The Top Five Worst Maps of Battlefield 4 (BF4) and What Makes them Suck!

The Top Five Worst Maps of Battlefield 4 (BF4) and What Makes them Suck!

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: I did the five best maps, and by popular request,
here are the five worst maps of Battlefield 4. Now, I know I’ll probably mention some
maps here that are somebody’s favorite, but these are not just my personally disliked
maps, but they are also deeply flawed maps. I’ll talk about what I don’t like about
these top five worst maps, and what balance data has to say about them. Again, I’ll
be referencing information collected by MaChiMiB that I’ll link in the description below.
So let’s get to this woeful collection. At number five is Rogue Transmission. One
of the vanilla maps of Battlefield 4, it’s also the most popular of the top five I’ll
mention today. I’ve always thought that Rogue Transmission was one of the more painfully
mediocre maps in Battlefield 4. Despite being impressive to look at, the levolution on Rogue
Transmission does almost nothing to change how the map plays. It makes it slightly more
difficult for cowardly snipers to perch on their stoops, but for the most part it’s
a trivial difference. What isn’t a trivial difference, though,
is the huge disparity in balance on Rogue Transmission. More than three out of four
games are won by the Russian team, and almost half of all games are total blowouts. There
could be a lot of reasons for this, but the simplest explanation is that the map layout
is just absolutely terrible. The Russian gimme at Alpha is well protected, while the Chinese
(or sometimes American) gimme point at Echo is directly adjacent to two others and in
easy walking distance. Another hilariously bad feature of this map
is the total level designer troll bait of the attack chopper at Delta. Looks pretty
tempting right? Well I think I see about 90% of choppers taking off from this point explode
on the pad — and it’s not like they have that much of a place to hide once they do
get airborne. Furthermore, remember at launch how the Mobile Anti-Aircraft only spawned
for the Russian team at Charlie? That’s since been patched, but it makes me wonder
how this map ever got made. Or if it was ever balance tested. I’ve had interesting and
even fun matches on Rogue transmission, which is why it’s only number five, but this is
definitely one of the worst of Battlefield 4 and deserving of the number five spot. Next up is what I like to call the fustercluck
of vehicles: Dragon Pass. When describing the development of this map, the developers
at DICE mentioned how they took inspiration from the Battlefield 2 Dragon Valley map.
Well it doesn’t show, and it’s probably telling that we eventually got an actual remake
of a far superior map. Because Dragon Pass, specifically conquest large, is a terrible
map. But why is it so bad? Well, I could talk about
the fact that it needlessly has every vehicle with the exception of the attack boats. Or
that it has four Mobile Anti-Aircraft. But instead I’m going to focus on the awful
pacing of the map. Now thankfully the developers had some mercy
on us, and there’s an odd number of flags, which in theory increases the burn speed of
this map. In practice, though, this map still takes a terrifying amount of time to complete
a match. Particularly because capturing the furthest points is very infrequent and the
map almost never has any dynamism. The vast gulf between the points in the north means
that they are effectively static and unchanging for most of the match. So almost all the action
happens between Foxtrot and Delta. Which means that for most of the match, only a single
point is in contention. Let’s say that you’re one of the hapless
individuals who actually wants to push one of the outer points. Well, after it takes
you the better part of two minutes to get to where you’re going, you’re probably
going to be alone against any reinforcements. For a good player, that’s likely going to
be a cointoss as to whether you take that point or not. And because the points are so
spread out, you get almost no leverage from back-capping. It’s not a terribly unbalanced map, quite
the opposite actually. But it is insanely boring unless you ignore 90% of the map. I’ve
seen this map clear more than one server, with everybody quitting, which is probably
why it’s the third-least played map in the game. Don’t play Dragon Pass; play Dragon
Valley instead. Dragon Valley does everything better. Next up in everybody’s favorite expansion
pack, Altai Range takes my number three worst map spot. Here’s a map that maybe had some
potential once, but feels like it was the map that rush delivery gave us. When this
map was released, community members did some digging and discovered that Altai range was
originally going to have a weather levolution effect where heavy snow rolled in. That was
dropped because resource constraints, and maybe that would have been cool, but Altai
range would have still been an overly large map with balance issues. Again, another map that DICE felt needed not
one, not two, but four Mobile Anti-Aircraft. Although it is somewhat unique in that it
has four attack helicopters, they have literally nowhere to go on this wide open map. Altai Range has poor balance to match its
poor pacing. Over forty percent of matches end in one-sided ticket scores. The US team
wins roughly 18% more frequently than the Chinese team, and I suspect that may partly
have to do with the placement of the center point and that the only tank on the maps spawns
closer to the American team at Charlie. On 64-player servers, it’s pretty easy to
get stranded at the ring of points around the map. Worse still, if an enemy vehicle
comes along, there is almost nothing to hide behind at these points. So you just get mulched
trying to defend. Infantry can stick to a corridor between Echo, Delta, and Foxtrot,
but for the most part this map defies good infantry play outside of Delta. If I were
to improve this map, I think bringing in all the points closer to Delta would do quite
a lot for the map. It would also probably help somewhat with the imbalance. As it stands, you’ll be extremely lucky
to have a KPM of over .5 on Altai range. Low action, low motivation to defend points, and
