TIG Spot Weld Kit – How To – From Eastwood

today i want to show you our new Eastwood spot-weld kit this kit will allow you to produce the Queen asst most professional spot-welds possible using your TIG welder these leg extensions create the exact standoff needed for spot welding sheetmetal simply screw the nozzle on to any w17 type torch pliers will hold the […]

The New Metal Threatening Carbon Fiber Bike Frames | The GCN Tech Show Ep. 60

– Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – This week we’ve got a new bike from Battaglin we’ve got a Bluetooth smart pump, we’ve got your bikes your upgrades and of course, the bike vault. – And we’ve also got a certain aluminum that you couldn’t weld, but now you can. – Yeah, that’s going […]

How To Fabricate A Chassis – Building a Model A Hot Rod with Eastwood

everybody mad from eastwood here there isn’t much to building a traditional hot rod you pick a nice body your drivetrain and your suspension and you’re on your way to me the stance of a vehicle is equally as important as the wheels and tires that you pick and the chassis is the foundation that […]

How to Paint Headers & Exhaust – Internal Exhaust Coating Tips for Protecting Exhaust – Eastwood

hi I’m Mike Phillips hot rods and customs in downtown Pennsylvania we have a custom set of stainless steel headers I just built for a race car today we’re gonna coat the inside of these headers with a high temp paint from eastwood the reason i’m going to do that is it keeps the exhaust […]

Can Scrap Hardware Make an Effective Zombie Weapon?

(groaning) (tense music) (pained groan) Brains. (screaming) Sir, you dropped your wallet. (upbeat piano tune) Brains. As adult humans, we often have to think about the future, like our diet and retirement. But have you stopped to think about the possible impending zombie apocalypse? Cause we have. (laughing) So we are gonna make some weapons […]

Dumb & Dumber (2/6) Movie CLIP – The Most Annoying Sound in the World (1994) HD

Say, uh, are you guys going to davenport? My car died, and I’m late for a luncheon. We usually don’t pick up hitchhikers, But I’m going to go with my instinct on this one. Saddle up, partner. You’re it. – You’re it. – You’re it! Quitsies! Anti-quitsies. You’re it. Quitsies. No anti-quitsies. – No startsies. […]

How To TIG Weld Like a Pro! TIG Gas Lens Kit for TIG Welders – Eastwood

everybody mad for me to accompany if you really want to step up your TIG welding game and a gas lens nozzle kit like this from eastwood company will make a world of difference whether you’re a beginner or an expert anyone can benefit from using this on their torch a traditional take nostril releases […]