The HU – Yuve Yuve Yu (Official Music Video)

The HU – Yuve Yuve Yu (Official Music Video)

It has been so long eating and drinking
being merry
How strange, How strange Taking our Great Mongol ancestors names in vain
How strange, how strange Yet, would not honor our oath and destiny
How strange, how strange Why the valuable ethics of ancestors become worthless?
How strange, how strange Hey you traitor! Kneel down! Hey, Prophecies be declared! You’ve born in ancestor’s fate yet
Sleeping deeply, can’t be awakened
How strange, how strange Blindly declaring that
Only Mongols are the best
How strange, how strange Born to live as nobles
Yet, can’t unite as one
How strange, how strange Why is it difficult to rise up our nation up?
How strange, how strange Hey you traitor! Kneel down Hey, Prophecies be declared! Why it’s so hard to cherish the Ancestors’ inherited land?
How strange, how strange Why priceless edifications of elders turning to ashes?
How strange, how strange With the future of eternal prosperity,
The Wolf totemed Mongols have the blessings of Heaven Born with undeniable fate to gather nations, the Lord Chinggis declares his name on earth.
Would come back, Will come back Oh Black Banner be awakened, be awakened Oh the Khanate (royal power) rise and rise forever. How strange, how strange Oh Black Banner be awakened, be awakened Oh the Khanate (royal power) rise and rise forever.

100 thoughts on “The HU – Yuve Yuve Yu (Official Music Video)

  1. Hey The HU , do u know, this song is on top in Polish rock radio "Antyradio" this week?
    Congratz ! U do great job 🙂

  2. J'adoooooooooooooooooore (keep only 1 o to translate from french)!!!!! C'est sublime, excellent, génial. J'aime tellement que je peut affirmer que ce groupe viens de gagner un nouveau fan.

  3. I love the Hu but men this video shot is killing my perspective..and quiet literally the song as well. Giving me a new perspective.

  4. Must have watched this video some 2,000 times since it was released last December and I still love it. Every second of it.

  5. Oh, lordy! Mongolians are returning to their former glory. Hide your wives and kids & pray for tidal waves! #learntoswim

  6. im a lulu i love bousing about in my under were be for i go out with my house mat yelling at me. he cant come out he hasemnt cleend his teaTH IN 8 MONTHS

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  8. my thoughts in order:
    1.) wtf is this
    2.) why was this in my recommended? (few can relate)
    3.) hmmmmmm…
    4.)? ᠮᠣᠩᠭᠣᠯ ᠪᠢᠴᠢᠭ
    ᠴᠠᠴᠤᠯᠭ᠎ᠠ ᠨᠤᠮᠤ ᠠᠴᠠ?

  9. Well. I went looking for a non-nasally vocalist. I didn’t expect to find a Mongolian metal band… I liked it. I’m glad I found this.

  10. They sing about their culture, identity, nation's proud history and have swastikas on their Mongolian horsehead fiddle the Morin Khuur! Something unthinkable for the self-hating West who wallows in anti-whiteness.

  11. ? The HU – Yuve Yuve Yu [2018]

    ❤️ 4.100 LYRICS+VIDEOS

  12. Как же офигенно, ребята!? Брутальные монгольские парни на своих древних струнных забацали нечто не поддающееся определению – моя первая и самая любимая песня этих товарищей ??


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