The Best Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Playthrough on YouTube (60 FPS)

The Best Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Playthrough on YouTube (60 FPS)

Metal Gear Rising revengeance itch we’ve come so far in just three short years mr. lightning bolt just doing our job mr. prime minister fuck you Garda Prime Minister let’s get this over with preparedness to your phone so let me show the supply so your guys so long [Music] [Music] all we had to do was follow the damn thread [Music] too little too late here oh he’s all yours [Music] and not half-bad your technique black [Music] I see you can on your weapon its purpose yes you’re no match for me class we should bail or get a next time jetstream sam believe you’d meant he may not even be in country but keep an eye out just sorry ready for insertion fuck you have you seen this new body in action it’s amazing it’s ready for anything oh right yeah your body it’s so amazing very funny or is that just your body in action fuck you bitch [Music] the white effect you Americans enjoy a bit of God don’t your greeting cyborg fuck you I possess far beyond human reckoning how about fuck you exterminate [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] good to you names names [Music] what would an AI know about memes [Music] oh yeah I just dodged a bullet I was wondering when you’d come Jack the Ripper no one calls me that anymore rich ideals Jack what are yours I protect the bitch and if I’m a fuck protect them and so be it fuck with me boy man Rose is gonna kill me [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] by the way Ryden have you ever eaten no boletos they’re typically called nopales oh the good street vendor was selling so how does it taste huh never mind probably can’t capture any food down here anyway [Music] get off [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] shit stop right there with the glass and I’ll blow his bitch flagman working on your body has been quite educational man they privatized the fleet and there’s no city bullshit military cyborgs we’re not licensed to operate in this area you’re in violation of state and federal law no shit [Music] [Music] [Music] how pleased you are to chop away Jack the Ripper fuck you my name is mean soon of the means of destruction okay then jump down jump down and then decisively fucking gay shit gay means the DNA of the soul a dud your memes been cut off jack I was born to fuck you are you fucking gay yes yes now there’s a pretty mean exquisite how about full of shit is that a mean [Music] who’s next I’ll take this dance closer he’s mine you’re the boss you’re all waste of money I misjudged you you do like means after all now you’re just being nasty that babe you love so much one of nowhere you got it actually why don’t I give you a demonstration I think it’s time for exact there fuck you [Music] [Music] your beans and yeah right in I’m fine Catherine relax I’ll get the beams speak your business here I’m here to burn your shitty company to the ground [Music] [Applause] you should find an indoor garden up ahead the garden sounds fancy a Japanese garden to be precise there’s some way you could sneak past no problem Stealth’s my specialty right well we’ll see cold very good right right right I thought you said stealth ops were your specialty fuck you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] stand down a you son of a bitch bullshit I’m fucking invincible you don’t say all people are by nature they just lose touch with it as they get older I’m fucking it enough gasps give me the bread casings and we can end this follow me okay that bitch how’s this jack we could bark up here without damaging the merchandise what happens in three hours bitch don’t fuck it is gonna take some time [Music] and here I was hoping you might bring me back the Nobel Prize for Michelle’s scheisse two bogeys closing fast incoming I’ll handle this either take the nice flight and people say Germans aren’t funny fuck you bring the chopper around [Music] okay I’m coming back yes oh you’ve gotta be shitting me write it you’ll end it safely dosh shit [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh who’s a good little dog having a little heart-to-heart it fancy meeting you here Jetstream bitch Sam let’s fuck well not if you say it like that but of course I would be honored for a higher ditch you’re not very good at your job I’m not talking about money Jack I’m talking about football excuse me bitch forget it this is between us okay let’s dance [Music] [Applause] time paradox [Music] but by what do we have here is between us okay then this might sting a little yes I like that things are about to get messy no shit right in hurry fuck you are you mr. Radin sir it’s like Japanese you sorry it’s okay not really it’s follow me okay bitch so exactly what kind of you’ll see fuck you you built that yeah it’s shit are you in a hurry or not hey thanks ditch [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] shit not again Alice ride it was shit [Music] fucking jack just a little too late as usual the president cha impressive little toy you’ve got there what’s your plan Edd’s idiots you’re not ending our plan I’m very expanding it check the internet lately I didn’t show [Music] the story literally story just went white and already they’re calling for blood that’s just a spark son the excuse we’ve been waiting for America’s wanted this war for years we are American we are amber watch the memes bullshit we just need something to jumpstart the economy out of this farm and the military costs wasting billions is going to help the economy the MCS arms manufacturers job creators jacked all those workers spending money paying taxes trust me a little war can work wonders so please the gears with some innocent blood is that it Oh relax jack it’s a war on terror we’re not out to kill civilians extremists lawless gangs madman of course that would have to include you wouldn’t want any eyewitness reports complicating the message [Music] [Music] slippery little bastard I don’t have time for this oh you’ve gotta be shitting me let’s go the hell are you fuckin institution – what the hell are you why don’t you fuck around and find out what Dantas you’re just another maggot crawling in the pile all right the truth then who the fuck is this guy write it I knew I’d seen that guy before Stephen Armstrong they’re already talking about him as a shoo-in for the nomination in 2020 these cameras son I have a dick my ass but one day every person in this nation will have a land of the truly fucking fucking it we need to pull it out by the lick why pass sleeve new America will be the little things will be purged and the strongest will cry Frieza what does they see fit don’t make American shit the hell are you talking about in my new America people will sit and fuck for what they believe not for money [Music] what do you think how the hell did you get of like well I don’t write my own shit to dry fucking for what you believe in sometime Jack not for a company or a nation nor for anyone else maybe I was wrong about you am I finally getting through I’ll rip this world apart legit Jack I was wrong you’re not full of shit you’re batshit insane hey looking good making the mother of all sense here Jack can’t set silver every cent what do you know about sex you’ve never been hungry you know what it’s like to fucking shit and kill just eight chips but you didn’t eat sense with your own two hands eat the cert and ate yours [Music] why won’t you die not at all sir stay hard fit all you can’t trust me jack what did I just say [Music] all right I think we’re about done here right what a hero this is all the Ripper has to offer yeah what happened to those fiery words of yours show me what you really believe in huh even dead that guy has some pain in his ass make no mistake Fido you’re next I was not designed to fear termination however directives from one is to ensure all required is preserved and passed a law but that has changed I am a slave to my means I have created my own leaving here is how it’s done from the record No I said nice justice not used in anger not used [Music] come on [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] your shitty tree dies with you grab buddy listen you’re a man oh maybe not [Music] I read that only 1 in 50 soldiers can kill with zero hesitation get I’m a 2% huh I know what they went through yeah but I sure as hell didn’t let it stop me regular guys they couldn’t handle this all the blood and body parts the fear and dying eyes me though I like it a lot no hesitation no regrets maybe it’s in my blood maybe it’s the Sears program probably both the younger you learn a thing the better you retain it you know I remember Liberia like it was yesterday all the abuse the threats at gunpoint next thing I know I’m getting off on cutting guys to shreds right him after the Patriots I thought I could walk off the battlefield and into a normal life I told myself this was about justice about protecting the weak but I was wrong I learned young that killing your enemies felt good really good in America my friends my family they helped me forget the devil inside but Who am I kidding I was born to kill you big fan of spin-offs isn’t he [Applause] [Music] [Music] Hey what the hell you think you’re doing buddy well what do we have here

