Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – The Movie [HD] Full Story

“Soldiers Without Borders” November 4, 1974 15:42 Barranquilla Coast, Colombia Boss! What’s going on, Kaz? We’ve got guests. Time to move? Don’t worry. It’s not our friends from Langley. I brought ’em. Made sure we weren’t followed. Thank you, Big Boss! Call me Snake. Oh, uh, sorry… Vic Boss! Listen up. For us, there is […]

Metal Gear Solid 3 – The Movie [HD] Full Story

Metal Sonic VS Zero (Sonic VS Mega Man) | DEATH BATTLE!

Chad: Hey Mogg. Mogg: Hey Mr. J. Chad: So now you’re doing all this merch, marketing like these three awesome DEATH BATTLE t-shirts can get kind of stressful so we added two new office amenities what I think will help take the edge off. Like the new office jacuzzi? Mogg: Sheesh, no thanks! You have […]

DIY Soldering Station

When it comes to creating electronic circuits on a piece of perfboard, you will always need a decent soldering iron. Now i’ve been using my Ersa i-con Pico soldering station for two years now and it still works perfectly fine. But there’s another popular soldering iron/station manufacturer called JBC which supposedly sells the best of […]