The “DIRTY” truth About TWIN FLAMES

The “DIRTY” truth About TWIN FLAMES

have you ever asked if twin flames can
cheat lie be addicted or be mean hey everybody I’m dev on the call and we’re
twin flame revolution welcome either to our channel or welcome back we’re really
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talking with you today and welcome to the dirty truth about twenty flam’s the
dirty and logical truth is a right so many of you get lost in or many people
get lost in a sea of theological misinformation and shame and guilt for
feeling that their twin flame connection is a bit messy mm-hmm okay and we are
here to really discuss with you guys today why the messy occurs why these
things that we discussed you know cheating meanness lying addiction can
occur in a twin flame relationship and not only why it can occur but why it
actually is fundamentally logical in many ways as a caveat for you guys kind
of ground into the fact that everything in spirituality in life and in the world
follows some fundamental rules of logic right there are universal principles and
rules that regulate this whole arena that we live and experience things in so
while you’re navigating information if something hits you as fundamentally
illogical or it does rub you the wrong way inside and not by triggering you
because that’s that good growth process yeah literally just hitting a core
inside that you don’t even know why says to you this is not true go ahead and
listen to yourself right so this is a real key for you guys to just start in
your differentiation of information and your process in this journey it is
logical and it is intuitive so you know we incarnate in very difficult places as
Twin Flames for many reasons for us to experience and learn right so we go into
wounds we have you know abuse as children we have we go into different
countries or different places where people don’t have rights all of these
situations really help us to understand everything the light and the dark yes to
experience everything there’s logic in that we need
come here just experience the good good right it wouldn’t be enough it wouldn’t
be enough why wouldn’t it be enough because we have come here to transmute
things that are taking place that are not in alignment with who we really are
and the only way to transmute them is to experience them to learn how to get
through them and then to share that experience with the collective so that
the consciousness can shift yes and so what happens is there is massive wounds
within us as twins there are huge experiences where then symptomatic
things occur like lying cheating addiction all of those things behaviors
that we don’t particularly like in ourselves yes those are just symptomatic
of root causes yes and so they’re going to happen they’re gonna happen in your
relationships right do we grow out of these right we came to transmute these
uh these things that we have in old relationship templates like once a liar
always a liar once a cheat always a cheat once this
always this those are not truths because we are constantly changing I was a liar
why did I lie I lied because I was really afraid if I told the truth that I
was going to be judged that I was not going to be loved that I was going to go
through all the pain that I went through as a child that you wouldn’t understand
and so I had to lie because I was petrified of you knowing my truth hmm
and then what did I do I began to share my truth with people
that held me I had a woman over here that could hold me through that and you
know what I started to do I stopped lying I met a woman that I brought my
addiction to oh my god it wouldn’t show up for Christmas I’d be gone for three
days at a time my wife is in so much friggin pain why didn’t I not come home
because I didn’t want her to see me all messed up I didn’t want to show myself I
didn’t want to call because I didn’t want her to hear my voice hi not because
I didn’t love my wife not because I was a horrible person because I was really
hurting and drugs helped me to not hurt and not feel and then what happened was
my wife loved me so much that I began to deal with those wounds
and then I began to stop using because I found a different way and I let love in
and loved healed Nicole you know you guys are here to be part of a shift in
the way that we live into unconditional love right Twin Flames are here to
experience manifest and share on this planet unconditional love let’s go back
to logic let’s go back to understanding if you are going to understand
experience live and be unconditional love if you’re gonna share unconditional
love on this planet what is it that you need to experience what you need to
experience this condition you need to understand the opposite of unconditional
in order to walk in unconditional if you were in a dynamic that was already
unconditional you would have know whether you were executing it or not
unconditional love means to love in the face of addiction in the face of lying
right and I want to caveat this very very clearly right to allow you guys to
let this go sooo that you can continue to listen I’m not talking about
condoning behaviors that are bad for you I know talked about not having
boundaries okay I’m not talking about being in an abusive situation so you
don’t even have to write that comment you don’t even have to worry about that
thought you don’t even have to go there I am foreclosing that because that is
not what we’re talking about what I am talking about is having the experience
the shadow within each one of us right so think of yourself as the person who
lies as the person who cheats as the person who has addiction and understand
that you would experience that to access that Shadow site you would experience
that to access deeper points of templates that you want to get rid of on
this planet or help others work through you would also experience that in the
mirroring of your partner to access more and more unconditional love
so that unconditional love that applies to the self right so if you’re the
person dealing with the addiction you’re the person dealing with the lying that
unconditional love needs to start with you you need to love you despite that
behavior right and in the partnership although you can
