The Top Five Best Maps of Battlefield 4 (BF4)

The Top Five Best Maps of Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: We’ve all got our favorite maps, and today
I’m going to talk about my own top five best conquest maps from Battlefield 4. While
I’m pulling some of these maps from my own personal opinions, I’m also going to be
looking at the data from Battlefield 4 and talking about the balance (or imbalance) of
some of these maps. Some are going to be from expansions, and some are from Vanilla. For
the balance data used in this video, I’m going to be relying on information gathered
by Reddit user MachiMiB. I’ll link the data in the description below so you can check
it out after the video. So let’s get started on the top five maps
of Battlefield 4. Number five on my top-five list is Golmud
Railway. It’s big, it’s wide, it’s open. Pretty much everything I might normally dislike
in a Battlefield map. But it works. This is a vanilla map and launched with the game,
and while initially I was a little resistant to this map, the gameplay won me over. Enough
so that I did my very first Battle Plan describing the tactics and strategies of this map. Golmud Railway is very vehicle heavy, featuring
every vehicle in Battlefield 4’s launch with the obvious exception of the boats. But
unlike other vehicle-heavy giant maps, this map makes a good use of infantry gameplay.
The trifecta of points in the north: Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie are some of the best infantry
action in the vanilla game. Nearly everything at these points is destructible, and infantry
can easily run between them for relatively fast-paced action. In a lot of ways, it reminds
me of the coastline points on another very large map, Bandar Desert from the Armored
Kill expansion in Battlefield 3. Now I see a lot of players try to attack Foxtrot
in the very south of the map, but it’s actually not the most important point. The most important
capture point is the key feature of Delta: the moving train. It will often decide the
match as one team can generally keep ahold of it the entire time. If I did have one criticism of Golmud railway,
it’s that it is exceptionally hard for jets and helicopters to avoid the MAA as there
is nearly unlimited lines of sight for the air. Additionally, the difficulty of capturing
Delta back from an opposing team is unusually high, but that only accentuates the necessity
of capturing Delta early. And this is how the map looks in the balance
data as well, as many of the matches end in a one-sided round, but at the same time the
map win percentages are also very close to even, with either team quite capable of securing
victory. Ultimately, Golmud is a map where a smart
team can easily dominate a lesser team, and it’s one of the few great large vehicle
maps. Next up on the list at number four is Siege
of Shanghai. Now, I know a lot of people are probably sick of this map at this point, but
Siege of Shanghai is easily one of the best Battlefield maps ever created. It’s clear
that DICE poured a ton of effort into this map, as it’s the setpiece of all the promo
that was done for Battlefield 4’s levolution system. And that would be a shame if the map
didn’t also play out pretty well on Conquest. It’s actually one of the most balanced maps
in the game as well. Few teams score huge runaway victories, and generally either side
can take this map from the other on Conquest. This is probably helped somewhat by the roughly
symmetrical capture point layout. But I think the key to the magic on Shanghai is infantry
mobility and a near constant stream of vehicle-on-vehicle and infantry-vs-infantry action in different
settings. As a vehicle, you’ve got a lot of strategic and tactical choice about where
to place yourself, and you’re never far from the action. As infantry, every point
has a little something different to how it plays out. The map is very accessible to new
players and veterans alike. And I think that leads to this map, despite
its age, being one of the top most played maps in Battlefield 4. I think if I could levy any complaints about
Siege of Shanghai, it would be that the tower gameplay becomes a little stale and long-lasting
over a small area, or that the attack chopper has superpowers on this map due to the easily
broken lines of sight. But these are relatively small complaints on an otherwise solid map. Diverting from vanilla maps, at number three
I have the Dragon’s Teeth map, Propaganda. Again, this is a great map for a mix of both
vehicles and infantry play. Unlike the previous two selections, Propaganda has no air vehicles
of any kind, and I think combined with an action-oriented layout, feels a lot like some
of the best maps of Battlefield 3. Particularly the maps in the Aftermath DLC. Now while I love Propaganda, and it feels
fun while I play it, Propaganda is actually not a very balanced map. The Chinese team
is actually more likely to win Propaganda than the US for a variety of factors, and
distance from spawn is a major reason. Also, roughly a full third of Propaganda rounds
end in a one-sided match where the winning team has more than 50% of their tickets remaining
after the end. So it’s not the best balanced map on this list, but I think the action helps
to overcome the deficiencies of this map. What I really like about Propaganda is that
this map has an interesting two-step dynamic where taking the rail-side can really initiate
a torrent of quick captures. This map does get particularly zerg-like where single-man
defense can become pointless, but a clever player can really do well on this map by employing
a bit of strategy and tactics. Propaganda also plays well to just about any class, which
I can’t really say about many maps in Battlefield 4. So Propaganda’s a great map that suffers