100 thoughts on “The Best Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Playthrough on YouTube (60 FPS)

  1. I'm watching this in 2019, and it STILL holds up as the best MGRR meme playthrough I've seen. So bravo dude. Bra-vo

  2. This was cool I kept thinking how long this whole thing took to piece together and I was like he actually took damage for once and 3 zandtasu again beyond cool

  3. me before the video: Best MGR:R playthrough? Okay asshole toot your own horn…
    me after the video: I was not ready, for such a work of art. You have every fucking right to call this video the best playthrough. Fuck all the S rank only mission playthroughs, this one wins.

  4. The Dudu I dont know his name:"Your memes been cut off Jack"
    Jack:"I was born to fuck you!"
    The Dudu I dont know his name:"Are you fucking gay?"
    Jack:"Yes, yes!"

    Laughed my ass of on this one :DDD

  5. This actually is the best shitpost to ever grace the surface of this wretched sharing platform.

    I need to come watch this at least once a week lest I become devoid of feelings and will to live, just to be surprised again at the amount of flawless gameplay, fabulous editing, comical creativity and wonder how much time, effort and tears you put into this.

    1034bodyparts/10 you absolute madlad, thank you for creating this masterpiece.

  6. At first, TFS Vegeta playing MGR was my favorite video. But now, now I have a new favorite MGR video. Thanks so much for your hard work!

  7. MGRR Compact and Memes

    0:00 BITCH We starting!
    3:09 The Train
    4:55 Bad puns (Fuck You!)
    7:38 That dog possesses memes!
    9:24 Dog’s Directives
    11:22 French Blow Kiss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
    13:45 Wondering when you would come, Jack… (KEPT YOU WAITING, HUH)
    15:58 Explosion and Amigos
    21:12 Hostage taker dies and Police
    28:05 STOP IT soundbite
    28:41 MEMESOON
    32:18 Me every time I see a company I despise.
    41:50 Sundowner is (not) invincible
    44:11 Helicopter scene
    47:25 Motorcycling to Sam
    49:46 Raiden Defeats Sam
    50:36 Sunny’s Base
    53:28 Basically, Raiden Vs Trump
    1:02:12 Y U NO DIE!?! NANO-?, SON!
    1:06:55 Ending monologue

  8. 7:46 Would have been the perfect place to put in the part, "These crates never end!", from a video titled, "Lucina Says".

  9. I just realized. This guy used the beta of the instrumental version of Jetstream Sam's music. I listened to other instrumentals of that song and they don't sound the same as in this video, except for the beta song.

    I know there are other versions of the game's songs that are in this video, but not in the game. Such as "Locked and Loaded", I don't recall that being in the game.

    By I actually believed that he used the official version of Jetstream Sam's song, and not the beta version, for this video. Until now.

  10. rember how metal gears were supposed to be near impossible threats? and how only another metal gear could defeat them?

  11. 11:24
    Raiden: flinches back
    Filthy Frank: Oh my dude, you just got PRANKED! Bet you didn't see that one coming, huh?
    Raiden: Yeah, I just dodged a bullet.
    Filthy Frank: … You're a fucking idiot.

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