imbalanced. Definitely one of the worst in Battlefield 4. If you couldn’t get behind my choices to
this point, I think we’ll all agree on my number two choice: Lancang Dam. Back when
Battlefield 4 was but a gleam in our eyes, DICE ran a competition for players to design
their own map. I can’t help but wonder if Luetin’s wonderful dam map concept was what
DICE used for inspiration for Lancang Dam. Luetin’s concept was great, it was simple
and presented interesting gameplay concepts. But Lancang Dam is an utter disaster of a
map. It’s a giant horseshoe where the MAA can
shoot into the spawn of the opposing team. But wait, there’s more, in the levolution
for the Dam… a big rock falls and some paths that are effectively outside the level are
changed! Oh, and every vehicle in the game is also on Lancang Dam, including the AC-130!
Sound like fun? I thought so. If ever there was a map that could benefit
from less is more, Lancang would probably be that map. I like vehicles, but this is
not the right map for every vehicle in the game to be present. Take away the jets, the
MAA, reduce it to transports and LAVs like the night version of Shanghai, and there’d
probably be an interesting map here. You could even leave the tanks, just trim the fat. As it stands, Lancang is the least popular
map in the game and not well balanced. The Russian team wins almost 50% more frequently
than the Chinese team. The matches aren’t terribly skewed, though, which isn’t surprising
given its mirrored layout. I think about Shanghai, and why that map works despite a very similar
horseshoe setup: Shanghai has more mobility thanks to the center tower, smaller map, and
the two teams can’t shoot into each other’s spawns. I don’t really hate Lancang, I just find
it to be exceptionally sucky and mediocre. And easily befitting of the title of number
two. Pthlblblblb. Well, Battlefield 4 has a lot of mediocre
maps, and I wanted to call attention to a particular few that aren’t necessarily the
worst, but are still pretty bad. The first on the dishonorable mentions is
Caspian Border 2014. What happened to this map in its translation from Battlefield 3?
It wasn’t bad there, and maybe a bit annoying to be pummeled from the air, but what about
that map said: let’s make it a prison with a giant wall. Well, unsurprisingly this also
unbalanced the map in the favor of the US team in a major way. Whyyyy. Next is Gulf of Oman 2014. The map that DICE
can never seem to balance for the US team in any Battlefield, as 45% of matches still
end in a lopsided victory. Add to that the sandstorm, which I’m fairly certain nobody
wanted. I don’t really care about the sandstorm, and I still enjoy this map from time to time,
but it’s definitely not any better in Battlefield 4 for its changes. Operation: Whiteout is a borderline map that,
for me, takes too long to play because of its even-flag layout. Combined with the long
haul between the flags, and you’re in for a fun run if you’re stranded. Some of the
problems with this map were alleviated in the testing on the CTE, but it’s still a
map that definitely caters to scout helicopter aficionados and snipers. And players that
like a 5K simulator. Next, one last snow map in the dishonorable
mentions: Operation: Locker. DICE took the concept of the map that’s just a tube and
made it into essentially two tubes. It’s not quite as bad as my number one pick, but
the lack of innovation by players that play Operation: Locker definitely makes it one
of my least favorite to play. And probably where half of my Rageaholic videos come from. Operation Metro 2014. It’s everybody’s
favorite terrible map. In a lot of my complaints about today’s maps I’ve talked about pacing.
For the most part, these large maps had bad pacing because they are too slow. Metro, on
the other hand, has bad pacing because it is a constant murder-grind festival. There
are no vehicles, and there is really no strategy other than “hope to sneak past the lines
of entrenched players.” It’s no surprise that this map ends favorably
for the Russians more frequently than the US team. It’s also no surprise that the
only state Metro has is a stalemate. Metro ends in lopsided victories in a game-high
51.7% of all matches played on Metro. I’d say this map would be where you should
go if you wanted to practice your close-quarters combat, but it’s really more of a game of
whack-a-mole for the defending team than actual gunplay. Attempting to push is the most frustrating
exercise in futility in Battlefield. I’ve had a very few precious games that were mobile,
running pitched battles. Those were amazing. But the natural state of 64-player Metro is
a giant fustercluck at Bravo. DICE had a chance to cure some of the problems
with Metro, and ultimately they chose to leave it mostly intact because according to the
developers, “that’s the way that people like it.” I don’t fault DICE for bringing
back this terrible map. The reason people play this map is to pad stats and farm experience.
But if all you play is Metro, you’re probably not getting better at the game. Now to be fair, I’ve played a lot of rounds
of Metro. Though not because I’m grinding stats or XP. Maybe I’m chasing the promise
of that breakthrough, because it is a really challenging map to beat the stalemate. But
when you do, and you back-cap the enemy, utter chaos usually ensues and it feels amazing
to have changed the course of the game. Usually though, the game ends with me slamming my
fists into my desk with rage, wondering how Battlefield 3 maps like Metro got remade and
Seinne Crossing and Grand Bazaar got left by the wayside. But for as bad as Operation Metro is, it’s
not the worst in the franchise. That dubious honor goes to The Block in Hardline on 64
player. That’s it for this list of the worst maps
in Battlefield 4. I’m sure plenty of people love some of the maps I’ve listed today.
I’d love to hear what you like about them, why you play them, and more specifically,
what your top five worst maps are. I talk a lot about pacing in today’s video, and
if you’d like to hear more about my thoughts on pacing, check the video links at the end.
If you’re new around here, take a moment to check out my channel and please consider
subscribing. As always, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time YouTube.

