Badass Workbench – Custom Made Workbench’s

I’m Sheryl Loch with Off The Jacks here at SEMA 2019 in downtown Las Vegas and I am with Cody of Badass Workbench and he’s going to show us what he brought out this year. Alright guys check this out this is the focal point of the shop okay we have a 12 foot long […]

Stor-Loc Workbench/Tool Cabinet Tour

Someone left a comment in a video recently asking “Where did I get this workbench?” Because they wanted to upgrade and do something in their own shop. I did a video on this a couple of years ago soon after I got the workbench. This is not a paid advertisement. I am NOT getting paid […]

Formaspace | Work Surfaces – Metals, Stainless Steel Overview

This video is going to cover our various metal tops that we have at Formaspace. The first and most common of which is stainless steel. Stainless comes in a variety of thicknesses, turn downs, radiuses… uh… we can pretty much do whatever you want in terms of stainless. A common one is a 303 stainless […]

Kobalt stainless steel workbench

man oh man oh man oh man look at all the parts Paulo you had a good idea and that’s what I’m doing it took me about 45 minutes to unpackage all this stuff out of that box that’s a hundred and twenty hundred and twenty-five pounds of stainless steel right there and that is […]

Lathe Stand With Pull Out Grinder

I am really enjoying having a lathe in my shop however it can’t stay on this workbench so I’m going to take the time this week to build a dedicated lathe stand I wasn’t going for anything fancy for the stand so the frame is going to be made from some simple two by fours […]

Woodworking, The Samurai Workbench

A workbench is the starting point for countless dreams just waiting to be made a reality My hope in building this workbench is that one day, years from now, when I’m long gone, my children will see this old dusty workbench, and hear their dad’s voice reminding them to always persist. Te he he he […]

Using the Festool MFT/3 Table | City Floor Supply

Hi, Joe Glavin with City Floor Supply. I’m carrying the MFT/3 Table here. I just want to go over some of the versatility of this table. As you can see, it has regular legs. We discussed that before and it sits up about waist high. But one of the ingenious things Festool has done, again, […]