Tactile Seam Tracking For Column and Boom Welding Manipulators – Demonstration & Review

Tactile seam tracking: for weld seams with large distinct geometry. Touchscreen HMI.Tactile sensors track the weld seam using a contact probe. Precisely control the torch to workpiece relationship during welding. Limit the need for operator input and increase both the weld quality and production rate. Precision visuals with open arc or submerged arc welding camera. […]

Tetrix 200 DC von EWM – WIG-Schweißen kompakt! | compact TIG welding!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the Tetrix 200 DC. The Tetrix 200 DC is the smallest machine in the Tetrix group. The machine is available with either the Comfort 2.0 control control where you can set all sequence parameters on the control, or with the Smart 2.0 control, which is easy to use […]

Des métaux qui Explosent dans l’eau ! – [Science 2.0]

Go ahead… Come on, come on… [EXPLOSION] – [LAUGHTERS] [BADASS JINGLE] Today on Science 2.0, we’re gonna talk about Chemistry, more precisely about what are called Alkali Metals. You’ll see, it blows up. So I like it. Alkali Metals are the first group elements in the Periodic Table, the ones on the left column. [WINKS] […]

How to remove stickers from New Stainless Steel Vessels

Rubbing with oil is very effective in removing glue. As the vessel will be hot,please exercise caution and do not touch the vessel directly. Rubbing with oil is very effective in removing glue.As the vessel will be hot,please exercise caution and do not touch the vessel directly.

How To Care for Cast Iron

>>Howard: First thing you should do when you get a cast iron pan is season it. Now, I’m not talking about with salt and pepper, This kind of seasoning gives your pan a non-stick finish. All you do is coat it with a little cooking oil, and pop it in a hot oven for about […]


Let’s get down to business To defeat the Huns. Did they send me daughters When I asked for sons? You’re the saddest bunch I ever met But you can bet before we’re through Mister, I’ll make a man Out of you Tranquil as the forest But on fire within. Once you find your center You […]

Welder fuses scrap metal into works of motorcycle art

My name is Brittany and I’ve been making welding art for six years now. I’m kind of artsy as it is and then I got introduced to welding and both the hobbies kind of mixed together. What like about welding is that you can get any scrap pieces, find whatever you can find and make […]

Magicsee iron+ Android 6.0 4K TV Box

Welcome viewers once again to another presentation. During 2016 an even into 2017, I have seen lots of TV boxes carry the same hardware and benchmarks all fighting to claim their spot as the number one TV box for streaming. However, some of them performed pretty good, and some of them just failed to deliver, […]


DIY Industrial Black Iron Pipe Lamp Brass water valve with 1/2″ top screw Heat the water valve up with the torch to release the screw top. Remove the top from the valve shaft to feet the connecting tubing. you can do it with a file or a heck-saw.

DIY welding with batteries (Good or Bad idea)

I mistakenly said Ohm’s law while that was power rule. lol