love with boundaries that’s why we don’t have to talk about boundaries oh I know
that’s what we don’t have to talk about putting up with behavior you learn what
that means to unconditionally love right and why we judge so hard our partner
what is inside of us that makes us so angry right and so there is these
constant there’s many many beliefs out there that we cannot do these things as
twins that it’s not possible well let me tell you what when you’ve done enough of
your work it will be so misaligned for you that you will not do it however that
does not mean that when you hit this life and you have the Beus and trauma
nicole was talking about and you have the wounds that are piling up because
you chose it so that you could actually transform and that you could come here
as this powerful incredible soul that you are not gonna have moments where
your knees are dirty and bruised and in pain and it is the dirty truth about
twins and it is logical and it is part of the greater purpose and you will grow
you ken you may grow away from it and out of it and into a deeper alignment
and into a deeper connection with that love but there is no contrast without
that experience if we were just born without that experience then for this
moment we wouldn’t understand how to connect we wouldn’t understand how to
transmute ourselves we wouldn’t understand how to transmute for each
other you know I want to share one more thing about what I was just speaking
about when Jeff and I were in those situations you know in the beginning Dom
wasn’t fully in her power I mean she would admit that too she wasn’t in her
power and so you know I because of my pain because of the wounds you know I
did walk all over that situation you know I didn’t even know how to be
grateful I was in so much friggin pain yes so there was a process there was a
there was a turning point for Dove where she began to set the boundaries where
this is not okay I’m not okay with this I still love you I understand why yes I
get you amen but this I’m not available for just want you to know that I will
love you and I will love you unconditionally
this is not I will not put up with that I will not and she did it in a way where
it was palatable for me and where I saw my Divine Feminine stand up in her power
love me set boundaries and then I began to act accordingly
I began to respect her I actually learned how to respect myself yes
watching her respect herself so I did want to add that to everything that I
just said because it’s really really important you know and I’ve heard some
of you guys saying right now right like I literally could feel you intuitively
and it’s like we come here we come into this body the density the experiences
the difficulty and so we talked about like twins having this inability to
behave in these ways but we chose as Nicole said these difficulties these
incarnations in difficult lives abusive families all sorts of experiences and
yes you have the capacity to overcome that and it is why you chose that right
but it is gonna hit us it’s gonna hit this flesh it’s getting it this
emotional body it’s gonna hit this pain body and it is gonna cost consequence
and those consequences are actually gifts because as we work through those
consequences we gain mastery and I keep wanting to come back to this with you
guys and bring you back to this logic why is it logical that this would be
happening why is it illogical that a twin that an energy soul who comes to
incarnate here who wishes a human as a human who decides to bring unconditional
left to this planet who is deeply advanced and old as a soul why would it
be logical to not go through turmoil difficulty and it’s not because your
deficit it’s because you chose to swan dive headfirst into the pile of shit so
that you can help transform it for those who can’t really see it and so if you’re
looking at yourself your divine counterpart and you’re going
they are just in the junk Wow they’re a loser Wow
they don’t have it together hey it’s so cool that they swan dive into that right
that they went so deep into that stuff that other people can’t go into and so
that unconditional love of them even if we have big healthy boundaries and that
deep understanding of why that is and then you’re living of that truth and
that non judgement and that energy of love will help actually anchor them and
get them out of that quicksand and out of that mud and out of that mess and so
you can honor yourself in this moment you can honor them you can let go of the
shame and guilt around whether you know you’re bad or not twins for being a
little messy right for going up and down in your wounds for going into runner
chase or dynamics because it is too hard at that moment because the work hasn’t
been done enough on the wound in order for you guys to connect in that way
right you can let go of that shame and guilt and you can also let go of the
piles and piles of illogical information that kind of distract you from being
back in that center right and so asking yours of what’s logical for you what’s
real for you what’s true for you so this is where it gets really yummy all right
we incarnated all these places to tap into true humility and what is true
humility give us right it shows us our ego it shows us the part that our body
created when we separated and we believe that we were separate from God in each
other we created ego ego was not created by God
humility brings us to the leveling of our ego because you get to a point in
your in your walk in your journey where all of a sudden you are broken and you
realize that something’s not correct and that you don’t have everything that you
need and you start to go there’s gotta be friggin more and all of a sudden
you’re leveled on the floor and you ask for help and you call on God yes you
guys have all been there where I just got the chills everywhere
so you guys know what I’m talking about where you’re just like
helped me and then the universe shows up and then you realize there’s something
bigger than you and then you realize that your spirit is bigger than your
human form and then you realize you’re connected to the cosmos and the galaxies
and you’re connected to each other and then your spirit is so friggin big and
