Combine All of Your Contacts in One Place

This episode of Tekzilla Bites is brought to you by Citrix GoToAssist, the number one global market leader in remote support. Welcome to Tekzilla Bites, feeding your tech hunger fast. I’m Shannon Morse, and I have email contacts. I have Facebook contacts. And I have phone contacts. These are people that I never contact on […]

Can A Psychic Tell Me Who My Twin Flame Is

It is not uncommon to seek the help of a trained psychic They are the best people to tell us about our spiritual condition We can live better lives by following their advice on clearing the way negative energies and balancing our chakras Effectively, they are the guides on our spiritual journey However, the most […]

The Joint Is Jumpin’ (1941) – Fats Waller & Myra Johnson

My, my Oh, oh Yes, yes My, my They have a new expression along ol’ Harlem way That tells you when a party is ten times more than gay To say that things are jumpin’ leaves not a single doubt Watch all these cats, watch everything when you hear somebody shout This joint is jumpin’ […]

HowTo: Combine vCard/*.vcf files to a single vCard/*.vcf file

Open Command Prompt (also known as: cmd) Type your drive (e.g. E) where your contacts containing folder is locatedtype: „cd” (without quotation mark!!!) like in the video followed by the name of your foldertype: copy *.vcf all.vcfThere you have your file! If your folder is located in another sub-folder, just type for every sub-folder you […]

Melt Belly Fat Fast – Foods that Melt Belly Fat Like Butter

Finally Lose Weight and Feel Sexy Melt Belly Fat Fast from the most stubborn areas of your body including your belly, butt, and thighs question are you sick and tired of living your life like this finally transform your body and change your life discover that weight loss secret that’s taking hollywood by storm get […]

How to Replace a Truck Ball Joint : How to Press Out a Truck’s Lower Ball Joint

Hi, My name is Nate McCullough on behalf of Expert Village. In the following clips we’re going to talk about the correct procedure for replacing your upper and lower ball joints on a 2 wheel drive, full size vehicle. In this clip we’re going to talk about the actual pressing out procedure for your old […]

Soldiers Inc.® Guide №1 – Combine HQ

Introducing the Combine HQ. Find out how you can use this powerful new location to unleash your combines true potential. Get bonuses for all members in your combine. Score Dominance points. And undercut rival combines while you’re at it! Each Combine gets one HQ. If you’re an established Combine and you don’t have one yet, […]

Twin Flame Number 1133 | What Does It Mean?

in numerology numbers like 11:33 hold meaning for your spiritual journey for your fortune and your twin flame relationship in fact 11:33 has some specific meanings for the twin flame relationship that we are going to talk about today twin flame number 1133 so if you have seen 11:33 around a lot and wanted to […]