Best Bel Air Metal Fabricator | 443-767-4067

Best Bel Air Metal Fabricator | 443-767-4067 Bel Air Stairs & Railings does residential, commercial and industrial metal fabrication and welding. We have been a metal fabricator for over 30 years, first in Baltimore and now in Bel Air. We still serve the Baltimore area but we can keep our metal fabrication and welding […]

Forging A Viking Broad Seax: Welding and Reverse Tip (Breitsax Ep. 3)

welcome to part three of creating the viking broadside in the last two episodes I created four long bars two of which are pattern-welded by twisting and the other two will form the cutting edge and the back of the sword in this episode I will assemble these bars into a sword by Forge welding […]

Making a Wrought Iron Garden Gate

Welcome to another long overdue video. In this video, I will show the construction of a wrought iron garden gate, and when I say wrought iron I just mean the style and not the material. There will be a lot of welding, but also a little bit of blacksmithing We are starting by creating the […]

Buy A Welder, Fix The Gate, Learn Stuff.

– Have you ever had one of those projects where you’re not quite sure if you can fix it or not? You and me together. This is our world. This gate has been not working for a couple years and I finally decided, see you gotta shove it, I’m gonna try and fix this. Are […]