it is can do anything and then all of a sudden the ego is starting to fight with
you but you will still learn how to go into humility and set the ego aside to
connect with your higher self to connect with source to connect with Mother Earth
to connect to everyone and everything and your life looks different and our
life started to look different where pain was not like it was pain comes but
suffering is like this this this thing that I didn’t need to experience anyway
I got to shift out of that real quick this is where the story gets really
friggin good where I get to be in this harmonious union with my wife and go
from that disgusting mess that dirtiness to this all cleansing atonement of
myself and herself into our union energy to where it doesn’t have to look like
that anymore ya know now I don’t want to cheat and
now no I don’t want to use and do things happen within our bodies when we go into
our traumas and we get triggered in those places and we want to act out hell
yeah but we are so strong and we are so able to connect with our higher self in
a way where we can work through that and connect to that juiciness that I mean it
is juicy and yummy I keep saying that word when you are connected to God and
you can feel that peace and the joy and you are high as a kite on life and you
don’t need anything else you don’t need to reach out with it like out and just
you don’t need those things anymore and your behavior starts to change because
you are infinite yes and all this amazingness that we were just talking
about cuz it is amazingness all that dirtiness is amazing and because what it
does is it allows you to have an empathy a connection to people yes not everyone
has it turns in your superpower my wounds my experiences my traumas are my
for power now they don’t define me they don’t rule over me
they’re resolved but they have created empathy the deepest type of empathy that
allows us to do the work that we do that allows me to transform people’s lives
and allow them to release traumas and sex abuse and addiction through our work
and I am able to do these things because of the places that I’ve gone so let me
share with you that the places you have gone and that places your twin has gone
or gifts area and I want to go over some of these specifically really quickly to
help you see the application of what we’re talking about right the
application of what we’re talking about so how is it possible that based on what
we said twin can have addiction right addiction is a tool we’re not gonna go
to too deep but addiction is a tool for survival yes
contrary to what some of us think it is a tool for survival not to kill
ourselves is to cope with the pains the traumas the physiological imbalances in
the body that have come from abuse and neglect malnutrition right and it is
something that keeps us there and I have chills when I say this it keeps us alive
and it can be replaced when the work is done and when there is a tool kit and
set of tools that can replace that yes so why would a twin go through that
while we talked about how they would dive into the deep depths of shadow and
duality and experience and contrast we understand why they might want to choose
an incarnation where they’re sexually assaulted or abused so that they can
access that and have a transformation yes in the planet with that that they
can have empathy for another soul who went through that right so that they can
access the shadow and transform it into light so that they can have
unconditional love for themselves and for others and so we look at these
things we look at mean behavior mean behavior if we are filled if we are
filled with pain that overflows yes if we are filled with pain and we are mean
to ourselves and we judge ourselves and we abuse ourselves we are so gonna do
that yes and when I look at somebody who’s
treating me mean I don’t have to stand for it but have such compassion because
you have to be in so much pain to allow that energy to overflow onto another
person yes and why would you cheat many reasons that’s a complicated subject
that has so many levels of logic right there can be literally an aspect of it
that is addiction for that person there can literally be a part of it that is
running away there can be an ancestral practice in
that family they were they have only seen that and that they are here to
master and overcome that yes there it can be sabotage within the individual
because they don’t think that they are good enough to receive a love like that
unconditional purity coming from their twin and they feel that they can only
accept a lower form of love and they push themselves into that why can you
have other relationships right you can have other relationships because there
can still be karmic connections because it can still be growth with another
because perhaps it is the three of you or four of you depending on the
situation that have designed a plan to grow together and advance past ideas and
templates yes there are so many reasons why it can be a large illogical excuse
me part of the process right yeah we’re just touching very superficially on them
and we dive very deep into them in our work and when we look at people’s
individual circumstances but these are examples have how we can take what we
were just talking about and apply it and you can actually go into the practice of
this video and looking at what we shared with you and seeing how does this apply
yes can I find a fundamental logical base of this can I understand why it
goes into empathy experience do Ally shadow contrast unconditional love
humbling of self through the experience of the breakdown so my goal is so good
that this video has been are using for you guys we love you so much and we know
that this journey is challenging but what I want to tell you is that this
journey is reporting that journey is the evolution of the self that this journey
is not just about the destination of a relationship there is so much there
right and it is about you and what Nicole when I speak it is about you and
it is about your process it is about your development and we love you very
much know this message resonated for you please make sure you subscribe that you
share this message and you like this video and we will see you guys very very
soon bye love bye

