..
    Ep 75 preview 197,518 views..
    Ep 76 (this) preview 167,621 views..

    Hope your MTOD contract/royalties makes up for your lost AD revenue ;D
    Edit: Also you guys are awesome and glad I've gotten to watch this much of the show essentially for free (ISP and huge electric bill from my PC aside) honestly hope everything works out well for you guys. I definitely know the painful cost of the car parts, tools, and traveling alone have to be costing you buckoo bucks but anyway.. Congrats on the new platform/revenue stream but I can't afford another bill. =(

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    Well, by moving to an archaic model that is for cable television providers… i.e. Trying to make there fans, many of whom pride themselves on doing things, cheap and effectively, and make them pay to subscribe to Motor Trends wanker sight.

    While Roadkill is an awesome show, if you try to make people pay for it, many of us will just move on to other Free Car shows that are good in their own right, and Roadkill, while loved will fade off into the sunset of obscure, "Remember how cool it WAS"…

    I really enjoyed you guys and the show sorry to see die… I'm still watching you Finnegann, I wanna see "Blashemi" race "Tri 5 by fire", (Jon from The Hoonigans). I'm pretty sure you'll take'em their car is down and dirty, their putting the effort in the chassis and motor though, could be pretty potent. I wanna see the duel…

    If you haven't seen The Hoonigans on YouTube, a killer free show with tons of "smoke show", check it out. Not as much budget old school muscle but they thrash plenty hard. You can support them, buy buying cool stuff, you don't have to subscribe.

    P.S. I know you guys are technically under the Motortrend umbrella, but most of those dudes are boring, crispy shirts, like flavorless rice cakes or something, blaaahh. (exclude the crew at Hot Rod Garage)

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