Woodturning Inside Out 3 Stave Art Flame

Hi, Alan Stratton, from As Wood Turns (www.AsWoodTurns.com) At a recent club meeting, we had Dale Dallon do a presentation on a three stave inside out project. In this case, it was a flame where there is a three stave inside out, an inner flame turning, and a base. But, of course, the hard part […]

Coat & Hat Rack Made with Rebar & Barn Wood

Hey I’m Justin welcome back to make build modify. I’m going to make a coat rack out of reclaimed lumber and rebar. This is half-inch rebar. When you get it from the construction supply they call it #4. That’s because there’s four 1/8’s in 1/2 inch rebar or four 1/8’s in 1/2 inch. It’s really […]

Schuttler Wagon Wheel Emergency Repairs

It was just a short trip to town and not far to go. Just had a few repairs before we’re headed to Cheyenne Frontier Days Well… so much for schedules. This is an original Peter Schuttler wagon and this wheel took the brunt of the wreck. So, we’re gonna take time and fix this wheel […]

CNC Flat Pack, Live Edge, Mid Century Modern Coffee Table | Woodworking how to

It’s a walnut flat pack. Hahaha it is a walnut flat pack! It’s a live edge flat pack. You might not be familiar with them they’re very rare. We built them this week. Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn. And I’m Johnny Brooke from Crafted Workshop. And this week we’ve been in Johnny’s shop making […]


Welcome to Jimbo’s Garage welcome back to Jimbos Garage well you know lightings always a problem everybody shop especially when you’re doing some filming or not even filming just doing some general work now my shop is about 900 square feet and I felt that I’ve got pretty good lighting in here I’ve got (4) […]

3 Stick welding TRICKS for BEGINNERS (and not only)

hello friends today we video about a few tricks we’ve are welding this is the the cheapest one of the cheapest Chinese waters theory it has 200 m sigma no way I don’t believe this I think it’s 150 and the most you think settings by me it’s 110 arms or 135 and about that […]

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