from a few imbalances. Number two on my list is Zavod 311. Again,
a great action map with a lovely balance of combined arms warfare. Unlike the Propaganda,
Zavod 311 does have airpower in the form of Transport and Scout helicopters. They add
just enough zip and firepower to this map to make the otherwise long size of the map
feel much more reachable for each team. But how does this map play out on average?
Well, it shouldn’t surprise you that Zavod 311 is one of the more balanced maps in the
Battlefield 4. With both sides having relatively good access to the whole of the map, the break
between teams is small, with the US only squeaking out with the win a little bit more than the
Russians. Most matches tend to land somewhere between close and non-blowouts, so the map
keeps the action somewhat close between the two teams. Honestly, I think the infantry action at Charlie
and Delta on the large conquest version of Zavod 311 is some of the best play you’ll
find in the game. If I had a complaint, it would be that the Russian spawns at Delta
make it more difficult for the Russians to hold onto the two center points than the US
team. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what caused the win percentage disparity
on this otherwise great map. Want to play as a tank? Zavod 311 has you
covered. Prefer to ground pound? There’s tons of opportunities to match against infantry.
Want to be a sniping coward? Every point has a roof or an overwatch to cover at least half
of that point. Combine that great infantry action with the
ability for vehicle players to really show what they’re made of, and Zavod 311 easily
slots in as the second best map in Battlefield 4. Let’s take a look at some of the maps that
didn’t quite make this list, but that are also some of my favorites. First up is Guilin Peaks, a map that is pretty
great for infantry-centric gameplay. However, being part of what is arguably one of the
worst expansions in the game doesn’t help it at all when the very next map in the rotation
is probably Dragon Pass. Next is Wave Breaker, a map with an interesting
cross-breed dynamic of outside-for-vehicles and inside-for-infantry that gets repeated
again in Hammerhead. Wave Breaker would probably play better if the Chinese team didn’t routinely
get a third RCB because people aren’t smart enough to capture or challenge on Bravo. Then there’s Operation Mortar, another Naval
Strike map that has a great interplay of air, land, and naval vessels in a relatively tight
package. The balance is a bit problematic on Operation Mortar as lopsided matches happen
in a third of all matches, and the U.S. team tends to win the map more often. Finally are the community maps, Dragon Valley
and Operation Outbreak. I happen to think Dragon Valley takes a little bit too long
to play the average match because of its size, particularly on large maps, and Operation
Outbreak is good, but it just missed this list. Also Outbreak skews just a little bit
in favor of the US team. That’s right, I am picking my number one
map in Battlefield 4 as Pearl Market. This Dragon’s Teeth map is about as perfect as
an infantry player could possibly wish for. Now, because of the verticality and somewhat
confusing initial layout of this map, a lot of players have probably been turned off from
Pearl Market. But let me convince you with data. This map is one of the top most played maps
in Battlefield 4. It is very nearly perfectly balanced. Neither team has a major advantage
over the other. Less than ten percent of matches end in runaway scores, and almost half of
them are very close. That’s makes it literally the closest matched map in all of Battlefield
4. The only thing it wants for is vehicle play, and that’s really not the focus of
this map, and what it does, it does exceptionally well. That being said, the lack of destruction on
Pearl Market is somewhat lamentable, as only superficial facades and walls can be punched
out. In general, I think Battlefield 4 lacks some of the destruction of its predecessors
to both make room for levolution and because we still had to worry about last-gen systems.
Hopefully that downward feature trend won’t continue in the future. When I think about great maps in the Battlefield
franchise, I think about maps that play well to the game’s individual strengths. In Battlefield
3 and 4, while there are a lot of great vehicle maps, the concentration of the game’s customization
and balance has always been in infantry play. While I don’t think the game should be all
about infantry, the maps that seemingly play the best don’t relegate infantry pacing
to the sidelines. I’m talking about maps like Pearl Market, Seine Crossing, and Grand
Bazaar. And like those last two, I think Pearl Market is a classic, and one that might just
show up in future Battlefield titles. Once you’ve got the map layout down, Pearl
Market plays out like an infantry-lovers dream. There’s an almost infinite number of ways
to flank your enemies, turn a game around, and go on insane killstreaks. That being said,
there is a definite learning curve to the map, much like Flood Zone, from which Pearl
Market derives a lot of its game assets. And all things considered, Pearl Market is easily
my pick for the best map of Battlefield 4. You’re never far from the action on Pearl
Market, and games can turn pretty easy with a dedicated squad playing the objective. Pearl
market is a really refreshing difference in a game that is overflowing with huge vehicle-centric
maps. That’s it for my top five list of Battlefield
4 maps. I’m sure there’s different opinions out there in my audience, and I’d love to
hear your top fives in the comments below. If you’re new around here, please take a
moment to take a look at my channel and consider subscribing. As always, thanks for watching,
and I’ll see you next time, YouTube.

