MPB Gets to Work in Manufacturing: MGCCC Welding

– It takes a lot. I mean, waking up every day, and you know you’re going to go out there and get hot and sweaty. You might even get burned. Sometimes it’s so easy to just want to give up. If you have friends and family who are there to support you and go, “Don’t […]

Dont poison yourself with toxic anti spatter MIG welding

testing anti spatter weld aid weld clean contains methylene chloride very nasty can kill you anti spatter can kill you canola is about $11 and can so you spray it on to metal and it stops spatter sticking canola oil which is safe and wont kill you you can use canola it fish and chip […]

Curso de Solda TIG – Aula 2 – Princípios do processo TIG

Hello everyone, then following our TIG welding course here in the practical module in the presentation i said to You guys I would say some fundamentals some safety principles about the process but I thought it would be better to talk about the TIG process now. because during the course in the practical part I […]

Making a 2 stroke pipe for the RS-100 – Fabricating and Welding cones – J’s Garage

hey how’s it going today we are going to be starting to make hey pipe so if you watch my last video I showed you how to make these using cone wizard you can print these out and lay them out on a sheet of steel and like glue stick them on and then cut […]

Tech Tips: Repairing a Crack in Cast Iron

Hi, I’m Joe Kolasa. I’m the welding instructor at the Lincoln Electric welding school. We are here in Cleveland Ohio at the Lincoln Electric corporate headquarters, and I’m here to help you with some welding tips on cast iron. Most of the problems that we have with cast iron is due to its high carbon […]

Why Do We Fall – Motivational Video

Let me tell you something you already know The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows It’s a very mean and nasty place, and I don’t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there if you let it. You, me or nobody is gonna hit as hard as […]

Hammer vs. Sanding – which makes the best aluminum foil ball?

Science Mom here with Math Dad and today I have a challenge for Math Dad. So, I’m going to challenge you to take an entire roll of tin foil, crumple it into a ball and then compact it down enough that it becomes completely shiny and smooth. The aluminum ball challenge. I’ve seen this. So, […]