The Rescue Mission – Metal Detecting With “Napoleons Glasses” And More…

The Rescue Mission – Metal Detecting With “Napoleons Glasses” And More…

“I was on my way to a location”… …but I stopped here. Let’s go! First find. Something on top. Foil lid of a plastic bottle. Another shallow signal. I have no idea. Hmm, something from the WWII? Another unidentified piece of metal. Something big and shallow (according to the signal). That’s what it was… A deeper, “scratchy” signal. Now it becomes cleaner. No, that’s the same thing as the previous one. This one burned under the ground. It’s a small lead bullet. This looks (with a little bit of imagination) like a path. It must have been a path. Maybe it still is… A musket ball. It’s a piece of lead. The soil looks right, but… A strange item made of lead. Somehow this path doesn’t convinces me… It’s in this piece of wood. It’s probably just a bullet. I think, I will go in this direction. The mushroom family. A musket ball. Don’t worry about the signals, it’s iron. I will check out this one. This doesn’t look good… I’m a little bit angry with the Deus as you can see. Sometimes we have “our problems”… It’s all humus – nothing good can come out of it. Usually it’s aluminum and garbage. “Real” soil is starting to show up. What is that? It looks somehow “WWII”, I’ll better leave it… A heavily modified area. That was larger iron. Sounds like iron, but… Still a scratchy signals. A piece of lead… Aluminum trash. It all sounds like trash. I think someone unloaded garbage here. This one is cleaner. A lid from the 40’s? Look at that! Could be part of a horses harness. GPS (POI) #1! Oh no, I forgot to take out some finds from my previous hunt. Never mind – I will do it at home. It took me 1h 29min to make my first “GPS” find. Hmm… It’s round and has a hole. It looks older… I will tag it. #2 It looks almost like the tip of a thimble… It’s definitely part of “something”. For sure an older item. I think, something just bit me. The “fly with human hands” (as I call it) is still around. Even at lower temperatures. They did a great job in the lab… That’s coke. What is that!?! A bunker? Hmm… Is Rambo living here. Oh no!!! My friends the beetles are trapped in this hole! I have to find a solution… “Daddy is here! Hold on to the stick!” One life saved! They can’t come out on their own. I will get the weaker one, deeper inside… “Come on, you can do it!” He is too weak, he can’t even grab the stick. I have to think of something else. This should do it. No, that doesn’t work. I have something in my backpack. It’s a USB cable. I had a string, but I can’t find it. The bird agrees… Let’s try. It works! Two with one lift. They are desperately trying to climb the wall, but they are falling down. There is a team of three beetles… It’s the north face, it won’t work. Their hands are not made for climbing sandy walls. The trio escaped. That’s it, that’s all I could do. Probably some WWII stuff… “Deus? That’s deep, what’s wrong with you?” Well, not really deep, but… It’s a coin. “1 Kreuzer”. 1856. It’s my friend The Moth. I think, it’s a “he”. Warming up his wings? I will provide shelter. He stopped warming up, I think he doesn’t want to leave… Oh no… Nothing happened, he is alright. A shell casing. That’s a musket ball. One moment please… I think, I found Napoleons glasses! The glasses must be very old. I haven’t seen anyone wearing these nowadays. I think, there is another part. Very fragile. Just a thin wire. I’m looking for the other glass. I can do it with my metal detector. I think, there is nothing else inside. Look how thin it is! This must be 1800’s. I placed some soil inside to keep the moisture. Maybe I should check it… It sounded like iron, but… …maybe it’s Napoleons pistol. A chunk of iron. There is more. Probably another part… What could that be… I have no idea… Two pistols. 13″ (33cm) deep. A shell casing. Another one. This one sounded good. “Be a coin!” “What Deus? What?!” ??? He mimics the sound of a quiz show… It’s a button. Probably part of a wind cap from an old smoking pipe. It sounds “bad”. “Nivea” creme. With a small (stab?) hole. Hmm… It looks like a silver earring. It’s silver! Already broken. There still is something else. It’s tiny… Part of the earring with “830” stamp. Part of a buckle. That’s a ring. A broken bottle. But it looks nice. I have to go… Please wait for the pictures… The pouch is quite heavy… They are tired But happy. “Eyeball find” on my way to the bus stop. “1 Euro Cent”. 2016. A tracing wheel (for sewing)? Musket balls. More lead items. Hmm… The broken bottle. Wind cap from an old smoking pipe. Tip of a thimble? Part of a bell? A button. “1 Kreuzer” coin (1856). I should have kept it dry… The broken silver earring. 830 stamp. A ring. Part of a buckle. Buckle from a horses harness? The old glasses. How old?… 1800’s? “20” marking. Let’s see if the glasses work… 🙂 They do! The Hamster looks older… Trash… And treasure. Detecting time: 4h

37 thoughts on “The Rescue Mission – Metal Detecting With “Napoleons Glasses” And More…

  1. Guter Kerl , mal schnell ein paar Käfern das Leben gerettet!!! 👍🏻 Schönes Video, Dankeschön. Der Brillenfund ist besonders schön.

    Good guy, sometimes a few bugs saved their livesquickly!!! 👍🏻 Beautiful video, thank you. The eyeglass find is particularly beautiful.

  2. Great finds friend am not to sure if I would use a axe to chop the soil with the bomb you dug up I would be to glasses were really nice and ring too,take care buddy till next time,

  3. I remember in Graffenwoer that we were told to stay on paths in the woods around the town.  It is hard to believe that these are still being found.  What do you do when you find one? Oh, leave them in the ground. So sorry, I was hungry.  Glad you got the beetle family out.  Friend moth is called a Dusty Miller here in USA.  And that one is a male as he has a Handle Bar mustache. What is this about Napoleon?  But glad the glasses worked.  Such a delicate find.  Nice hunt.  Glad to see the leg is doing a bit better.

  4. Wirklich schön das du wieder mal die Käfer gerettet hast…ich bin auch Tierfreund. Liebe Grüße aus Kiel und Gut Fund fürs nächste mal.

  5. Green tape or paint made for visual enhancement..Are you now using turmeric & curcumin for pain? Poor little moth was shaking, scared to death. Shouldn't someone be informed that an open hole bunker exists and is dangerous to humans and animals … falling in. There you go, Napoleon could have landed in the bunker because his glasses fell off and he could no longer see. Really, he had literally fallen apart, lost glasses, buttons, pipe and face cream, earring, buckle and jewelry. Bad day! Seemed to me to be a variation in soils in various digging spots in this video . I wonder if arguing with your Deus was a good idea?

  6. You an use a degreaser like Greased Lightning to clean your assistants. I've used it on my stuffed critters and they always look like new again. Just an idea for you 24.

  7. Them wild mushrooms…
    Hello… That's one of those things you pick when the Pickens are good… yup eat them, not all are poison and them looked like a delicacy

  8. Very interesting video as always .and how lovely to see some one who cares about the wild life have a good Heart ,

  9. Sehr schöne Kuriositäten die Du gefunden hast, und noch perfektes Wetter dazu. Toll gelaufen und viele Bugs gerettet😉 Liebe Grüße aus BW Andreas

  10. Looks like some one else layed a log over the hole and tied on something that went down in for the bugs to crawl up and down on.

  11. My favorites are the glasses and 1856 coins however you had a lot of nice discoveries, congratulations. Enjoyed watching and looking forward to seeing your next episode. Thanks for sharing your hard work and knowledge.

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