100 thoughts on “The Top Five Best Maps of Battlefield 4 (BF4)

  1. So far Pearl Market is one of my least favorite maps in BF4 despite the fact that I tend to prefer maps with fewer vehicles. I find that there are so many corners and angles and floors that the experience feels a lot like Call of Duty; there is some room for tactics, but it feels like a complete crapshoot where whoever is lucky enough to pop up looking at an enemy's back is going to get the kill. That's why its stats are so balanced! It feels like randomness replaces skill, which makes for some extremely frustrating gameplay.

    Having said that, I bought BF4 last month when all the DLC got given away, so I'm definitely still learning the maps. This video has convinced me to at least give it another look.

  2. I bought BF4 Premium a few days ago, played Pearl Market for the first time without knowing what this map is all about. Well as an infantry only player, i was totally blown away. Its literally the best i could ask for. Note that i was playing the vanilla version of this game for over a year, and locker was the only conquest map i enjoyed and a few TDM version of other vanilla maps. 🙂

  3. soory, darth but i gotta disagree with the #5 mention. golmud railway is literally the most boring map in my opinion
    and im not sure but i thought silk road is a pretty good map

  4. I loved Operation Cosmo/Abyss (in the Paris Catacombs – why no Zombies in Battlefield?), Heist of Hong Kong, Seoulbreaker, Parasol Pacific Storm, DaTrang Dam Vietnam, Burma Transmission, Mongol Railway, Operation Waterstone, China Zone Japan Flood, Korea 311, Saudi Arabia (Grand Bazaar), oh and Hanalei Hotel map Hawaii Resort. Did I miss anything?!

  5. golmud: camping in vehicles, dmr spamming, no infantry whatsoever except around A and B.
    shangai: support (lmg + c4) spamming at the elevators near C, just ONE decent player in a helicopter and the ticket difference at the end of the match is 400+, if you're not on a vehicle you're not even gonna be able to play.
    zavod: snipers on the factory roofs and vehicles killing from any direction, it's only good in dom or tdm.

  6. it sucks being a kid and one of the reasons why is because you can't get DLC maps…well you can if your mom or dad trusts you with there credit card but that's not the same with me

  7. Golmud is actually my favorite rush map as well, that was my favorite mode in bfbc2/bf3. This map reminds me of the infantry/destruction of the best maps from those games. Honestly the maps in 4 were mostly bad, especially for rush.

