Building the box joint jig part 1 of 4

So this jig is my screw advance box joint jig. And when I first built this, I didn’t take any video of it. And people often ask for more details on how to build it. It’s actually pretty easy to build. So, I thought I’d just build it again, just to get more video of […]

Cross Cut Sled w/ Finger Joint Jig Insert

Man these old jigs take up a lot of space! Grrr, warped and unusable! Let’s make a new one. Some scrap plywood (from failed attempts at kerf bending) Cleaning up the edges. Some scrap 2×4’s Jointing the faces smooth. Squaring up the ends Routing a chamfer. This will let dust collect there and not affect […]

How to make a Dovetail Joint | Easy way of making a joint

Hello, I wrote in the comments that it’s time to finish connecting to pocket hole, and it’s time to try the real joinery. so today I’m going to try to assembly a box with the dovetail joint. Dovetail is a complex joinery it requires experience, skill and good tools and since I have none of […]

Databases and Computation – Stephen Sherry

Steve Sherry: What I’d like to do in this third session is try to bring a high level view to the computing requirements. And we’ve talked about several approaches and details about the types of analysis that we’d like to see, the kinds of data we want to ensure are available, and the challenges of […]

Flames from every hole – another barrel stove kit

(music playing) Going to leave just a little bit of room then can just put some holes in here for… another another vent if we need it. Even though you cut the inside out of this you will still need to cut a slot or something for this screw to slide back and forth. That’s […]

FTBT Woodworking Shop Tour 2019 – 2 Car Garage Workshop

Welcome back to Fix This Build That I’m Brad and today I’m gonna be taking a tour of my workshop aka my two-car garage I’m gonna go through the whole shop today But if you want to see how the shop has progressed over the years, I got a link right up here There’s a […]

Passager Presents: Sarah Yerkes, author of “Days of Blue and Flame”

Nobody was sort of encouraging me and when I went to Miss Hall’s school in Pittsfield Mass—Miss Hall was still alive—and it was a very soul-searching, uplifting, work hard, be good, do wonderful things, but nobody was patting you on the back when you needed it. We got married in the June of ’41 and […]

#EP-70 Home Made Welding Machine Pt 2

Not 8 Its 18Cm Height Of Core 18.5 CM Width Of Core

How To Make Curved Flanges On Sheet Metal Panels | Tipping Die

what is up fabrication nation welcome back for the third day in a row for thinner of how many everybody days anyway got some total education for you today no major fabrication if you were along for the ride yesterday work on the battery box yesterday we built this battery box for the goose of […]

Cut metal easily! – DIY Power hacksaw

Hi I’m Emiel, The Practical Engineer, and today I’m making this drill powered metal hacksaw To power the saw with my drill I need to convert rotary motion into linear motion. And I’m doing that by making an axle that fits onto my drill That has a point ,off-center, that moves like this. And when […]