The Artist Bringing Vibrant Skeletons to Life

The Artist Bringing Vibrant Skeletons to Life

(dramatic music) – The reason why I chose a
skull more than anything else is because underneath
all our skin is a skull. It’s the universal image to everybody. (speaking Spanish) – My name is Butch Locsin, I am a contemporary performance
artist here in Los Angeles. I wear a skull mask and I
play with smoke grenades. My work is reflective
of the Mexican culture and iconography and artwork. Maria saw a lot of the
photos that I was doing and she wanted to actually
collaborate on a project. And integrating her into what I do has been really fun and successful. (speaking Spanish) – Maria, to me, has been such a blessing because now the character
and the skeleton and colors actually marry to her. And we’ve been creating
love scenes and stories. (speaking Spanish) – I really like the Day
of the Dead holiday. It’s not about celebrating
someone’s death, it’s more about
celebrating someone’s life. My artwork and my performance
is kind of little bit of a reflection of that, but even though I kind of represent myself as like this Death character, you know I’m very much alive. (speaking Spanish) – What I love about performance art is honestly the rush that I get from working with so many people. You know it makes me want to go out there and create some more and
do something different. (speaking Spanish)

100 thoughts on “The Artist Bringing Vibrant Skeletons to Life

  1. what i love is that he never wheres a yellow scull, and use a yellow smoke grenade. always two very different colors.

  2. Very cool! I love the video! I would love to work with the both of you sometime! (Instagram: @jkraemer22).

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