Ajustable router jig for square holes or recesses

Align router-based center See the previous video for how to make a center cone.

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Plywood Gears – Marble Machine X #12

Hi everyone and welcome to the fifth episode of making Marble Machine X and today we are talking about making plywood gears with high precision, such as this one. This is one of the larger gears on the Marble Machine X and it has 112 teeth and it has a track for lifting marbles at […]

Making a Live Edge Desk With Epoxy & Faux Metal Legs

are you ready for this a live edge desk with full metal legs and an epoxy River well drawer friend I hope you guys are doing incredible today this is a live edge desk that I started for my daughter about four or five months ago and truth be told I’m just now getting around […]

Make a Modern Coffee Table Top w/ 42 Fabricate

Mini Router Table Build (Hitachi M12 Router)

ok so today this my new router box slash router table so how fix these routers in is threaded bar through the original fence slots and then using this adaption with the coach bolts just lock that into position okay setting this up full-time I’ve removed the base plate here and then locate grub screws […]

Coat & Hat Rack Made with Rebar & Barn Wood

Hey I’m Justin welcome back to make build modify. I’m going to make a coat rack out of reclaimed lumber and rebar. This is half-inch rebar. When you get it from the construction supply they call it #4. That’s because there’s four 1/8’s in 1/2 inch rebar or four 1/8’s in 1/2 inch. It’s really […]

Portable 2in1 Disc & Drum Sander ( In-Depth Build )

In today’s video, I am going to show you how I made this mini disk and drum sander all in one. As I don’t have a lot of workspace and tools must be put away after the use, this type of concept sander will be an absolute godsend for me. It has an integrated battery, […]