The Joint Timeline of Soulsborne

The Joint Timeline of Soulsborne

Demon souls begins with the old one,
an eldritch great one, descending upon the earth. Once awakened it inspires a hierarchy of demons
dedicated to the retrieval of every soul in exchange for great power. In the evil ending, deep below the Nexus every soul is given to the old one and a great fog blankets the world. Eons later, deep below a gray land, covered in fog four hollow beings discover an immense amount of souls and the story of Dark Souls begins. The fog is dispersed, civilization is reborn and Souls flourish anew. However, the irrevocable poison
of the old one persists. And eventually humanity looks for an escape from this cursed world. They find a way out through a painted world of blood and as the tale of blood-borne begins Humanity creeps ever closer to the eldritch truth
that they’ve forgotten, strengthened by the echoes of the past,
found within the blood. This is an argument for the shared timeline
of the souls borne universe. And I’ll be honest it’s kind of a lesson in
how easy it can be to push an entertaining theory. Just as long as you cherry-pick only the evidence that suits your narrative. It’s really dishonest to tell a story in that way. But it is a lot of fun. So from your perspective, I hope it’s interesting for you to sort of try and find the gaps that I’m leaving in my logic First let’s establish that the old one is a great one from Lovecraftian fiction. so the great ones as described by HP Lovecraft Are cosmic deities that are so inconceivable and horrific to humanity that they often shatter the minds of those who encounter them. As an example of this let me introduce you to these renditions of Azathoth and Shub-Niggurath both of whom are very similar in some ways to the old one of demon souls. So Azathoth is commonly called the nuclear chaos, the blind idiot God,
who resides at the center of the universe. He rules all time and space, yet his chaotic and really unpredictable, Idiotic nature inspires this fear, that he could accidentally bring about the end of the world at any time. According to Lovecraft, Azathoth is lulled by the thin monotonous piping of a demonic flute. And many writers of Lovecraftian fiction take this music as an attempt to soothe Azathoth and
his chaos into a dormant lulled state. Similarly, of course, the old one of demon souls
also appears to lack intelligence. It’s also wholly capable of bringing about the end of the world. As the last time it was awakened,
it erased half the world in fog this world was only saved
by the efforts of the Monumentals who lulled the great one back to slumber and set about preserving the fabric of reality That remained. Sound familiar? Consider also Shub-niggurath Mother of a thousand young, who is depicted as this great floating entity made of mouths, who is depicted as this great,
floating entity made of mouths, tentacles, and lesser creatures
that emerge from its body. This being is the subject of a lot of worship
and in fact it consumes its most worthy Worshipers and then spits them out
as an immortal being. This is not unlike our widely worshipped old one. Which is also a great floating entity
which spawned all of demon kind And one who consumes the slayer of demons
at the end of the game, in return for great power. In addition, like many of Blood Bones great ones,
the old one comes from the ocean. Not only that, but like Lovecraft’s great ones the old ones very nature cannot be fathomed by the living. Finally there’s a place called Latria in Demon Souls, which you should remember from your PTSD,
if you’ve played the game and Latria is actually a theological term for worship.
In this place many have been evolved to a Higher state of being thanks to their proximity to their God, whom it is revealed, is the old one. And a lot of these transformations are definitely Lovecraftian in style. So while I don’t recommend,
you buy into this shared Timeline theory, that I’m pedaling. One thing you absolutely can take from this is just how far back From Software’s Lovecraftian inspirations, go. It’s the cosmic horror of the old one that makes it such a great antagonist for demon souls, one-hundret percent! And once it lures you to its side, in the evil ending, when all souls have been channeled into this unfathomable deposit of energy when a grey, deep fog envelops the world We have the perfect transition into the Dark Souls universe, where millennia later it’s easy to imagine latent hollows Stumbling upon these souls of Lords deep below the earth These souls from the old one have combusted, to create the first flame And when you think about it the body of the old one would have made for fantastic kindling so these four husks inherit the condensed souls of the old one deep below the earth. And with these they dispel
the gray fog that’s above them. Because a soul, after all, as defined by the monumental is the essence with which living things comprehend the world around them. Fog actually represents a lack of clarity and with souls Hollows are granted the clarity to pierce the fog. Demon Souls actually has one of the best and only definitions of the concepts of souls
and fog in the souls universe and so a new world is created by the Lords. And the structure of this world is really similar to the world of demon souls. A Core law of the world is that the strong will always dominate the weak and souls will naturally Coalesce towards powerful entities as a result of this. The chosen Undead, the bearer of
the curse, the ashen one, every iteration of this world moves towards a state of entropy where all the souls are held by one being. Just like it did in Demon Souls This process is assisted by a maiden ,
who’s able to channel Souls in every game. Perhaps it’s no surprise that these maidens
began to obscure their sight and dress in black over time
just like their ancestor once did. Notice how this new world also retains the twin arts of miracles and sorcery and just like in Demon Souls It’s rumored that both these arts share the same source. In demon souls for example the talisman of beasts reveals, that both miracles and Sorceries draw upon the power of the old one and in Dark Souls there are items like velka’s talisman Which reveal that miracles can indeed be cast
with intelligence alone and sorceries paradoxically with faith. You might ask: “What is pyromancy, then?”
