Today’s Teachers With Tomorrow’s Skills: NC3 Connects the Knowledge Network | WorkingNation

A lot of the reasons why I became an instructor is being able to pass knowledge on and help better somebody else. If you can be passionate about what you do, its going to show in your students. My name is Jeremy King. I am the Lead Faculty for Mechanical Engineering and Architectural Design at […]

Salute to Skills: Workshops for Warriors and Hire Heroes USA

I don’t even really remember not being a Marine. It’s only been five years, but everything else feels like it was like my childhood. It’s very scary trying to go out into the job market, especially when you have a job that doesn’t translate very well into non-government organizations. One of my friends told me […]

I Want That Job! – Welder I WorkingNation

What’s up guys? My buddy Nathan is a welder and he absolutely loves his job. Check out this video to learn more about his craft. My name is Nate Swink and I’m the CEO of Swink’s Welding Incorporated. I’ve been welding since I was 13 years old. Welding is a very physical job. You’re really […]