#31 Assembling Aluminium CNC Machine #31 / MGN12 Linear Rails / XYZ Axis / Spindle Mount

In the last video I prepared some water jet cut aluminium plates by drilling, countersinking, reaming and tapping out their holes to the correct sizes. In this video I receive long MGN12 linear rails and continue with the assembly of my CNC machine. So my longer rails have arrived today as well. I’ve got the […]

YASKAWA Robot, Gantry ve Pozisyoneri ile Kaynak Çözümü / Welding Solution (MOTOSense)

MOTOSENSE Profesyonel Lazer Kamera ile kaynak yol takibi Eşzamanlı alın kaynağı yol takibi Eşzamanlı köşe kaynağı yol takibi Otomatik kamera bırakma istasyonu COMARC III ile kaynak yolu bulma COMARC III kaynak sonucu

Effective and Safer 3D Print Smoothing with Epoxy not Acetone

So I wanted to find a method of smoothing my 3d models without using acetone. So, I did a little bit a research and I think I’ve found the perfect method Stick around to see how you can smooth your 3d prints Okay. So here we have the Darth Vader Melted Mask from one of […]