and even demon souls explains that because Demon Souls had flame sorcery and Dark Souls mentions that flame sorcery was once a thing. And of course, at the core of Dark Souls is the curse. In every age there’s this effort to gain insight into
this cursed existence. As kings and scholars both attempt to
look deeper into souls for answers and an escape. However “The soul and the curse are one in the same”
The soul is the curse. The Curse is irrevocably tied to the soul, reminding us of a certain poison, that was placed upon the earth millennia ago. On the first day mankind was granted a soul and on the second, upon earth was planted an irrevocable poison. A soul-devouring demon. The curse is characterized by being soul-devouring and the old ones poison is irrevocable Just like the curse And I think that when it consumed every soul in demon souls For the lords to eventually absorb
at the start of Dark Souls it became an inseparable part of souls themselves. A curse. A poison. The only thing that transcends the soul and the poison of the old one Is whatever God placed them there on the first and second day of creation. And so if one wants answers, one would have the glance towards the heavens. So as we move towards Bloodborne,
consider Chester of Oolacile He’s dressed in a hunter’s attire.
He has rose daggers that cause bleeding and he also favors a crossbow, in a world without guns. Chester looks like he belongs in Yharnam,
not Oolacile. Indeed, perhaps he’s proof that yharnam is what the future holds. hmm “Let me guess. Snatched by a shadowy limb and dragged off to the past? Yes, of course exactly what happened to me.
We are both strangers in this strange land.” So if blood-borne takes place in the future how did the inhabitants of this world get there? How did they escape the curse of their own Souls? And the answer,
as characters in souls slowly began to realize, was blood. A substance which is mentioned
more and more as the series progresses Get this in Dark Souls 2 the drake blood knights
began to worship the blood of dragons which they believed would allow them to understand life
and transcend existence Concepts that are very familiar to Bloodborne players. In Dark Souls 3 the sacred blood of the wolf was spread amongst the abyss watchers And their souls became one,
with the soul of the wolfblood master. It’s our first sign that blood is sort of a vessel for souls and the curse. In ashes of Ariandelle we see Bloods ability to appease the flame, just like a soul would. And in the ringed City the primal link to blood is confirmed, with gales consumption of the blood of the Dark Soul And its subsequent retrieval for the creation of Arias painting. So Vendrick believed that the answer to the curse lay within the soul itself, But in reality to escape we would have to understand that blood is a powerful human defining resource, iust like souls are. And so, with the world painted with
the most primal blood imaginable humanity separates their cursed Souls from the blood,
leaving the old ones poison behind, and escaping the world of Dark Souls, traveling or born by blood to a new world, but they can become closer to the insight that they crave. Symbolically Yanam ends up being built
above the chalice dungeons below and many of these contain knights in plate armor. from the medieval times of demons and Dark Souls. In this world of Bloodborne blood alone contains the powerful echoes of the past and the concept of a soul no longer exists. Hence the curse no longer exists. Humanity, now relying on blood, instead of the souls that they left behind, has escaped the irrevocable poison of the old one. But they remain under the influence of great ones,
just like it. Similar to how Demon Souls revolves directly around the old one, The story of Bloodborne revolves directly around the revelations about the great ones many of which can be extended to the old one as well. The motivations of these elder beings are mysterious and they’re incomprehensible to mankind. Except for one thing, childbirth. The great ones crave children, yet paradoxically their children are always destined to die. To solve this problem
they often have surrogate children, through humans Viewed in this way the old one is no different to the great ones in Bloodborne. Think about it It’s an entity with the goal of grooming a child called a slayer of demons and the old one itself had to die as well In order for its poison to survive Interestingly there is an undeniable link to demon souls that ended up being cut from Bloodborne early in development. In the word Umbasa. In Demon Souls umbasa was a word of reverence that was often spoken by priests and miracle users. Listen to Gascoigne’s dialogue, which was present in the network test Sick creature, may you rest in peace Umbasa. And to this random Yharnamite, extracted from the game’s files, only recently. “Give your blessing
and wash from us the blood of beasts. Umbasa.” The use of this word hints at a rediscovery of a god that was introduced in Demon Souls and lost in Dark Souls.
A God that granted humans a soul But also granted them the poison of the old one This was a litany of stories that eventually ended in the Ascension of mankind in Bloodborne , To a new eldritch childhood where they are finally on even footing,
with the so-called gods, that started it all. That does it for this video,
which is probably like one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever made on this channel,
because it was a strange experience for me I just tried my hardest to sell you on something I don’t really believe. And I ignored my logic a lot of the time when writing this script, in order to sell it to you better. Did you think I was successful, did I fail? Did you notice any difference, compared to my other videos? I’d love to see you rip apart this theory in the comments. Please, go ahead. Remember this was the most voted for video
by patrons a couple of months ago, and I hope I delivered for you guys. So thanks to all of you guys, who supported my channel back then, and now. It’s incredibly heartening to still have so many of you Giving a couple of dollars to support something you love. I’ll keep doing this and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. You can't disprove this video, Vaati, that's why you never finish any of your series or deliver on content you promised in some of your soulsborne videos. That's why you fled to Sekiro as fast as you did and never looked back.

