Make a Wavy Joint Side Table With Tapered Legs

Today we’re making a small table with tapered legs and a wavy joint on the top. I’ve been having a few ideas for flat joineries that I want to experiment using different coloured woods. The first one I did was the flat box joint method and this time I wanted to try a wavy shape. […]

Make a Walnut and Maple Stool with a Finger Joint

Today we’re making a maple and walnut stool using kitchen rolling pins for the legs. I started by preparing the box joint jig. So I inserted the half inch aluminium bar in the slot because I will be using a half inch router bit and the spacing between them is also a half inch. I […]

Demo Night – Greene & Greene Finger Joints

(lively acoustic music) Marc: For those of you who don’t know what we’re doing today is a kind of a last minute thing because that’s how we do things. The gadget station project that we’re working on now requires a certain joint at the top here. Let me just show you the picture real quick. […]

How to Make a Double Mortise & Tenon Joint

– [Voiceover] The Wood Whisperer is sponsored by Powermatic. – Today, I’m gonna show you how to make a double mortise and tenon joint. Why? Because it’s awesome. (funky jazz) The classic mortise and tenon joint is a hallmark of high-quality furniture, but there are some cases where a double mortise and tenon could offer […]

Building the box joint jig part 1 of 4

So this jig is my screw advance box joint jig. And when I first built this, I didn’t take any video of it. And people often ask for more details on how to build it. It’s actually pretty easy to build. So, I thought I’d just build it again, just to get more video of […]

How to reinforce miter joints with super-strong splines. Simple woodworking jig.

Ah, summertime perfect for swimming pools picnics and running barefoot through a field of… Microjig maker of the gripper. Work safer, work smarter. A common method Reinforcing the corners of picture frames is to insert some splines, like these. My typical method is to cut slots in the corners and insert the splines after gluing […]

203 – The Secrets to Making Invisible Panel Joints

Voiceover:The Wood Whisperer is sponsored by Powermatic, the gold standard since 1921. And by Clear Vue Cyclones. Clear the air and breathe easy. (music) Marc:Whenever I glue multiple boards together for a panel, I try to create the illusion that it’s just one wide board. Now, as wood workers we’re sort of trained to see […]

Pocket holes vs. mortise and tenon joints

It’s gotta be a cold day in hell right now because I bought one of these dreadful pocket hole jigs. The reason I bought the pocket hole jig is to test the strength of the joints. And for that I built this screw jack, it’s on a bathroom scale and it’s gonna break joints like […]

How to Make Rabbet Joints

– Today, we are here to talk about rabbets. (funky music) Rabbets are one of those fundamental woodworking joints that you just can’t get too far without knowing how to execute. They come in really handy. So, I’ve used rabbets extensively in a project I’m working on right now with the nightstands and chest of […]