100 thoughts on “The Top Five Worst Maps of Battlefield 4 (BF4) and What Makes them Suck!

  1. Both metro and locker are basically the same maps. Sure different place different scenery but really locker is just a copy and paste of metro but worse

  2. I like metro and locker, for me worst map is golmund railway.
    It's a fucking field, you get sniped from miles away.

  3. All night maps are awful, in bf1 they are even worse because of no night vision and half the enemy team always seems to camp in dark corners.

  4. Totally agree with 3, 4 and 1.
    Altai and Dragon Pass seem exciting at first glance, but all the game-winning action is concentrated in small areas.
    Metro is just a joke, people who vote for it on servers should go play Call of Duty.
    I kinda like Lancang Dam. Even though there are lots of vehicles, you can still make a difference as infantry.

  5. Flood zone by far the worst map. All the others can be okay in certain modes but Flood zone sucks no matter what.

  6. Worst map: metro. It’s a cod map. No flanking routes. Two paths. It’s call of duty with battlefield combat. It doesn’t mix well

  7. Metro and locker with 64 players are shit, but have 24-32 players and those maps are amazing. Very competitive.

  8. it's not the Maps that are bad …. it's the amount of play time required to get the unlocks and weapon attachments. THAT's why so many people play Lockers and Metro, Nobody likes the base rapes but the stale mates in the center of the Maps is EXACTLY why people play these maps they could actually give a damn less who wins they want kills to unlock crap, that should have been in the game to start with. …. I guess we are lucky that EA has not made us do micro purchases for ammo …. yet.

  9. Maps like Metro and Locker were put in the game to appease any COD players coming over to the BF series. They are shite.

  10. Honestly the only reason I played Metro and Lockers is because I personally preferred infantry gameplay over vehicles.

  11. Dude wtf are you a cod player. Why do you only care about kills. You hate all the maps that are more like the older battlefields. Huge massive maps and tons of vehicles. It's like all you want is infantry combat.

  12. My top 5 worst:

    5: Rogue Transmission
    4: Giants of Karelia
    3: Flood zone
    2: Lancang Dam
    1: Operation Whiteout

  13. Metro is one of the best maps but only on rush. It is horrible for conquest but metro rush is one of the best things about bf

  14. This video is two years old now but I completely agree. I've never seen a battlefield-related video that completely "clicked" with the opinions I didn't even know I had. Great job.

  15. Flood Zone is BY FAR the worst map in the game. Absolutely no doubt about it. Once the map gets flooded, all pacing goes completely out the window, and 99% of viable flanks are gone. The map is pure garbage.