  2. I actually like to play through the series as a single timeline. Even the my character is the same person reincarnated each time due to her soul being permanently changed due to giving in to the Old One in Demon’s Souls. Only at the end of Bloodborne does she transcend this process by becoming a Great One.

  3. Umbasa indeed.
    I tried discussing my perspective of parallels with Silver Mont ages ago. Normally he was pretty receptive but I got the impression he thought I was nuts on that occasion! I toyed with the notion of each title being an almost re-unfurling of the same assets. To visualise it, a table top game works well. The locations being the randomly distributed tiles, with the characterisations and player models being mismatched in each new game. Your version also works. 🙂
    I haven't finished Bloodborne. I got to Gascoigne without dying and then could not beat him. I play blind and favor using heavy str builds. I can play dex but I'm weirdly satisfied with Gascoigne being my stopping point for souls.
    The monumental awaits thee above.

  4. Azathoth actually resides outside of the universe. He is an Outer God who's dream is our universe. He is kept in his slumber by the flute to keep him from waking, thus ending the dream, our reality.

  5. I honestly think (and I just thought of this). The coolest thing that fromsoft could've done was put Horace (from ds3) in the shortcut between the forbidden woods and iosefka's clinic (bloodborne).
    I dont know it seems like it would've been a straight face slap if you've played through the souls series.

  6. any of you think, that divine dragon is coming from west in the lore ? maybe is from the dark soul the age of fire , he just flew and run after battle with Gwen and reside in Japan, and as you know the dragon is immortal and they bring dark seed with them and then people of okami turn to kind of monster looks like hallowing . and after the dragon came the other god in sekiro is lost and hidden in the depth then its make sense the dragon fear of thunder and in the sekiro now It used thunder as many ages has past maybe he overcome it.

  7. I don't think good stories need an irrefutable truth to validate them. Even the universe has no more purpose in the end, so why not take a ride somewhere else. Maybe to a place that is not justified by the laws of phyiscs but rather by imagination and by the sharing of the story itself, letting it evolve. A shared world, created not by a single being but all of who want to be a part of it. There is still great meaning to words, pictures and stories that are told. Maybe not the intended one but still something that shapes you and others.

  8. blood borne is the last in the timeline, the age of dark comes after the fire fades, the age of dark embraces humanity and humans finally get their era, cities, and all. Eventually they discover the tainted blood, which is basically the same as the blood that is used to paint a new painted world, tainted with the dark soul of man. The blood turns men into beasts, just like it turned gael into one. The hunter from bloodbornes goal is to step into the next era, because just as the era of dragons, and fire, the age of dark must end too.

  9. You got the Azathoth thing completely wrong. Azathoth doesn’t rule over the universe. He’s asleep, and the universe is his dream. The flute is played to keep him asleep so the dream doesn’t end.

