Timberline HDZ Shingles with LayerLock Technology | GAF Roofing

– [Announcer] The best selling shingle just got better. Introducing GAF Timberline® HDZ™. Featuring the largest high visibility nailing zone backed by the industry’s first wind warranty with no maximum wind speed limitation. Your time and reputation are priceless. So GAF engineered the StrikeZone™ nailing area. An up to 600 percent larger nailing target for […]

UK Superstorm Path Update! Models show Hurricane Maria & Lee to Merge – Track for UK

A storm, formed by the confluence of two destructive hurricanes, which devastated the United States, is approaching the north-west coast of Great Britain. The meteorologists have already named it “Brian”. Scientists are not yet saying with certainty what will happen to the cyclone upon its approach to the shores of Britain. Contrary to initial forecasts, […]

Using Wind to Generate Electricity

The wind turns large blades mounted on tall towers to turn a shaft connected to a generator. As the generator turns, it makes electricity. The electricity created is sent to a transmission line, supplying electricity to homes and businesses. But the electricity cannot be stored, so the wind has to be blowing at the time […]

Where Your Electricity Comes From

When you turn on the lights in your house or plug in your smartphone charger or even charge your electric car, do you know where your power is coming from? Electricity is something we don’t think about very often until we don’t have it or the cost of it goes way up. In the United […]

Simply Make Your Own Electricity

A study at nature.com says it would be conceivable to power all of the world’s energy needs from wind. There’s a lot of wind going to waste out there. Could buy a wind turbine. These were once common for pumping water. Each of these units power hundreds of homes. [Wildhorse Wind Farm, Washington State] Imagine […]

Partnering to Achieve Net-Zero Carbon Electricity

I grew up on a farm over here two miles… You start seeing these sections you know these HUGE barrels… The blades that would come in! And then we’d see that’s one blade oh my goodness. I really want to thank all of the landowners, the tenants, the community… We started construction and it started […]

TNB Buzz: Electricity Power Generation in Malaysia

electricity power generation in Malaysia electricity is generated by converting various forms of energies into electrical energy one of the most common methods is using kinetic energy to rotate a magnet surrounded by coils of wires to generate electrical current in order to create the kinetic energy needed to rotate the magnet various energy resources […]

Levelised cost of electricity – introduction

hello everyone this is a quick public service video on the levelized cost of electricity combined with an explanation of why this levelized cost sometimes called a total cost of electricity can produce some pretty misleading statistics that suggest some renewable energy sources like wind power might look better than they really are now anyone […]

Offshore Wind Energy Could Generate Enough Electricity to Power the World. Will the U.S. Get on Boar

Last week, the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicted a boom in renewable energy, forecasting the power capacity for renewable sources will increase 50 percent over the next five years One of the most fertile settings for an explosion in renewable power, the IEA revealed in a study released days later, is off the world’s coastlines […]

How do wind turbines generate electricity? – IN 60 SECONDS

How do offshore wind turbines generate electricity? You probably know that wind turbines produce electricity from wind. But how do they do it Let’s take a look at this particular offshore wind turbine. Sensors on top of the turbine measure wind speed and direction They signal the yaw-motors in which direction to turn in order […]