    Also I love your choice for Propaganda and Pearl Market, those were standout DLC ones as well as Giants of Karelia, Golmud/Zavod are definitely 2 of the best, and Shanghai can be good but I’ve had some really campy boring games though. I like how you acknowledge classic BF3 maps as well as mention how Dragon Pass was just horrible.

  8. I only like a handful of maps and even those there’s something about them that just feels off. Maybe it’s due to playing Conquest where I used to always play rush.

  9. glad i found your channel…i think i remember playing with you on pc…haven't played on pc in a while though…but nice channel

  10. Zavod 311 was one of my favorites. I forgot about a lot of these maps n it’s cool to look back at em. Btw I’m watching this in 2018

  11. And I gotta buy dlc for some of the maps…FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
    All I wanted is an intense fight on different maps I’m tired of original maps…

  12. 5. Golmud is mediocre.
    4. Shanghai is nowadays ruined by the attack chopper pros.
    3. Propaganda is all right.
    2. Zavod is great.
    1. Pearl Market? Really? Number one BF4 map a map that's infantry only? Your lowest point.

  13. The dlc for bf4 has been all free for a year now and its really hard to find full servers playing the dlc maps, doesn't make any sense, when I ask ppl they say oh I don't have premium and I'm always like u idiots, all dlc for this game is free, and they are always surprised or just didn't know, god ppl are so dense, while I will agree some of the vanilla maps are some of the best in the game, anyone who chooses not to download free maps with no cost are just retarded

  14. I hate vanilla maps now cause that's all I can find for servers, considering all dlc is free it doesn't make any sense

  15. Too bad no one plays the dlcs. I really hate the vanilla maps and boring too for me. Never had the chance for Zavod Graveyard Shift

  16. Pearl Market, Propaganda was were I had the most fun…Infantry and urban maps works best for me..Rush was ruined so I couldn't get into most of the other maps

  17. My personal top 5 maps are
    1. Pearl Market
    2. Dawnbreaker
    3. Flood Zone
    4. Shanghai Siege
    5. Lost Islands
    They got beautiful aesthetics there. Especially on Pearl and Dawnbreaker, the tumblrsthetics show up well. Pearl Market reminds me of Wong Kar Wai's movies, Dawnbreaker gives me those Warm On A Cold Night feels

  18. 4. Azerbaijan school and field
    3. Dam over a SAM
    2. Chen's building in Shanghai
    1. Kunlung mountain facility – get busy dying living

  19. My top 7 favorites in no particular order (one from base game and one of each from every dlc)
    1. Seige of Shaghai; base game
    2. Gulf of Oman; Second Assault
    3. Silk Road; China Rising
    4. Pearl Market; Dragons Teeth
    5. Wavebreaker; Naval Strike
    6. Hangar 21; Final Stand
    7. Dragon Valley; community maps

  20. Shanghai is ruined by the attack helicopter. It's so broken that there are tryhards sad enough to buy their own server, make it shanghai 24/7 and kick anyone from the server if they take their precious helicopter. If I'm gonna play shanghai, its never going to be on a shanghai only server for that reason. I love it when its rotated though, it is very well balanced with plenty different ways of playing it. Such a shame the night time version didn't go through.

  21. I think I only ever have played on propaganda once. It was a spawn rape for my team and that’s before I knew how to control my weapons and that strafing around affects weapon spread

  22. I was actually quite surprised with your choices. So here are my personal fav’s:
    1. Operation Locker
    2. Golmud Railway
    3. Siege of Shangai
    4. Operation Metro
    5. Zavod 311

    I know that Locker is sometimes one-sided match, but there are in fact many possibilities when getting chocked on Charlie. Metro is also one the maps you will get often stuck and hold from either Bravo(when RU holds Bravo and Alpha) or Alpha (when US holds all points), but (!) if you play on 32 slot server, I am in most cases able to sneak through the offense and cap either Charlie, Bravo or both.