  10. If chester is from yharnam then why does he know of the tale of Artorias? It didn’t happen yet in Olacile so i think this might debunk it but im not sure

  11. I love the fact that you went against your own belief to explain a theory. Props to you ! Really good and original content !

  12. Maria also uses fire mixed with blood in her 3rd stage.

    Edit: are we also going to ignore Patches and the Moonlight Greatsword? both of which are in Dark Souls and Bloodborne? as for Demon Souls im not sure i havent played it.

  13. I know I'm new to dark souls as In going through ny first ever playthrough of Dark Souls 3 but I think that with this that Bloodborne fits after dark souls in the Dark with fire still burning in us. Idk just my thought were I took fire as what it means. passion. So the Fire /embers the Firekeeper was talking about was just really human passion. :/

  14. I believe at the end of dark souls 3 you let the flame die and thats why they move to blood as its still familiar to them and without the first flame theres really no use for souls anymore

  15. This is amazing, a really good version, but there are flaws like dragons and that the curse was fate that started by gwyn.

  16. @VaatiVidya the fact that in bloodborne you are living in an ever repeating dream hints toward men seperating their souls from their blood by the painting at the end of the ringed city, why becuase the world of a painting is a world of a dream and there is no escaping it. I genuinely believe this theory.

  17. I always just thought that Demon Souls was wayyyyy before Dark Souls so therefore it has little impact on Dark Souls and that Bloodborne was just some random painted world inside of Dark Souls. Fuck Sekiro though, that game can stay by itself.

  18. I posed this theory myself when DS3 came out. My reason for believing soulsborne games share the same universe is literally from one set of armor. Cainhurst and the Vilebloods. That was my connection. If you complete Yurias questline properly, she leaves her armor and weapon to you, but where does she go? If you look at Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods, her helmet is oddly similar to Yurias helmet. It's not just the helmet that makes me believe that Annalise is actually Yuria, but also the similarities in their body type, hair color and mannerisms are kinda the same. Granted it has been about a year since I've played either but I truly believe that these two people are one in the same. I will however say, I haven't done a lot of digging on this to get both of their backstories but on first impressions alone, I made this connection. @vaatividya please prove me wrong lol

  19. I wanna see a souls/borne movie. I just find it interesting that all the monsters and bosses were once people. Even the dancer! I always wondered "why is everyone physically bigger than me?"

  20. Priscilla looks like maria / the doll, and guards the first painted world. dark souls 3 has a relative of Priscilla painting the new world, Bloodborne's world. Is it a stretch to say the painter has some ability to influence the painting?

  21. Bloodborne…. Blood…Born…
    Oh my god 🤦🏽‍♀️ maybe it's not meant to be taken seriously but paint of blood gave birth to the blood borne

  22. I love how he really wanted people to rip this apart but it's such a good narrative that no one seems to want to from what I can see

  23. I don't think it's a stretch at all that all of these stories are connected in some way. With the concept of infinite worlds, Something that is blatantly advertised in the Dark Souls series, anything is possible.

    And with the addition of characters like Chester from Dark Souls 1, and Yamamura from Bloodborne, Both claiming to have been from a different land/world, It's not too hard to imagine the games' worlds are connected, similarly to how the kingdoms of Lothric, Drangleic, and Lordran merged during the final DLC of Dark Souls 3, Chester being from Yharnam and Yamamura being from Sekiros' world.

    You also see the Fluted Set from Demon's Souls in the Chalice Dungeons in Bloodborne, Even if it isn't the creator's intentions, It's hard to deny that all of these little additions are just nods to previous entries.

    Eventually it stops being an homage, and starts to look a bit more like it might actually be what's happening.

    And besides, The devs say the story is what you make of it, and it's up to us to solve the missing pieces, Who's to say the theories of each of these worlds being connected are wrong?

    (Edit) I posted this before watching, and notice that most of what I said is in the video whoops lol

  24. I can't believe i didn't see this before, I remember someone who I used to watch that was into the souls series started doing this and it was a big "gotcha" thing before tearing into why this is all impossible

  25. They're connected, but more in a Zelda (pre-timeline anyway, the canon time-line is dumb) way. I don't think the developers intended them to be literally all part of the same singular story. Rather, dark souls builds on demon souls not just in gameplay but in world building, and BB does it too but to a much lesser extend (because it's in a different series).

