Carbon nanotube film produces airplane with no need for huge ovens or autoclaves

A modern airplane’s fuselage is made from multiple sheets of different composite materials, like so many layers in a phyllo-dough pastry. Once these layers are stacked and molded into the shape of a fuselage, the structures are wheeled into warehouse-sized ovens and autoclaves, where the layers fuse together to form a resilient, aerodynamic shell. Now […]

Twin flames – 3 different types + How to find your twin flame exercise 🔥🔥

Rarities Flame Koa Top Stratocaster I Rarities Collection I Fender

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, this is Josh Smith. In this video we’re checking out the Fender Rarities Flame Koa Top Stratocaster. So another great addition of the rarities line. The rarity showcase the best of everything Fender has to offer. Pickups are either custom made for each guitar, custom shop pickups, or US pure vintage. They […]

The Glaciers Are Melting – What Does It Mean For Iceland?

Iceland’s glaciers are melting. We asked four experts to help us understand what it all means. “We now lose about 40km² annually, which is quite a remarkable area…” … we can expect very serious consequences from our disruption of the climate.” – Tómas Jóhannensson, geophysicist “When you drill into the ice, you can get information…” […]

Massive Melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet as the Arctic Sizzles

Skywatch Media News for August the 6th 2019 here’s what’s happening when you picture Greenland you most likely visualize a vast country that is both harsh and icebound our generation never considered the possibility that this massive land would one day be strewn with melted ponds and where once small streams would suddenly be transformed […]

How To Style & Combine an Overcoat – Gentleman’s Gazette

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video we’ll discuss how to style and combine the overcoat so you create dapper outfits that look the part. So, basically you just put on your overcoat and you go, right? Not quite! An overcoat is an integral part of a classic gentleman’s wardrobe but it requires […]

DOTr: BURI, joint venture members disqualified from any govt projects

DOTr: BURI, joint venture members disqualified from any govt projects The Department of Transportation (DOTr) declared on Monday that certain shareholders of the terminated MRT-3 maintenance service provider, Busan Universal Rail, Inc. (BURI), for those for three other railway projects are not eligible to bid for any government project. The DOTr declaration was in response […]

Patients don’t need to lose weight before total joint replacement (study)

The FORCE TJR database is unique, because it is a national data set of a representative sample of total knee and total hip patients from across the United States– patients from 28 states, over 30,000 patients. This was the first data where we had a nationally representative sample of patients, where we could say, at […]

Sealing heat shrink shapes with hot melt adhesive #1

Barry : Welcome to the HellermannTyton ACADEMY, the workshop for the professionals. I am Barry, this is Mark. Mark : Hi. Barry : Today´s question we have been posed is, … … how do you create an environmental seal … … using heat shrink shapes on a cable jacket? Our session today is a practical demonstration, … […]

How We Refill 1lb Propane, Flame King Refillable Cylinder Kit Review [Long Term Boondocking 6 2019]

Flame King cylinder refill kit review and our small propane cylinder refill method (upbeat music) (generator motor) this looked like a great idea! I thought, cool! It’s got a little stand on it…it’s got it’s own…it’s got a little spigot there… But! What they don’t tell you, and I thought was not very awesome, was […]