Welder fuses scrap metal into works of motorcycle art

My name is Brittany and I’ve been making welding art for six years now. I’m kind of artsy as it is and then I got introduced to welding and both the hobbies kind of mixed together. What like about welding is that you can get any scrap pieces, find whatever you can find and make […]

Welding Spotlight: Shana Robinson

(bright music) – My name is Shana Robinson. We’re at Coast Mountain College in Prince Rupert. I’m taking the Welder B Extended Program. I took an Introductions to Trades course and Welding was the one that I really liked doing. I’ve lived in Prince Rupert my whole life and it was really cool that they […]

ARC Magazine Presents Woman and Machine

a little bit about me gosh my mom’s better at that than I am hey mom what’s a little bit about me just don’t tell them I won’t pop the hood we won’t tell anyone it’s a v6 it has no balls what a wonderful child to raise confident curious fearless you never knew what […]