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  45. Only Jesus should be worshiped. Men fall short of the glory of God. You are humans, you are not little God's. You will age and all die. Sorry to say that is the truth but you all need a higher power to save your souls. Surrender to the holy God. Wise humans seek Jesus. Twin flame teachers are false copy cats and will live eternity in misery if don't seek him.

  46. You are both gorgeous women✨🌹🥰💜 with such wisdom. Your energy comes straight here in Europe. Realy, this was no coincedence. Several months things got to a breakdown into myself. I gues i'm an empath too, and understand more why these things/people i've met happend. Diffrent people, same type of triggers. No more, i held what's gives me life. I let go in light who doesn't serve me with respect. Thank you ladies and God bless always ❤️🍀✨💖✨🌟❤️🙏

  47. I find some days that i take deep breaths like Nicole and i dont even know why i do it!!! You guys have me in tears omg!!! Love and light

    Update: still watching im getting goosebumps too i resonate so so much….before my spiritual awakening i never knew what real love was because it first started with me you are right i was limiting myself to what i thought i deserved and was attracting people accordingly and am currently in seperation to self reflect and i know he is too i am setting myself up for higher vibrations but in divine timing we will be reunited i just know❤and for whatever pain and traumas he has been through i will take him as he comes and we will work together xxx love this video thank you so much

  48. No excuses for this craziness sorry .. not throwing shade just feel like ppl make excuses for bad behavior . Im going to love myself enough to walk tf away sorry ✌🏽

  49. Yes Yes Yes! I love the part about honoring myself and my twin for going so deep into the darkness to transcend. To have empathy and help others with service we allowed ourselves to experience this. I still have my dark secrets and shame I don’t want to think about never mind speak about…but this helps me believe maybe I can be courageous enough to be fully honest and open and accept the reaction even if it means risk of judgment. It means I am one step closer to forgiveness and acceptance of myself. And then maybe I can do the same for my partner. To be free to be safe and not fear judgment….that is my goal. Love your message and the delivery…thank you for your service!!!

  50. Perhaps one twin develops rebellious behavior by rejecting the connection like lying, cheating or drug addiction not only because of their own self worth values but also because the other twin also has a wall up or is cold in some way and this is their reaction to the situation… both can gradually come to self love terms and break down their walls…

  51. Thank you soo much for explaining the real stuff that others say doesn’t happen with TF!! Love you both and you have helped me so much and let me know that I am not alone and crazy!!

  52. Your video..brought tears to my eyes! It so resonated with me. I just recently found out, that my 'TF' has been lying to me since we first met. I found out the truth(he's married), and since then, he know longer is in contact with me, and so I have no closure. But, watching your video has made me see things in a whole different light! It helps me understand why he's doing what he's doing. I so miss his spirit/soul. I ache for him. I still want to be with him. The SOUL connection we have is indescribable, unlike anything I've ever experienced. I feel his soul/energy every single day, all the time. He's so connected to my spirit…any advice welcome..TY, kindly

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