  26. Not that it means anything, but the old one has a similar body to Rom the vacuous spider, with a grassy back and a blobby figure

  27. The way I see it is that Demon Souls, Bloodborne, and DS1 – DS3 are all connected. This is because they share 2 universal constants being the Moonlight Greatsword and Patches. I also believe that Demon Souls and Bloodborne don't fit into the timeline; (1) Because the origin of demons is inconsistent as they couldn't have been born from the mist and the chaos flame. (2) The world origin itself is different because first it humans just existed but then we somehow ended up underground.

    Now there is another possibility of Bloodborne being a direct sequel to the usurp the fire ending of DS3. With the Soul of Cinder gone and humanity largely dominating the planet it makes sense that technological progression would occur. But then comes the issue of why did the old ones suddenly show up; The answer is Aldrich's vision of the deep sea. Bloodborne could actually be in the age of the deep sea as the Old ones in Lovecraft's works are often associated with the deep sea.

    Anywho this was fun to think up.

  28. There should be a souls game where we are actually trying to save the world, before all of the curses, hunts, demons, beasts were a thing. Like, we'd ultimately fail to save it but it'd be cool to be just a knight in the army trying to fend off/delay the end with other people/npcs, protecting actual people(more npcs)… Just a thought…

  29. My theory is that the whole thing is just the same cycle repeating itself in different ways. The fog envelops the world in demon soul's, which ends the world. When the world starts anew the same cycle repeats itself but instead of some unknowable god, the first flame creates the demons, sends people insane and ends the world, whether you feed it all souls (Link the fire) or let dark be cast upon the world (The dark lord). The same for DS2 and DS3. Even bloodborne and sekiro go much the same way, ending in relatively the same fashion. Small things carry over exactly, like patches, the shadowy limb that drags you to another time in search of a lost item, the shrine that strengthens you (Most often watched over by a blind woman), and so much more. It's all the same story retold in a different way, ending the same until someone stops the cycle (Hopefully elden ring).

  30. Does anyone have any INSIGHT (couldn't resist) into why we find a vial of Iosefka's blood just before the Wet Nurse? Lore wise, what reason would she have to be anywhere near Mergo or her wet nurse? (Sorry for the super late comment, I'm only now getting around to playing Bloodborne)

  31. Bruh, the ending of the first dark souls… As the age of fire ends, it gives way to the next age… One of water.

    Bloodborne, yo.

  32. Какой русский дегенерат переводил это видео? Хренова гора ошибок. Даже сразу в названии: "объедененная"
    Эта вселенная объедает кого-то, что ли?

  33. A lot of these themes are pulled from the good old Bible, with their own twist to make it unique. Lovecraft gets some credit too, but all his stuff could be half of what's in Hell for real.

  34. It's absolutely undeniable that Demon's Souls and Bloodborne are the same timeline, but I don't think Dark Souls is a part of it.

  35. I really hope there's an area in Elden Ring that connects it to this universe….maybe a squid-like boss?? (the hunter from Bloodborne)

  36. This was the same theroy I had after playing dark souls before demonsouls after I played them in order I realized it perfectly fits in it all

  37. Patches is in both Souls and Bloodborne. In both, he pranks you which potentially kills you. In both he looks alike. In Bloodborne he appears ONLY in Nightmares, and not dreams or the outside, and as a spider. So the spider is a manifestation of who he really is? Or who he wants to be?

  38. it is very convenient that the evil ending of demons souls ends with a world covered in fog and the start of dark souls begins with a world covered in fog, especially considering that it was supposed to be demons souls 2 but a publishing dispute forced miyazaki to start a new IP against his will

  39. Interestingly the Pthmerians in Bloodborne – the precursor civilisation, are described as tall and silver haired which is a trait shared by a lot of the souls characters.

  40. 2:45 I'm not really an expert on Lovecraftian myth but I have begun to read some stories but I'm fairly certain Azethoth resides outside the universe and the reason he's forced to sleep is because our reality down to the smallest micro-organism is apart of his dream and if he awakens we will cease to be

  41. It has no sense… Like totally, and people who see any rational basis in the video are psychos. Can only guess wich drugs vaati used to generate such stupid speculations..
    BTW, picture in DS3 was a calm and cold world, and bb universe is now a best candidate for it.

  42. almost 2 years and i continue to watch. I choose to believe in this theory, it makes me happy to see things in this point of view. Didn't have the chance to say before, but this is a good work <3

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