The Pathway from Discovery to Job Development: Essential Steps for Customized Employment Success

>>CARY GRIFFIN: Well, welcome everybody. I’m Cary Griffin, the CEO of Griffin-Hammis Associates, located in Florence, Montana and with offices around the country. Today I am working with our friends and colleagues at VCU at the Research and Training Center and we’re going to be doing a short session today on how it is that […]

The 4 Sentence Cover Letter That Gets You The Job Interview

Hi everyone, it’s Andy LaCivita founder of Milewalk and the Milewalk Academy, and the award-winning author of the Hiring Prophecies here with today’s episode of tips for work and life, today we’re going to talk about cover letters. When I say cover letters what I really mean is any means you’re going to use to […]


Poste à électrode 200A à technologie INVERTER (courant continu) Pour souder les électrodes rutiles, basiques, inox et fonte Alimentation 230V monophasée Poste léger (5 kg), avec une faible consommation Livré en valise, avec porte-électrode et pince de masse Courant de soudage constant ARC FORCE : Augmentation ponctuelle du courant en situation de soudage difficile ANTI […]

Pipe bevelling and weld preparation

thanks for joining us hope you enjoyed the last video about weld preparation on sheet metal if you miss the video there’s a link in the description this is the third video in our series dedicated to issues and solutions regarding reveling of sheet metal and pipes today we are talking about pipe beveling and […]

Plastic Welding with Ease » Weld and repair a playground Slide using a plastic welder

Hi, I’m Bruce Lecky from Drader Manufacturing and I’m going to use the Drader Injectiweld to repair a damaged playground slide. My first job is to clean the damaged area. For maximum weld strength I’m going to use a grinder and a scraper to grind away the oxidization and the debris. The Injectiweld has a […]

CCC Innovation & Startups Strategy

The success stories of Lebanese abroad are considerable and mainstream Not only in the Financial Sector but also in the Technology and Innovation Sectors In this segment we will cover a story of Aref Boualwan, a Lebanese name that was capable of achieving a remarkable success story specifically through the engineering and the construction sector. […]


Poste de soudage TIG DC 200A professionnel Idéal pour les tuyauteurs, les chaudronniers et les services de maintenance Pour la soudure TIG Acier, Inox et cuivre Poste monophasé Flexible Voltage (85V – 265V) Branchement gaz Branchement torche TIG Branchement câble de masse Montage de la torche TIG Support pince Pince porte-électrode Electrode tungstène Coiffe Buse […]

Periodic cleaning of welding machines

Les machines à souder sont exposées à des environnements poussiéreux Dans le secteur des réparations chez ELECTREX, on voit des cas extrêmes… Avant toute intervention, débrancher la machine du secteur électrique. Retirer les couvercles. Éviter les pannes en effectuant périodiquement le nettoyage de l’intérieur de votre machine (dans le cas d’ ELECTREX, vous ne perdrez […]


160A electrode welding unit, with INVERTER technology (direct current) For rutile, basic, stainless steel, cast iron electrode welding 230V single phase supply Light unit (4.2 Kg), with low power consumption Delivered in case, with electrode holder, and welding clamp Constant welding current ARC FORCE : instantaneous increase of the current in difficult welding situations ANTI-STICKING […]