Babymetal – ‘Road Of Resistance’ Live In Japan REACTION & REVIEW

hey guys Jorrell here back with another music reaction for you we are on to babymetal I had a look through the comments on the last one and there’s four or five tracks that keep popping up as to which I should react to next so I pretty much just picked the most popular one. […]

DO YOU METAL? | Girls React | BabyMetal

Hello, anybody there? Oh my god. It’s react. Yes, It’s react. Oh my god. It’s react. Yes, it’s react a lot of people are like here to react to BabyMetal about on it’s like Joke’s on you cuz I listen to them so Okay, I actually really like doing the react videos. I get to […]

BABYMETAL: Cómo fusionar METAL con KAWAII y petarlo

Let’s go let’s go kids. Good to everyone, here ShaunTrack, Shaun for the true friends. Who are those true friends? Those who subscribe, those who leave a like, those who comment. Ok, Today we are going to see a group that besides you had requested a lot, It’s a group that I discovered a couple […]