How to Edit Video on Youtube Merge Two Videos Using Creator Studio

alright i’m going to explain to you in just less than five minutes how to edit your video on youtube you don’t actually need every detail if you want to merge two videos and you need to merge your videos especially if you have an intro you want to add to all your videos so […]

Tig welding Walking The Cup 5G Root Pass 100A(4 inch) SCH 40 carbon steel pipe

Hello. Today… I’ll do a back-bead welding in the 5G position. I’d appreciate it if you could press “subscribe” and “like.” There are many ways to weld the backbead. There’s a “freehand” or “drawing” way to weld the nozzle onto the floor. And there’s a “weaving” way to weld the nozzle through the pipe. We’re […]

Tig welding. Fillet welding. 1mm Thick Stainless Steel Plate

Tig welding. Fillet welding. 1mm Thick Stainless Plate Hello. 1mm thick sheet of steel, welded fillet. I’d appreciate it if you could press “subscribe” and “Like.” It’s called “drawing,” “freehand.” This welding method is used to weld the fillet in a rectangular shape. The quality of the weld scene is not good because we’ve enlarged […]


Today I’m on pasture (old) the grass is very high in the back there is Stan I’m his guest today I’m with the Nokta Makro Simplex program: Field gain almost full power one stripe off the only thing I did was a ground balance and that’s it its an iron signal but lets see what […]

Lindsay Lohan uses hi-tech ‘wetsuit full of electrodes’ to stay in shape – Daily News

 Getting fit isn’t easy… however there are less unpleasant methods than Lindsay Lohan’s  “I strap myself into a special wetsuit full of electrodes and my trainer then hooks me up to a machine that sends electric impulses throughout my body,” she says proudly  Never has “no pain, no gain” sounded more appealing.  The Hollywood child […]

Tig welding. 1mm Thickness Stainless Steel Plate Welding.

1mm Thick Stainless Steel Plate Welding Hello, I made a video today to weld thin stainless steel plates. I’d appreciate it if you could press “subscribe” and “Like.” This is a welding method used to weld thin stainless steel plates. It’s a straight line of welding without using a welding rod. Today I’m going to […]


One Guilder A Turtle pendant with a nice stone a key 0,50 euro cent sunglasses one euro 0,20 euro cents dont think its gold no no gold but its a nice one earring can’t see if it is silver no silver another sunglasses a key a bracelett its silver 925 and heavy YEAHHHH GOLD!! YEAHH! […]

Vibrant, Clear Skin … At Home Devices #1: HIGH FREQUENCY! Anti-aging, acne fighting treatment!

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel if you are new here, my name is penny I am a master esthetician in Portland, Oregon and I’m excited that you’re here today you guys because we’re gonna talk about high frequency We are starting a series on At-home devices and I decided to start with high […]

Tig welding. Various Fillet Welding Methods. (stainless steel sheet welding)

Various Fillet Welding Methods Hello. Today, I made a video about the different fillet welds. I’d appreciate it if you could press “subscribe” and “Like.” This is stainless steel. Today we’re going to do a lot of fillet welding on this. First of all, the size of this steel plate is 30mm And it is […]