Welding and Assembling a 5 Foot Bed

What’s up carpenters! Sawadeecrap! Creative Thoughts TIG Welding Series In today episode I’m going to build a mild steel 5 foot bed I own a couple of small condos and I rent apartments this is my main activity the bed that that I’m going to build is for one of my apartment before jump into […]

adidas Originals ZX Flux Primeknit SKU:8808881

Hey there. It’s Sunshine here and today we are talking about the ZX Flux Primeknit. It’s from adidas The shoe is made with breathable and flexible adidas® Primeknit uppers that provides it with an almost sock-like fit You have a lace-up closure so you’re getting a really nice fit and feel As well as this […]

Review KDS Goggle von Gearbest

Gearbest has send me a goggle for a review. Thanks for that. It is the KDS KYLIN 5.8 gigahertz with 61 channels So it looks the matt black case feels quite high quality by the rubber coated goggle has a weight of about 460-470 grams the three wide belts can be adapted well and permanently […]

SKECHERS Solar Fuse Kryzik SKU: 9297935

Hey it’s Andrew from Zappos and this is the Solar Fuse Kryzik from SKECHERS These lightweight and comfortable shoes from Skechers feature a circular knit mesh fabric upper with interwoven ventilation systems on the front and side panels of the shoe You’ve also got underlays at the toe and heel area for added protection and […]

69) Folds, Boudinage, and Joints

Welcome back geology fans! In our last episode, we covered the part of this chart that covers the structures formed when rocks are stressed in various ways and respond with brittle strain. Today we look at the ductile strain structures, and add one more low stress but brittle strain structure at the end. We start […]

Knee Joint – Range of Motion – Clinical Examination

Knee Joint – Range of Motion Assessing the range of motion is an essential component of any joint examination. It not only reveals limitations to movement but can also provide important diagnostic clues about the etiology and progress of a disorder. The knee joint is stabilized by several different structures, including: the menisci, the cruciate […]

Joint Pain Relief | Knee Sleeves | CopperJoint

Do you remember life without aches, pains and inflammation? If you’re still living that kind of life, go ahead and skip this now. If not though you may be interested in learning about an amazing gift for yourself to put that super back in your mom. Or in my case grandmom. Whether from injury, overuse […]

Melt Your Cheese- An Introduction

India is ranked 3rd on obesity with close to 4 Crore people being affected by this disease. When it comes to child obesity, India is ranked number two with 1.5 Crore children affected. The country is in a major crisis. In today’s world, obesity is a big problem and because of that, health issues are […]

Foam Melt | This Nordson FM 130 Was Used For Gasketing

Welcome to Mectec Packaging Machinery. This is a Foam Melt FM 131. The machine is currently on. It is being injected with nitrogen and mixed with adhesive in order to the amount of adhesives. Mostly used in the gasketing industry for pails or windows or doors. I’ll show you the weight of the glue. That’s […]