  16. Dragon Valley doesnt even work lol. Bug Valley. Good to see that you had exactly the same picks as I. Maps like Metro and Locker don't belong into a battlefield title. That is call of duty material. Where is Daqing Oilfields, Mashtuur City. Road to Jalalabad. Operation Harvest. Arica Harbor. The good stuff man…

  17. Metro and Locker are fun AF to play with if you have a good team, The thing with locker is that, it is to tight and narrow, its to easy to lock down a team at c flag and just hold it for the rest of the game and win, i love gun play but locker is a cluster fuck

  18. Dragon Pass inspired by Bf2's Dragon Valley?? More like inspired by Fushe Pass and Operation Clean Sweep.
    Still, despite its pacing flaw, Paracel Storm is much worse, a more cancerous version of Wake Island.

  19. worst map u miss shangai and dawnbreaker…really only roof play noone play objective only noob sniper stuck in roof and useless vehicle balance…shangay is the worst map i ever seen probably in the history of videogame. no destruction no play obj vehicle spamming sniper spam on roof and no countered helicopter free to fly behind out of map building the cant u destroy…reasll bad…same for hangar 21 and altai

  20. I'm wierd but I actually like the dam map even worse It looks like I actually like almost all of these maps i enjoyed most bf4 maps in general

  21. My opinion why Gulf of Oman sucks (spoiler: it ain't the sandstorm) …

    1) Almost no cover at the shoreline objectives. That means the US team may lose them very easily.
    2) Attack boats. This type of vehicle may seem like it belongs here, but it is too weak. I would replace it with AMTRAC which may have just a tiny grenade launcher, but it is much more durable, can carry infantry, and is amphibious which means it can proceed further inland.
    3) Vehicles at objectives. Most objectives provide some type of armored vehicle. That means a team gets access to its full arsenal of vehicles after specific objectives are captured. And the map-breaking problem occurs when one of the teams manages to capture all the objectives. At the moment, the team that controls all the objectives has incredible vehicle superiority, and the opposing team has nearly zero chances to change it. Therefore, the battle is decided (even if the losing team is Russian, because their base is separated from the rest of the map with one or two chokepoints, plus their planes start at the runway, being very favorite activity of the US snipers to snipe all the pilots that enter it).

    This map certainly needs more (undestructable) cover at the shoreline, and all, or at least, most vehicles should be available at team's base. At least we would get epic aphibious landing moments, having several vehicles rushing objectives at the coast and rolling further inland. If we take a look at another BF3 map – Noshahr Canals, it also has one team starting at water, but the map manages NOT TO SUCK. Why is that ? Maybe for the reasons I just described.

  22. Adapt and overcome. I love all the maps. There are no bad maps only bad players who can t or want to learn to play maps they hate. And once you start to rule on those maps you will love them all eventually.

  23. In regards to 64 player Metro, I find I’m just good enough to push and though I usually die, I tend to make just enough of an impact where the flood of teammates behind me is able to gain some momentum. Metro tends to end up having a cluster of all defenders at center and one of the side flank routes at each point. I find once I find out what side is heavy with defenders, the other side tends to only have a few that spam explosives or LMG fire. If you can sprint through without being blown up and create enough of a distraction, it can be the turning point of getting through. I’ve played a lot of metro and that feeling of “I single handedly made a difference when it mattered” happens quite a bit with these pushes. I don’t do it until I have good battle intelligence of where the largest parts of the defense are.

  24. Locker and metro are the worst..too many ppl who just plays that map and spam it with explosives and glitches. I'm a vehicle player so Golmud and Shanghai are my favorites

  25. I love Rogue Transmission, but I agree that it's flawed for sure!! I've never done well on it, but I have sooooo much fun with it. I don't always do poorly on it either, I just don't go on "killstreaks" on the map, so I usually play as a medic (Assault), or a support gunner in a helicopter that inevitably crashes after 30 seconds!

  26. I don't think you play Conquest Small enough. I'm on PS3, so we don't have Conquest Large, but i can still say that the differences and pacing between Conquest Small and Large are huge. Maps become totally different between those two.

  27. I honestly hate floodzone because it's dominated by people camping on the roofs. But lancang dam. Oh my goodness. If you don't have a vehicle, you're basically going to get fucked.

  28. i agrree for most of the maps but caspian border… if you know where to put ur snipers, it's a great map

    Also the sandstorm in gulf of oman favors troops and also tanks ( not snipers )

    The centern crain falls allso there is a huge bug that they DID NOT FIX if you phrone on G towers ( the 2 of them ) in some positions you can see through the sand storm ( it remove's it compleatly ) :))) so the guys sniping from the tower have 0 clue from where they are getting shot

    my personal favorite is fire storm second to it is caspian border then golf of oman ….

    And if i want CQB i just play METRO :)))

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