The 3 ways I Fabricate 90 degree Corner joints for Welding Square Tubing

today I’m going to show you the three
welding joints that I use for joining square tubing at a 90 degree angle and
number one obviously is just a straight butt joint nothing too smart in that
just join it straight up now you do get stuck with an open end whether it’s
running up and down on a gate or whatever you can weld a plate in
it which is a fair bit of work really or you can drive if it’s not
important you can drive a wooden peg in it just like I do in this clip these blocks they purely to block off
the ends I’ve cut them to the right size so I should be able to just drive them
straight in I’ve put a texta mark on the end that
I’ll gave it a real light file but it’s almost had nothing that’s a purely to
get through that sharp edge so this will stop
spiders kids it’s getting their fingers in there and when you’re painted it
looks good now to get around the problem of the open hole you do a 45 degree
angle cut back and match them in Let’s cut one of them now I’ll just clean them up a little bit and
then we’ll see how they fit that’s ready to tack the third joint
it’s a bit of a smoother edge so what you’re really doing is using is that and that and then
we’re just gonna cut a piece that will fit in there so just a simple piece like
that and to cut that you use one of your you’re a little off cuts cut a
45-degree down I get a piece of this and I’ll level it up with that edge right on
it point there so this is the piece you’re going to weld do this level that
right up and Mark that edge of it straight through there so that is the
piece you want and naturally straight down there so I hope that makes
it simple that’s the bit where you want this bit
here I will go and cut that all right we’ll give this a bit of a
cleanup so what you want just touching on the
inside edge square and this piece will just drop in a and put a really nice
corner on the whole thing There is our three joints now my tacks
are quite big I’m going to grind them down and I’m going to keep these joints as
samples in my workshop so I want the welds to hold but still see what’s
really going on underneath I will sand this one down now right we will start off with the butt joint
this is a really simple joint it’s just two straight cuts easy to measure up it is the simplest to set out to cut
to do a very very simple quick joint this one 45 degree angles so we’ve cut
a 45 degree angle on each piece fits together it’s quite a quick cut because
there’s only two cuts fits together if you are set up right the thing just wants to
hold itself together it fits beautifully you’ve got a good join easy to
weld now this one I like this one this is the most amount of work and you’ve
got you’ve got these the length to start with and then you’ve got an extra two
cuts the then it’s got to fit so you have got a Mess around with it but if this was on a
trolley like you’ve got a wheel here it’s a lot better to kick your shin on
that than that looks a lot neater this it is a really nice a nice looking joint
now that’s those three I hope the videos of some help to you
deciding on what to do with your welding if you enjoyed the video please click
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