  23. @darthveda what were your favourite maps in BF1?
    I know you hated them just like Metro. But which one in your opinion is less shit than metro?

  24. I don't know why I am watching this some 2,5 years later but I still enjoyed and appreciate your view on the subject matter. Guess BF4 still keeps it hooks in me. Thanks Mr. Darthveda.

  25. Yeah that top 1 map was hella great the levolution was kinda cool too the water everywhere… if your not in the buildings.

  26. Every map is better at conquest small with 32 or 48 players. Except the 2 unholy maps of Locker and cough how not to make a map cough metro.

  27. This game had awesome dlc, too bad nowadays it's nothing but shanghai, locker and golmud. Really hard to find good dlc servers that are populated

  28. I don’t have any of the expansions. So my top 5 will be based off of that.

    These are also based off of conquest game play. Not tdm.
    1. Paracel storm
    2. Operation locker
    3. Shanghai
    4. Dawnbreaker
    5. Lancang Dam.

    Idk why the fuck every one likes golmud. It’s only good if you want to use a tank or aircraft, which I don’t. Infantry game play is trash because everyone uses vehicles on Golmud.

  29. Not necessarily the best, but ones that I have had a lot of memories in the past 8 years.
    Vanilla: Golmud, Paracel Storm, Siege of Shanghai, Zavod, and Dawnbreaker. Locker, Lancang Dam, and Rogue Transmission were alright but I hated Flood Zone and Hainan Resort.
    As for DLC: I loved the Second Assault DLC. I played a lot of BF3 back in the day so naturally I fell in love again with the maps. China Rising was disappointing except for Silk Roads. I played a lot of sniper only matches on there. Guilin peaks was fun but I never enjoyed the rotation. Naval Strike have overall very fun maps and was one of the last DLCs i managed to get. I went in thinking I wasn't going to like the naval warfare but Lost Islands has turned into one of my favorite maps. I loved the mix of patrolling in the attack boats, and fighting in the caves, jungles, and secluded little islands for those flags on conquest. Sadly, by the time I got Dragon's Teeth there weren't a whole lot of servers, but I did play Sunken Dragon a few times. Lastly, Final Stand had some of the most gorgeous maps with Hangar 21 and Giants of Karelia. Those were two of my favorites as well as Hammerhead. Wasn't a huge fan of Whiteout though.

  30. I am a bit surprised that Operation Mortar even made it into honorable mentions. Sure, the map is good, both aesthetically and gameplay, but there is one thing that makes this map bad – vehicles at objectives. This is the same problem the Gulf of Oman has. If too many vehicles can be acquired only by capturing certain objectives, it gives the winning team superiority, and for the losing team, it is nearly impossible to conquer any objectives and turn the tide. And for the sake of fun and enjoyment, the losing team should get some advantage, not the winning team that doesn't need it.
    In case of the Operation Mortar, the vehicles provided by objectives include one LAV (good for sweeping infantry on island and aiding attack boats on water), one MAA (not terribly OP, but …), and one attack helicopter (strong against exposed infantry and even a big threat to attack boats, especially when the same team controls the MAA which is the only asset that can get rid of the attack chopper without risking too much and making attack boats occupied with air defense).

  31. the water physics they added to the game when the skyscraper comes down, tho! SO MUCH DETAIL! It remains still as a frozen pond like any RL water would when a building came crashing into it!

  32. Okay, Data convinced me! He can go back to the Enterprise now (see what I did there? Because… Star Trek?)!

  33. Zavod is an amazing map still but the biggest complain I have for it is the vidibility. It’s highly contrasted map.

  34. My top 5:
    1. Siege of Shanghai
    2. Operation Locker
    3. Hainan Resort
    4. Zavod 311
    5. Gourad Railway

    Flood Zone
    Lancang Dam

  35. Damn fucking right the best map is pearl. I would go to war against a country that doesn't agree. Love that map so much.

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