Making a Cross-Having Joint // woodworking basic skills

A cross having joint is useful when two work pieces cross paths. Start by making the shoulders of the joint on the cross rail using the vertical piece I use my combination square to ensure that the pieces are at 90 degrees of each other use a square to wrap the shoulder marks around the […]

Leigh B975 Box Joint & Beehive Jig – Router Table Operation

Router table operation on the Leigh Box Joint & Beehive Jig The Box Joint and Beehive Jig can be used upside down on a router table, for boards up to 13/16″ thick, and as wide as the templates 9-11/16″ maximum All box joint are routed with the included Leigh 160 ½” bit and the Leigh […]

How to Make a Double Mortise & Tenon Joint

– [Voiceover] The Wood Whisperer is sponsored by Powermatic. – Today, I’m gonna show you how to make a double mortise and tenon joint. Why? Because it’s awesome. (funky jazz) The classic mortise and tenon joint is a hallmark of high-quality furniture, but there are some cases where a double mortise and tenon could offer […]

Impossible curved dovetail joint 😱

In this video I will show how I made this impossible dovetail joint. It cannot be dismantled neither this way nor this way. But it cannot neither be dismantled if I move both parts diagonally. This is a curved impossible dovetail joint. Like when we make any other dovetail joint, I have to route the […]

AWESOME Variably Spaced Box/Finger Joints- And Some Jig Building Tips

I’m James Hamilton from Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal, and today I’ll show you how to cut variably spaced joints with my unique, incremental box joint jig. And I’ll give you a few tips to help you build it. If you aren’t familiar with the most recent box joint jig I made, it’s a lead-screw based […]

How to reinforce miter joints with super-strong splines. Simple woodworking jig.

Ah, summertime perfect for swimming pools picnics and running barefoot through a field of… Microjig maker of the gripper. Work safer, work smarter. A common method Reinforcing the corners of picture frames is to insert some splines, like these. My typical method is to cut slots in the corners and insert the splines after gluing […]

203 – The Secrets to Making Invisible Panel Joints

Voiceover:The Wood Whisperer is sponsored by Powermatic, the gold standard since 1921. And by Clear Vue Cyclones. Clear the air and breathe easy. (music) Marc:Whenever I glue multiple boards together for a panel, I try to create the illusion that it’s just one wide board. Now, as wood workers we’re sort of trained to see […]