The encounter of your TWIN FLAME leads you to your destiny

The encounter of your TWIN FLAME leads you to your destiny

The encounter of your TWIN FLAME leads you
to your destiny There are encounters that change your destiny
and are placed there when you least expect it. One feels that this person in front of him
is different from all that has been known so far. As if his life would set in motion for him
to wake up … The twin flames are your other half when your
soul has experienced the impulse to detach itself from the One Source, it chose to split
in two to experience duality. It is your own reflection, your feminine or
masculine pole. Your twin flame is a person who carries the
magnetic or electric vibration of our soul, You embody a pole and he embodies the other,
at the level of your dual and terrestrial experience. In the high dimensions, you form that One. When you meet your twin flame, you have the
feeling of being complete just with his presence. Time no longer holds, your energies blend
to form a cocoon of tenderness and love. This other you will act like a mirror to illuminate
all that is unfaithful in you … For the true love is like a fire that cleans the sorrows
and the sufferings which left imprints difficult throughout your journey on earth. Twin flames do not resemble soul mates, the
latter have lived lives in lives together. They feel they have always known each other. They have common affinities and work to do
together. While the twin flames have crossed very rarely,
the little they have been together, they have been separated in tragic circumstances. Their souls bear the wound of their original
separation. This one generated a great suffering which
is re-actualized in order to be cured. When they are reunited, they might be separated
again. It is destiny that will separate them and
they will have no hold on it. They will again replay their original separations. It is at this stage that everything will be
set up, at the level of their souls. They will experience the same feelings, the
same wounds they experienced during their first separations. This is not a karma to settle, but the opportunity
to heal their own wounds. They will discover, that they can not forget. Time will pass by and they will be marked
by their encounters, by the other, although they do, they can not forget themselves. That will destabilize them. How a person hardly met, took up so much space
in your life? Whenever you thoughtof him, you felt his presence,
his being, his emotions, his feelings, without being able to focus on the physical appearance. This may be physical appearance, age, religion,
living environment etc. This difference is necessary in order to exceed
your ego. It is a love from soul to soul and no longer
between two personalities. Depending on your attachment and your identification
with your personality you will live resistances. The separation following this encounter with
its twin flame will trigger a search and a process of awakening, your soul will go into
purification mode. Old memories, uncontrolled events, past emotions
will emerge in order to free you. Many realizations will be experienced in order
to awaken you more and more. This creates feelings of being lost, everything
collapses, deep sadness, uncontrolled anger, depression then you will live the extreme,
a strong excitement, joy, optimism, incredible vital energy … Your dreams will change, they will be more
real with messages … You will sometimes feel like you have not slept and lived on
a rough night. You will have the sensation of dreaming before
in black and white and today in colors. Psychic abilities can wake up, an aspiration
to understand the meaning of life, human relationships, the purpose of your life here … Everything
is set up to wake you up … The problems you have not resolved will also
increase, everything goes up to speed so that you embody who you really are. And that’s just the beginning !!! It is a real purge, the sails of illusion
are going to disappear to make way for your own light. The two twin flames live the same process,
each according to its own history, its degree of evolution, of consciousness. That is to say differently, but they only
make one beyond this body and this world. What one lives, the other lives. Even if they are not aware of it because everything
happens at the level of the soul. It is the encounter between the two twin flames
that cause this purification. It is a rather painful and difficult time,
but it is their return to unity. The return to the consciousness of the heart,
of their divinities, of their units. This process will be long according to their
resistance to let go and to welcome … This meeting was planned between the souls
before their incarnations. They did not meet to work together with a
karma, nor to complement each other or to bring each one what the other is lacking or
as demanding as in our current love relationships. But to be. These reunions are the descent into their
shadows, their illusions and their fears in order to make room for their own light/soul. And that is exactly the process that was triggered. Nothing will ever be the same again. The more they accept to let themselves go
into this unknown, into this new life, and the more everything will be formed smoothly. What makes it difficult is their resistance
to paradigm shift. Their mind is in full struggle because it
does not wish to let go of its acquired knowledge. They can live moments when the mind panics,
live moments when they crack, ignite, feel like crazy … It is a normal process or the mind is afraid
of its own destruction. The purpose of this meeting is to awaken to
their true nature, and hosting what is, will help them make this process faster and smoother. Moreover, it raises desires and desires in
love. This is quite normal with our emotional body
and it will be tinged with our own personal story. This need for love and for the absolute is
a call of the soul to embrace creation, life. We must live it in consciousness first through
ourselves and then we can live it all around us. Experience can only be achieved when one turns
to oneself. To love … This is the first step. One can not live in love if one does not allow
one to love oneself first. Bring what you want to live in the world to
experience it. When we are in lack or negativity, everything
around us becomes dark, gray and we experience the lack. More dissatisfactions always bring more dissatisfaction. Law of resonance, attraction … The emotional body and the mind transfer to
the other. It is an illusion quite normal and necessary
for a return to oneself. How can an illusion be normal? It serves for us to experience. Without illusion, one can not experience the
Truth. Make the path that tends towards yourself. The twin flame is only a trigger for this
whole process. It is the stone in the building to start building
its cathedral. Who is the Self? It is a real challenge, where we want to give
up as long as we plan our lacks on the other which attracts more frustrations, more sorrows,
more pain … While this encounter is a call to true love,
free love, unconditional love … There is no place for the ego. When this love illuminates your wounds and
when it illuminates your desires, you will be able to welcome and to let go … The main
difficulty is to get out of our condition because it is a love that goes beyond our
framework of references and does not meet our requirements goal to the soul. If you have gone through eternity to find
yourself, do not doubt the flame of love that unites you.

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  1. True love is God gift …hence twin flames…unbelievable but believable. ..the journey ….burns the old…creates a new dawn…..a mission ..unconditional love..

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