AMAZING – DIY (UFO Pot) – Combining Tires with Cement and Light – Creative ideas for your garden

This is a unique flower pot designed from tires and cement Mix cement with sand in a ratio of 1: 2 lights for flower pot bottom Attach 2 pieces of tire with versatile glue Install a large light above the flower pot

Tools – DIY Insane Metal Folder

in my last video formed the edges of the panel using hammer forming but as I’ll be doing quite a few panels I wanted to come up with something easier so after some YouTube research I decided I’ll try and make a metal folder one that can fold a 1 meter wide sheet of metal […]

Loading Dock Equipment–Custom Fabricated for Your Needs

J.H. Industries has been a trusted and reliable source of steel fabrications for over 50 years. We proudly are an American grown company that has the skill set and equipment to meet your needs. Our 70,000 square-foot facility has the ability to cut, burn, weld, and machine large fabrications. Our engineers are fluent with CAD […]

Reinventing Metal 3D printing with new Direct Writing process | QPT

Metal 3D printing has enormous potential to revolutionize modern manufacturing. However, the most popular metal printing processes, which use lasers to fuse together fine metal powder, have their limitations. Parts produced using selective laser melting (SLM) and other powder-based metal techniques often end up with gaps or defects caused by a variety of factors. To […]

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Medley Metal Cover by Steel Mustang

Oh, look a Witcher. Come here Witcher. What’s wrong lads? Any monsters nearby? Oh, no monsters around. Would you like to seat with us? Rest and tell us where did you come from? -Yeah, with pleasure! I see you have instruments, let me tell a story with that thing. My friend Dandelion, thaught me some […]

Reflex Sight – Black Ops 2 Attachment Guide

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the first episode of my Black Ops 2 Attachment Guide. In this episode we’re covering the Reflex Sight. The Reflex sight takes its name from the Aimpoint-style sight seen in Black Ops, but in appearance and in function it is the same as the Red Dot Sight attachment, […]

Modern Masters Metal Effects Reactive Metallic Paints (Woodturning)

Transform your woodturnings into metal art with Modern Masters Reactive Metallic Paints. Made with real metal, you can create genuine metallic surfaces of bronze, copper and iron on any wood. Combinde with textured surfaces to achieve stunning results that will leave others wondering how you did it? The system consists of a special primer, reactive […]

ULTIMATE DIY Miter Saw Stand with Automated Dust Collection

Welcome back to Fix This Build That I’m Brad. And today we’re gonna be building a totally tricked-out mobile miter saw stand I’ve built my original – all stand and I’ve been selling plans for it since 2015 Before my youtube when I was just a baby face blogger ever since then I had folks […]