Veronika feat. Sonny Flame – Made in inima ta (Lyric Video)

Let me tell you This is a crazy game. There’s something I like about you And I don’t know how My head is up in the clouds Something gives me the shivers Keeps me awake till dawn. This heart of mine, it’s always been like that It won’t let faith decide We escape, we take […]

Trying out at the NBA DRAFT Combine! NBA 2k20 Career Part 3 | K-CITY GAMING

welcome back to NBA career mode part three the dad City character has just got invited along with his roommate to the NBA combine if you want to watch the first two episodes we’ll give you a link right up here pardon my voice I have have a cold got it from him so I’m […]

Tierra Whack Does Magic Backstage With Smoothini At Firefly 2018 | Fuse

So how’s everything going in terms of how you’re feeling with your schedule? I can only assume you’re so busy these days. This girl’s tired. Yeah, I’m tired but this is what I asked for so I’m ready. I was doin’ like 44 cities a couple months back and I was over here complaining, acting […]

Michael Ealy Spills Celebrity Secrets | Big Boy x Fuse

Has there been someone famous that’s whispered something crazy in your ear that you were like, “wow, that was a lot.” [Michael] Mmhmm [Natalia] What’d they say? [Laughing] [Big] And who was it? [Natalia] No you don’t have to say who it was, but like was it like “Room 429” [MIchael] There’s been some… [Big] […]

Big Freedia and Mannie Fresh – Dive | Fuse

♪ Dive on that ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Dive, dive on that ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Dive, dive on that ♪ ♪ Ayy ♪ ♪ The year was (year was) 1999 ♪ ♪ The first time we seen you bust it open from behind ♪ ♪ Damn that broad look good ♪ ♪ […]

Kendrick Nunn NEVER Seen Daft Combine REACTION

what’s up it’s dmoney welcome to my channel this would be a first reaction video on the channel going to react kindred nuns Draft Combine never seen footage all right let’s get it started three two one let’s get it oh yeah hair back then okay chop the hoop divers link there was no video […]


strange often right go Baskin child guys so today I am back with another NBA quiz video so in this video we’ll be seeing if we can guess the two NBA player’s face that are merged together so yeah let’s get started Oh Monta Ellis Stephen Curry okay yeah I recognize Steph Curry pretty good […]

We Took it too Far! (Ice Melting Challenge!)

THANKS FOR WATCHING ! We really did not think this through You know how in In ultimate expedition ice and snow was crucial for survival because you melt your water from eyes we’re learning something about ice today with Joey JC and paw let’s go right into it I was a great intro right beautiful […]